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Meta isn't a problem, OP perks are...

MarigoriaMarigoria Member Posts: 5,673

I don't understand how the devs want to "shaken up the meta" but all they did was nerf some killer slowdown perks while buffing other ones, so slowdowns will still be meta, while nerfing stealth survivor perks like Iron Will and Spine Chill, and buffing looping basekit for killers (faster breaking pallets, bloodlust buffed, faster recovery from hits).

Everyone was complaining about dead hard, and you decide to buff it, while nerfing everything else when barely anyone was complaining about it.

And again, what do solo survivors get from all these changes besides a pathetic 5 second BT? Sure it's better than nothing at all, but it's still mediocre, specially when looking at all the other changes.

Just because something is meta doesn't mean it is OP and needs to be changed.

People asking for corrupt intervention baselkit, you go and nerf it even when no one had an issue with it, just because it's used a lot...

People asking for kindred basekit, you go and nerf things that are beneficial to solo players mostly like.... self care? Because self care needed a nerf, I guess!

Also the "buffs" to pharmacy and calm spirit.... are these a joke? In what land are the buffs?



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