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Does anyone just accept fate in soloqueue when they hear Nurse.

CriticalWeaselCriticalWeasel Member Posts: 369
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Every time, I hear nurse I know we're all going to die.

From all the soloque matches I play, I absolute know we're not going to make it. Of course I won't just throw the match but don't expect miracles when your against a decent nurse. It's usually a complete wipe out for soloque.

I'm not saying Nurse needs changing, I'm just saying she's from a completely different time of DBD and the devs are in a weird position when it comes to her. You nerf her and she's really bad for newer players but if you tweak her she's basically fundamentally the same unless her blinks are gone.

Edit: Okay so here's my last 10 known games with Nurses.

5/10 times it was a complete wipe out. 1-3 gens were done but team crumbles under pressure.

2/10 times someone escaped.

2/10 times I escaped by playing like a absolute rat.

1/10 times 2 people managed to escape (Without me).

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