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Why is BT getting buffed in the meta perk nerf?

DBDVultureDBDVulture Member Posts: 633

BT needs to be weaker if it's going to get a nerf. What you posted as a preliminary change makes it stronger than it is now.



  • WampiritaWampirita Member Posts: 545

    no one will use BT anyway, there's one, waaaay longer "bt" after unhook, aka OTR

  • TheMadCatTheMadCat Member Posts: 2,203

    Yeah. Everyone is gonna replace BT for OTR.

    But let's wait till the release, when it'll be nerfed to the ground instead of just being balanced.

  • TostapaneTostapane Member Posts: 782

    DH wasn't nerfed... They literally reworked that perk (in a lazy way I might add since it's essentially a styptic agent on demand for 1 second)... It's stronger in some situations and worse in others, but overall it wasn't nerfed to the ground as you said. Selfcare didn't deserve to being nerfed so much (at least bothany was buffed to compensate and if you run both you won't waste too much time healing). spine chill was a bit overnerfed (still it deserves some nerfs since that perk completely countered stealth killers) and iron will needed to be nerfed since this perk alone was enough to completely counter spirit's power, without mentioning that it was nerfed also to put on the same spot with stridor (and still it was nerfed less than stridor)

  • VikingDragonXiiVikingDragonXii Member Posts: 1,771

    IW might of been over nerfed too....imo it should of been lowered to 80-90% so survivors could still stealth a bit but Stridor could be useful again and the can't use while exhausted makes so feasible sense.

    DS was a good choice but PTB will tell if 3 sec is too much of a Nerf or not.... personally 4 sec might of been better since you lose 1 sec to the animation.

    DH is now will take skill to use and not oh no I made a mistake I'll hit E to gain some ground to that pallet.

    But like IW some other etf why they do that was Ruin losing its regression and is disabled after 1 kill....if they made it a regular perk then all that is fine but it's a Hex...it's supposed to be stronger than normal perks.

  • TostapaneTostapane Member Posts: 782

    no because i'm right... adrenaline? same as before. dead hard? reworked, stronger in some situations, worse in others. prove thyself? same. BT? BUFFED. unbrekable? same as before. IW? slightly nerfed. you even gain new meta perks like off the records and overzealous

  • TostapaneTostapane Member Posts: 782

    overall this huge perk rework will favour survivors due to the nerfs that slowdown perks received, yes even if the gens now takes 90 seconds instead of 80... this won't affect much low and mid mmr, but it's overkill for people who play in high mmr that will be utterly forced to use the same 2 killers in order to have a chance

  • TostapaneTostapane Member Posts: 782

    since when selfcare is meta? maybe among solo survivors since you normally can't trust of other players (i had people running away from me, crouching in a corner without doing nothing instead of healing me while the killer was to the other side of the map... i wish i was joking about this) and a simple medkit will be better under all the aspects

    iron will didn't received the stridor treatment tho, so in my book was slightly nerfed in comparison

    spine chill isn't really a meta perk but it was nerfed for good reasons (still i would also give a buff in other area since they essentially erased everything useful from that perk)

    genspeed doesn't needed any kind of buff or nerfs imo, to simply put survivors needed some new objective to do (m1 on a gen for 90 second is boring and not so much interactive), so creating those perks were a mistake from the beginning

    unbrekable is op... i lost the count for how many matches turned from a complete victory in a draw or defeat for that perk... slugging is one of the strongest tactics that killers have at their disposal and this perk essencially deny the effectiviness of that tactic... this alone is extremely worth it to be taken into account

    usually i didn't found many adrenaline users, but recently i found at least 2 of them in every match for some strange reason

    bt well, nothing to say about it, you were perplexed too about this...

  • fulltononfulltonon Member Posts: 4,067

    Alternatively, just do grab.

    It's weaker than DS in that matter.

  • Danielgdp3Danielgdp3 Member Posts: 451
    edited June 25

    According to the stats Self Care is meta, yeah most people who run it do that and they are the least team oriented players who use it.

    Yeah fair point, but i still think stridor and iron will are both pretty useless to use.

    It was nerfed for good reasons but as it stands they massacred it, im sure it wont stay this way after ptb.

    There needs to be a perk to counter slugging im sorry but if there was no perk then literally every match would be a slugfest cause there is nothing stopping you.

    That is odd, i wont be suprised if the new meta ends up like adrenaline, prove thyself, unbreakable, exhaustion perk.

    How it feels to me survivor perk wise is that they tried to remove alot of the chase perks to try get more variety, like no one is going to run dead hard, iron will, spine chill and resilience anymore.


    Also Adrenaline to me is exactly how i view NOED, you play through 5 gens with 3 perks and get a nice reward.

  • OrochiOrochi Member Posts: 16

    What's wrong with picking perks that happen to counter certain killers when Survivor players don't actually have any idea which Killer they are going to play against? NEVER have I seen anyone but Stealth Killer mains complain about Spine Chill. Just deal with it, just like Survivors have to 'just deal' with dumb stuff like Devour Hope. Blah blah, Stealthies aren't top tier. BUT some people simply are specifically weak to these killers, based on their playstyle. Thus they may be running SC just to counter their own weakness and not because it's some meta crutch.

