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Can't find any invites/event letters ingame.

CanasCanas Member Posts: 822

I've been playing many matches since the event started and so far I only was able to find 8 of those. Now I see there's a mission which requires to find three of those things just to proceed on the tome and yet I can't find a single friggin letter/invite.

How much luck do you even need to find those? There really need to be some changes, they should have a distinct aura which should be visible from greater distances.


  • amazing_graceamazing_grace Member Posts: 732

    I think it comes down to luck and also not focusing too much on just trying to find it. I usually find it in my matches pretty easily when I'm not looking for it. I've even found it 3 separate times in a match because I kept running into it when I was looking for a new gen. It can definitely be luck sometimes, but usually if you engage in normal chase and move around the map you'll run into it.

  • CanasCanas Member Posts: 822

    This has to be one of the worst rift tomes I've seen so far. Literally gatekeeping me from every other mission by challenging my nonexistent luck with these damn invites.

    There are basically only 5 days left for these missions and I don't see me realistically completing these missions, especially if I couldn't even find a single damn invite after playing like 10 killer matches today. They desperately need to extend the available time for this tome.

  • AkumakajiAkumakaji Member Posts: 2,885

    Don't worry, once you got all 12 masks unlocked, you will practically stumble about invitations at every turn and corner and about 3 per chase. Source: I got all 12.

  • Huge_BushHuge_Bush Member Posts: 3,723

    I switched to killer until I got them it. It's much easier than playing survivor. I just ignored any survivor I happened upon and searched the map until I found the invite and farmed points with the survivors for the rest of the match.

    It was still annoying because they blend in well with the maps and they change locations after a set amount of time, so finding it as a survivor with a killer up my butt was near impossible.

  • CanasCanas Member Posts: 822
    edited June 23

    Man you're lucky, meanwhile I'm still stuck at 8 letters/invites and 0/3 for the mission itself.

    It's simply insane to create a mission which relies on RNG to complete it and then make it block off EVERY OTHER mission in the tome.

  • amazing_graceamazing_grace Member Posts: 732

    I can agree that I don't enjoy the layout of this next anniversary tome. I really think they shouldn't ever have paths that you don't have 2 options for because of the "gatekeeping" issue. Especially because this tome is so short and it feels weird for them to put relatively time consuming challenges as road blocks. They can be hard for people to complete who only have a few hours a day at best to play.

    I would suggest trying to complete the tome challenge as survivor. Although it's harder getting the actual mask reward, finding the invitation might be easier as survivor because you can run around and not have to worry about the gens all popping and survivors leaving. Good luck, I hope you can find them.

  • LaluziLaluzi Member Posts: 4,890

    If you're not bringing flans, do so. They make it so that the invite is highlighted in purple when you're close to it.

    Other than that, I don't know what to say. If you move around the map, you're likely to encounter one. It's easier as killer than as survivor just for how the general killer game flow works. I think they spawn in areas where Pig boxes/Freddy clocks/Plague fountains do, but I'm not certain about that.

  • DH3206DH3206 Member Posts: 117

    Just wait until you get to the one that requires you to find one within 60 seconds after repairing a gen or hooking a survivor... :-|

  • amazing_graceamazing_grace Member Posts: 732

    I literally told my injured friend to hop on the gen and finish it with me so I could get the invitation that was in the tile next to us. The invitation disintegrated in front of me as I was running up to it.

    Good news is that I have a knack at finding those types of things so I still got it, but yeah. This one is probably easier as killer but who knows, requires some good luck or good intuition at where it could spawn.

  • CanasCanas Member Posts: 822

    I decided to play as Wraith today to get this cursed mission finally done. All I did was zoom through the map in my cloaked mode for maximum travelspeed until I found the damn invite. In some cases it took me 4-5 gens to find an invite. However I made sure to bring a Rancor as a last minute surprise to down and mori my obsession. Worked everytime. Did this 3 times in total.

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