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Its time to camp the survivors out of the game

Marik1987Marik1987 Member Posts: 498
edited June 26 in General Discussions

With the changes, killers will become more weaker than they already are. All Slowdown-Perks are getting nerfed, while gens become more boring for the survivor-side. These 10secs mean nothing.

So its time to use STBFL and CAMP every hook u get.

This will be pure fun, long have we waited. Come to the hook, give me all my wonderful stacks and then its time to camp the hook + 1 on the ground.

Well... at least this will become the new Meta, I guarantee you. Is this an enjoyable Gameplay? Maybe not, but leaving and running around is not the way (as M1).

And finally: Corrupt and Ruin will PUNISH killers when they do their objective. Fun, right? You have to down and kill survs, but instead of gettint benefits for doing a good job, u get punishes. This is so hilarious, i cant even tell my frustration about this "reward system".



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