    My weakness is Hag, but I'm not going to run certain stuff every game just to ensure I can counter her every time. Some of those perks you named may have specific counters to a specific Killer, but how that is a bad thing in the grand scheme of things when there are so many perks and Killer combos? Would love that to be explained.

  • DBDVultureDBDVulture Member Posts: 633

    Imagine if we made it so survivors cant tunnel generators. DBD would have been a far better balanced game if you could only work a generator so far and then you needed to collect a part to continue.

    There is no killer perk that reduces gen efficiency by 25% so tunneling is the only answer. Technically you can have temporary effects but they go away because people aren't dumb.

  • ohheyitsbobcatohheyitsbobcat Member Posts: 1,277

    It will actually be quite a bit worse then before when used together because of how the game does percentages; they're not a flat increase but based on the number. Some math if anyone is curious with "CaS" standing for charges a second.

    16/c for a full heal with 1/CaS being normal healing speed. Current self care is at 50% speed which is .5/CaS. Botany adds 33% of that (not to) .5 which is ~.666/CaS. This makes current botany with Self Care take approximately 24 seconds.

    New self care will be .35/CaS with botany adding 50 percent of that (again not to) which is .525/CaS. This means the new combo will take ~30.5 seconds to heal.

    It's about a 6 second nerf from what the combo was. Someone feel free to double check my math but it should check out.

  • TostapaneTostapane Member Posts: 782

    What's wrong? Try to play a match with spirit aganist 4 IW users who know what they are doing, then come back to tell your experience... You'll quickly see what's wrong when certain perks can literally nullify the killer's power...

  • ZeidoktorZeidoktor Member Posts: 1,276

    I think the idea is that, with the base kit Endurance/Haste, Borrowed Time pick rate is expected to decrease because it's not as necessary to have anymore. It still has plenty of value and it's stacking with the base kit does make it a buff overall, but the hope is now it's not something you have to bring, but rather something that's nice to have if you do need it. A perk, if you will.

  • DBDVultureDBDVulture Member Posts: 633

    Iron Will on its own is not a problem. It is the only skill in the game that allows you to "get away" from the killer during a chase because otherwise they can hear you from extremely far away. Imagine if you were a wounded claudette and were running around on a map with no walls being chased by a blindfolded killer (who was looking at the ground so no chase would start). Without IW they would easily be able to follow you even if they literally can't see.

    Without Iron Will you can't really misdirect in chases. In short the devs think Iron WIll is making DH stronger. This is marginally correct but really it's more like 80% that DH is way too strong and the rest is that IW can help them in a chase to waste a few seconds.

    I assume you are talking about IW nullifying Spirit in a chase. She can still just listen for footsteps (and look for grass moving). Almost nobody bothers to listen for footsteps.

  • D2nightD2night Member Posts: 128

    the devs said that this was also and “prevent camping and tunneling update”. Borrowed time isn’t an OP perk and the new update to “baseline borrowed time for 5 seconds” can be easily waited out. Why keep complaining about something that’s useful to healthy gameplay..

  • D2nightD2night Member Posts: 128

    i just played a match yesterday where I was using lucky break against an oni. He kept losing me and finding me literally seconds later because of my blood orb trail. Plus the doctor can do the same thing with his huge blast/making tier 3 survivors scream automatically. Im sure you’re not against that though right? Only the survivor side is the one that’s wrong?

  • DBDVultureDBDVulture Member Posts: 633

    First you are a bit confused. I am not talking about the "Freebie" where everyone gets 5 seconds of endurance. That by the way is a HUGE direct buff to survivors because it guarantees the chase from an unhook will last +5 seconds.

    Look at what BT does right now and compare what BT will do after the changes. Look at say Iron Will and Spine Chill pre/post changes. See a difference? BT becomes a stronger perk and IW/SC were completely gutted and nerfed.

    BT will become even more meta than it is right now because 15 seconds of 7% speed will have a massive effect on preventing tunneling.

  • D2nightD2night Member Posts: 128

    Why would adrenaline get nerfed when they didn’t need the actual effect of NOED? BT was actually nerfed by 2 seconds but they added a baseline BT. This update was also to “prevent camping and tunneling” so why would they need something that prevents that? The only reason why somebody would want it nerfed is because you camp and tunnel. And why would they need unbreakable? It’s not an OP perk, it’s the only real perk to prevent slugging. Otherwise you sit there on the ground for 3 minutes. Plus it’s only used 1 time a match. That seems pretty balanced to me

  • DBDVultureDBDVulture Member Posts: 633

    Lucky Break doesn't work against Oni because of the blood orb mechanic. Does it work against every other killer in the game? Yes it does. Lucky Break fails vs doctor because you can get hit by his blast or scream because you are in stage three.

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