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Ghostface Reveal Worse Than I Thought

I already knew the reveal was very bad on Ghostface but, my camera is looking right at the wall and I wasn't aiming to reveal him cause he just hooked someone. I then randomly got the sound when you're looking at him from this angel when he was going down the hall and I'm like how am I gonna reveal him I'm not even looking at him directly?


  • AcelynnBenAcelynnBen Member Posts: 447

    he has snipe chill dw about it

    all ghostface players do

  • DY86DY86 Member Posts: 428

    Well the reveal mechanics is bad all around. Especially if u go against a good SWF team cause they reveal u all the time.

    one tip tho, to avoid revealing and therefore triggering the killer instinct, avoid having the GF on top center of ur screen. Looking up helps, if u hear the reveal sound turn ur camera the opposite way. But be careful cause as soon as the GF hears the reveal he gets a visual q of the general direction u are.

  • DemonDaddyDemonDaddy Member Posts: 3,497

    Yep it's bad, last time I played gh on midwich that same thing happened. Unfortunately it was a swf actually trying to troll me out of my power. It makes killer completely miserable when every reveal is from behind cover that only works in the survivor's favor.

  • BloodshadeBloodshade Member Posts: 2,997

    The lean mechanic kinda sucks too. Let me peek around trees, damnit.

  • pizzaduffyhp90pizzaduffyhp90 Member Posts: 695

    Yeah I know GF can hear and knows the general direction where he'll look if you're looking at him. Though even how though you could get looked at and don't get revealed it's still sometimes hard to spot where you're being looked at it.

  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 10,074

    It's awful. It nerfed him more than the buffs he got.

  • DY86DY86 Member Posts: 428

    I hope someday they fix the reveal mechanics because, say ur the last surv, revealing him by accident kills u instantly cause hell know qhere u are. They buffed him but this mechanics sucks

  • TimmylawTimmylaw Member Posts: 84

    The reveal mechanic has always been awful and inconsistent and they can't seem to fix it.

  • RpTheHotrodRpTheHotrod Member Posts: 365

    It's pretty terrible. I get revealed by survivors through walls all the time. Like, this isn't around a corner. LITERALLY straight up through solid walls.

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