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Gen rushing in the event is OUT OF CONTROL



  • The_best_killer_mainThe_best_killer_main Member Posts: 76

    I agree with you, it is a problem in non-event time too. It's just worse now that the event it's going on.

  • The_best_killer_mainThe_best_killer_main Member Posts: 76

    Yup, it can be a strong perk if used right, and if the killer has control of the game at the moment of use. I have gotten some good kills with blood warden.

  • steponmeadirissteponmeadiris Member Posts: 222

    Really depends on what you'd count as genrushing. I'd agree that a SWF bringing four BNPs and Prove Thyself is quite annoying. However, you can't really complain about survivors just... doing the objective.

  • The_best_killer_mainThe_best_killer_main Member Posts: 76

    It's not a YOU problem. It's a survivor problem. Like someone else stated in this form too, gen rushing has ALL WAYS been a problem. The event is just making it worse and you survivors know that. But it's not all. You fault this time. You rjust trying to get a reward too and that is I way MOST OF IT is happening right now in the event. But no gen rushing has always been a SURVIVOR problem.

  • The_best_killer_mainThe_best_killer_main Member Posts: 76

    Like I have said before IT'S A SURVIVOR PROBLEM, not a skill problem.

  • The_best_killer_mainThe_best_killer_main Member Posts: 76

    Not if you have, all most all survivors ruling the same perks. Aka, prove thyself, DEAD HARD, self heal, and much more. Not to mention bringing , good tool boxes and med kits a long with map offerings as well some times. abs the iceing on the cake, some survivors are even Swift teams which makes it EVEN worse. So ya a lot can go wrong.

  • Sally_S_gay_sonSally_S_gay_son Member Posts: 212

    Why are you shaming the survivors for playing well?

    if you were killing them too quickly and them saying killing is getting out of control I can't enjoy the event killer is too good!!11 would you feel the same way?

  • etms51etms51 Member Posts: 535
    edited June 22

    This problem is not only in the event but also in high mmr games. In general all the games last 3 minutes and 20 seconds, and I don't want to trayhard and have the bandana, then the game has a lot of bug problems from both cases both as a killer and as a survivor. And then the developers are not able to balance the survivor / Killer perks so as not to become meta perks especially for nerfing genrushing.

    I hope they will put an early game where the survivors to repair the gen will have to look for items to make the gen.

  • The_best_killer_mainThe_best_killer_main Member Posts: 76

    Ok thanks for the "help " . To answer your question, I change my killers builds based on the killer I play, but typically I use, corrupt intervention, blood Warden, bitter murmur and as of lately because of the the event I use noed. I do find people in the very beginning I get one to two hits , and by that time 2 gens pop. And then it's become hell. As of lately the gen rushing is so bad no killer perk can really soften the blow. It's the survivors bringing stronger perks and add on with it .

  • MrMoriMrMori Member Posts: 697

    I've had it pretty easy till now but after getting so many kills it's starting to happen to me too. I don't rush a single slowdown perk so I'm letting survs go now. Full BP build, no cares. If the games are over in 5 minutes I get pretty good amount of points even if I don't max every single category.

  • The_best_killer_mainThe_best_killer_main Member Posts: 76

    Yes , thank you some that understands the point. It's a problem and the developers won't fix it.

  • The_best_killer_mainThe_best_killer_main Member Posts: 76

    Ok? But it's not happening that way. Survivors are gen rushing thats the point. It's been a problem in and out side the event. There are not playing well they are gen rushing and leaving. Then what the point that of having a killer at all.. The games are not long enough. It's a waste of time. I'm not shaming them im stating facts

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 9,715

    I’ve gotten kills with Agitation, it doesn’t make it a “strong perk”.

  • The_best_killer_mainThe_best_killer_main Member Posts: 76

    All killers, I play all killers. It's still a problem with ALL Killers. I run multiple builds with different killers based on there power so O understand why some builds lack slow down perks. I thank you for help I trying to advise me. I appreciate it, I really do. But my point is still, the point that of relevance. It dose not matter what killer you use. It's still going to happen regardless. It's been a problem for ever. And it's geting worse. It's 4 vs 1 . There is a lot of room for error on both sides, but in this case survivors have been perks and killers have to make eup the slack for that. If you don't believe me go on my account on this forum and look at the poll I made for killer and survivor perks. Most people voted survivors have better perks .

