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R. I. P. Self Care lmao



  • SludgeSludge Member Posts: 749

    medkits still exist you just lose some extra charges

  • Persephone_Persephone_ Member Posts: 94

    I feel like it does shine in the hands of extremely good loopers who can use it heal while waiting on a corner in chase. Even if it takes 32 second + the chase time being another 30-60 seconds + being able to take another hit + having teammates that do gens, the killer has basically lost at this point. However, I would argue it's really only a very small percentage of survivor players that can successfully pull this off. In my killer games I often see people try but it ends up being the reason I catch them. It takes skill to use efficiently.

    As survivor I play solo queue and inevitably in low MMR and the need worries me for those games as the new players will continue to use it. I sometimes run Empathy or Aftercare as it is so that I can spy the babies in the corner self caring and go to them to offer a heal if I'm nearby. Some of them will outright refuse though, it's actually comical sometimes.

  • sulaimansulaiman Member Posts: 2,521
  • MB666MB666 Member Posts: 505
    edited June 23

    botany knowledge has been buffed aswell you know...😐️ (just bring a medkit with botany or selfcare and you are done, you just got self-heals either at almost normal speed with selfcare or faster with the medkit , people dont realize how strong can be botany knowledge now.

    Botany got buffed to 50% extra healing speed + plus selfcare nerf to 35% (ALMOST SAME HEALING TIME AS CURRENTLY now is 85% instead of 83% WHAT A BIG CHANGE🤨?) nothing got change at all my guy.

    the nerf just affect people that run selfcare with no other healing perks , pairing selfcare + botany is the same as always.

    now Botany in the other hand is gonna be BUSTED paired with strong MEDKITS am telling you , am worried 😐️

  • AhoyWolfAhoyWolf Member Posts: 3,486

    What's the point of a Perk existing if it's garbage and ruins a game without other Perks to support it? Also what's the point of bringing Self Care if you bring a Med-Kit aswell?

    Botany Knowledge would be busted, so let's hope they change it even further.

  • DBD78DBD78 Member Posts: 2,855

    This is a good change, for survivors. Now a lot less people will use it understanding medkits is a lot better, or Inner Healing.

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