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do u really have to completely gut spine chill?

artistartist Member Posts: 1,517

you guys have a rly bad habit of over nerfing things i swear... maybe it doesnt need both the vault speed and the information it gives, but it definitely needs at least one of them! vault speed build was always one of my favorite set of perks to run. also, how do u even think it'll still be used if it only works when the killer has line of sight on u, if they have LoS on me, chances are, i dont need spine chill to figure that out! it's fine to take perks out of meta, but it isn't cool to make them useless!


  • Leatherface1990Leatherface1990 Member Posts: 707


  • HexPleaseLetMeSpeakHexPleaseLetMeSpeak Member Posts: 276

    I feel like the biggest nerf it needed was honestly just the fact that it completely hard countered stealth killers. That's why I can't tell if the devs just don't know how to write a patch note and the ACTUAL change is that it doesn't work on killers that are undetectable, because it talks about a "stealthy approach" which makes no sense with the change they made because... killers have a terror radius, there's literally nothing stealthy about playing killer OUTSIDE of being undetectable.

  • KaitsjaKaitsja Member Posts: 898

    It's good that it was completely gutted. Do you have any idea how little room for counterplay there is against Spine Chill? Killers have to approach gens awkwardly without actually looking at them otherwise the survivor(s) with Spine Chill will just sprint burst away.

    Oh, and that vault that should've 100% been a down? Just avoid looking at the survivor during chase. That's the counterplay. Now, where is the fairness in that?

  • Leatherface1990Leatherface1990 Member Posts: 707

    Survivor mains cry too much

  • MarigoriaMarigoria Member Posts: 5,669

    Survivor was completely nerfed this update specially solo survivor, so yes, and it’s justified.

  • Sheridan_LTSheridan_LT Member Posts: 341

    It was a little overpowered to get Spine Chill because a Killer sniped you through a wall while trying to kick a gen you're rushing. Default Spine Chill encourages "Splinter Cell" sneaking gameplay and genrushing with a lot more warning if you're about to get rocked. I don't think it's maybe fully justified though, I would still have Spine Chill work like it currently does in a way but only have it work at an 8 meter range, so basically seconds before a chase or right in a chase and only against a Killer without an Undetectable status.

  • Sheridan_LTSheridan_LT Member Posts: 341

    I mean don't you think that being able to snipe Killers thru a wall from 36 meters away is a little overpowered? There's already a terror radius that grows louder when a Killer is approaching, now basically being able to pinpoint the exact direction they're coming from without even seeing them I don't know. Also destroyed stealth killers and vault speed shouldn't be something that needs buffing.

    If you do a lot of slow vaults in a chase,, you deserve to take a hit and shouldn't be rewarded for it.

  • NorhcNorhc Member Posts: 399

    "A lot of people use it so it must be OP, let's kill it" - Patrick

    I wish I was joking but it really feels like this is how their balance team thinks things through.

  • MarigoriaMarigoria Member Posts: 5,669

    That’s exactly how they think, just look at self care being nerfed.

  • ThanksForDailyThanksForDaily Member Posts: 1,079

    Spine Chill nerf also affects big time hearing players / deaf players. These people need Spine Chill to enjoy the game. Good job bhvr, made these people to quit.

  • Sheridan_LTSheridan_LT Member Posts: 341

    I'm just mad Circle of Healing got ZERO NERFS. It's SO overpowered, they should seriously nerf the healing speed buff and make self-caring with Boon a little slower than using Self-Care. Survivors healing with Circle of Healing and Medkits with styptic is the current biggest problem with the Survivor meta that really badly needs nerfing, Self-Care wasn't even the worst thing ever.

    Personally I would give buffs to base kit for the benefit of Solo Q, like making survivor auras appear through walls at a certain range to give a similar benefit to the information that an SWF can exchange.

  • artistartist Member Posts: 1,517

    some of u are missing the point. feel how u want about the perk, im saying they shouldn't take a good perk and completely ruin it to the point no one will ever pick it unless they're trying to waste a perk slot.

  • C3ToothC3Tooth Member Posts: 4,843

    I feel like they could either

    • Not affected by Undetectable status Killers


    • Reduce the range from 36 to 32m
    • Once it activated, the perk icon brighten and linger for 3sec. Then have a cool down that equal to Premonition
    • For 3sec activating, action speed boost for a certain of %.

  • PirulukPiruluk Member Posts: 541

    Should have removed the vault bonus....

    But no, they gutted it

  • Kira4EvrKira4Evr Member Posts: 1,872

    Spine Chill is still going to be strong against Myers and Ghost Face. Which are the killers are got destroyed the most by it.

  • KaitsjaKaitsja Member Posts: 898

    If you care about these players, the appropriate thing to do would be to create a topic requesting accessibility options regarding people who are either deaf or hard of hearing. While I sympathise with these people, I also understand that a perk should not remain busted because these people are in desperate need of accessibility options.

  • Hex_IgnoredHex_Ignored Member Posts: 1,001

    yeah that's what bothers me as well. Instead of the line of sight change they should have changed it so that undetectable killers are unaffected

  • HauntedKnightHauntedKnight Member Posts: 143

    The crying over spine chill has IMO proven once and for all that it was a crutch perk. Not just here on this forum, but across other sites and in comment sections on videos.

    Anytime you read a post about it being a little overpowered the same tired responses would always come out; “it’s not even that powerful!” or “just turn your camera/moonwalk across the map”. In what world is that fair and acceptable counter-play? Especially when the response can easily be “just use your eyes and move your camera around”. And really, it’s not that powerful yet it was one of the most popular perks in the game?

    The perk needed a cool-down mechanic for sure. But even despite my comments here I still would have been fine with the perk simply not working on undetectable killers. That would have been enough of a change.

  • ThanksForDailyThanksForDaily Member Posts: 1,079

    I personally know a deaf player who uninstall the game when they read about the SP nerf. We tagged BHVR on twitter about that. And come on, SP is nowhere near busted perk. If they wanna nerf it, remove the vaulting actions and keep the info as is.

  • TheMruczekTheMruczek Member Posts: 91

    It should not activate when undetectable killer is looking at you and then perk would be ok.

    I have no idea what devs smoked when thinking how to change spine chill.

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