  • The_best_killer_mainThe_best_killer_main Member Posts: 76

    I mean it's your opinion, in my opinion it's a strong perk of you can use it right.. It might not be to you and thats fine. It's your opinion.

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 9,715

    Of course it’s my opinion, I never said it wasn’t.

  • TeleportingTurkeyTeleportingTurkey Member Posts: 271

    so are killers tunneling&camping at 5 gens

  • The_best_killer_mainThe_best_killer_main Member Posts: 76

    Thank you , I will take you advice into consideration when I play my games. Thanks for your help 😘.

  • The_best_killer_mainThe_best_killer_main Member Posts: 76

    Not really. camping/ tunneling happens usually when we are closed to 1 it 2 gens.

  • amazing_graceamazing_grace Member Posts: 732

    Have you tried playing survivor to see a different perspective on the situation. It seems that you are either mismanaging how long people are able to sit on the gens for or how to put pressure on the gens. I can agree that gens can go pretty quickly if you aren't able to start that first chase or get a down quickly. I was playing some Trickster yesterday and usually two gens would pop by the time I got my first hook (I'm not good at Trickster), but I still was getting mostly 2K or 3K. I think if you play survivor a bit, you can see why the gens go so quickly because if you are soloing a gen and there's no pressure put on you, then there's no reason to leave it. Playing enough survivor games will either teach you the mistakes that other killers make so that you "gen rush" them or will show you that "gen rushing" isn't as easy as you think.

  • ColonGlockColonGlock Member Posts: 1,191

    Stop paying attention to gens and focus on getting downs and hooks. There are some games you cannot win. That is OK. You can still earn BP and if the survivors want to just do gens and leave that means you get to the next match faster.

    I don't use gen slowdown and still win most of my games. Maybe focus on healing interruption? Healing slowdown is much more precious to the survivors. If you can interrupt healing you cut down the chase times and keep the hooks coming.

  • DrDeepwoundDrDeepwound Member Posts: 2,557

    watched a trapper vid from 2017, dude was 5 minutes into match and no gens popped yet, he was still setting up traps on one side Suffocation Pit


    these days all gens would be done

  • ViskodViskod Member Posts: 845

    What should a survivor be doing instead of working on a generator, if you're not chasing them?

    Can we know how many seconds of being arbitrarily idle is sufficient before they start doing another generator after completing one?

    What is the limit on how many generators survivors can repair simultaneously?

  • FirelliusFirellius Member Posts: 2,315

    I'm a bit slow, but I just now realised...

    If you're complaining about gens being done too quickly, why are you saying 'even when you bring Blood Warden'? What's Blood Warden got to do with that?

  • I_am_NeganI_am_Negan Member Posts: 3,425

    Camping leads to gen rush.

    Gen rush leads to camping.

    Gen rush and camping leads to suffering.

  • KrazzikKrazzik Member Posts: 624

    Just facecamp your first hook, then it doesnt matter how fast gens fly.

  • SludgeSludge Member Posts: 768

    If survivors actually try to win there's nothing you can do about it. Just hope they're bad enough or fooling around.

  • HexbabylegionHexbabylegion Member Posts: 21

    When i play surv i bring the killer to other survs and try to waste lot of time for my team.

    I hate genrushing! I want to unhook atleast 2 survs and loop for a few min.

    If they genrush and get killed by noed i just left them.

    I needed 7 days! to reach iri 1 again, cuz they genrushed the killer so hard he wasnt even able to get a hook.... No unhhoks, no chase, no heal for me....black pip.... 80k bp(5 flan).....

    Whats the point of this?

    At this point i need a swf that DONT genrush and let me farm some points...

    And the worst part is....killer gettin rly toxic now and i 100% understand them.

    Yesterday i had a surv match...4 gens in under 3 min.... Then the Killer tunneld/camped.

    They insulted him in the endchat.

    I defended him and ask them what else he should do? No one replied.

  • etms51etms51 Member Posts: 535
    edited June 22

    Now on high mmr the killers are camping and tunneling at 5 gen because they know that the survivors are only doing M1 simulators and staying to do the gen. Very often if I play as a survivor with random I see those disgusting things, farming in front of the killer without borrow time, many leave the survivor on the first hook to do only the gen,. Only some killers have the style of camping like letherface with insidious, then there are a lot of Russians whose can't play, who camp directly, in that case I agree with the genrush. If the killer does not want to tunnel or camping like myself but make mixed hooks, the survivors always win.

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