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On a 5 game death streak in solo q but killers definitely too weak

tendyhandstendyhands Member Posts: 264

Can't wait for survivors to get nerfed. Clearly survivors are too strong when you have no idea what your teammates are doing, where they are, what they are doing in chase, who's going for rescues. Don't worry about people that play solo, everyone plays in a swf.


  • Exxodus21Exxodus21 Member Posts: 984

    Let's not forget that BT got a buff on top of becoming basekit, OTR is OP, DH will be stronger in some situations, SC with Botany is buffed, while Corrupt, Pop, Ruin, SH:PR, and Tinkerer all got nerfed.

  • tendyhandstendyhands Member Posts: 264

    I forgot to mention the biggest issue with solo q. The people throwing after they get downed instantly. I'm done with this. Playing hatch blendette and basement bubba now.

  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 10,074

    Because losing = killers too strong.


  • tendyhandstendyhands Member Posts: 264

    Uh that's actually exactly how you tell who's weak and strong? lol

  • tendyhandstendyhands Member Posts: 264
    edited June 27

    Yeah I know when I lose and it's my fault, I'm not one of those people that always blames their team. But like this last game, person gets instantly hooked, they try to kill themself but they kobe off. Get hooked again and picked up by teammate. Then I run the killer for 3 gens. Without another single hook. Then I get killed by piggie because I have a hat and she's tunneling me (probably because I ran her for 3 gens?). Either way tired of basically being forced to play swf to survive at 50%

  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 10,074
    edited June 27

    No, it's not.

    How you tell is comparing the results with how people played.

    In other words if you lost 5 matches in a row but you had teammates that played like trash then that does not tell you there's a balance problem because their losing was affected by them playing bad.

    How you do tell if there's a balance problem is if you were losing all those matches but none of you were ever playing bad.

    It's a difference between correlation and causation.

    Almost all of the solo queue games I lose are from either me or my team playing badly, not from balance problems. If neither side makes mistakes, survivors will win the vast majority of the time as most killers in the game rely on survivor mistakes to win. So if a killer nearly always loses if neither side makes mistakes that is a balance problem, hence the communities complaints about balance at high mmr where both sides are making much less mistakes.

    This is also why we judge a perks balance for example when it's a good player vs a good player because it lowers the variables of mistakes. If you judged balance on bad vs bad or good vs bad you would have skewed results as player error is skewing something to look weaker or stronger than it is, rather than the actual perk itself being the determinant.

  • AvociumAvocium Member Posts: 33

    killer is too weak. Your post should be complaining about the devs ######### lobby and chat

  • Taxman232Taxman232 Member Posts: 103

    I think the changes to Killer perks (except Noed) are fair noting base killer buff and increased gen times.

    Agree with you that OTR will be OP and that BT buff is excess but they need to do something about tunnelling/camping.

    Hopefully things are balanced out in the PTB and the Devs listen to the community before making any perm changes.

  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 12,616

    Maybe along long streaks and trends among thousands of people, but certainly not from a single individual's five-loss streak.

  • MewishisMewishis Member Posts: 289
    edited June 27

    I win most of my survivor matches and when I don't win it's because I am an altruistic maniac, doesn't mean solo survivors are overpowered does it?

    No, it doesn't that's why typically people go with concrete data instead of "opinion" because that's just what this is, in your "opinion" killers are op because you can't win, but data doesn't back you up.

    I don't usually say this a lot, but perhaps it's more telling on your skills than the strength of the killers.

    The kill rates at least with the stats they have given us have been decreasing from the very overwhelmingly massive kill rates they were beforehand. I mean most killers were beyond the 60% in all ranks back then now they are barely going past 50% these days and I think the devs in their newest data saw something that made it clear they needed to give them buffs.

    The 2019 kill rates All Ranks.

    The 2020 kill rates Red Ranks only.

    The 2021 kill rates (mmr at all levels..?)

    The 2022 kill rates (mmr at all levels..?)

    Yes, stats definitely aren't the best all the time and I agree, but just this once I will defend the dev's decisions on this and point out the statistics they have given us point towards the kill rate is lower than it has ever been for most killers and it really shows that a lot of killers aren't doing as well as they have in the past. Maybe it's due to survivors becoming more experiences or the strength of new perks, but it's very showing that things have changed. The developers seeing their latest stats must have seen something that was concerning them and thought it deserving to give buffs all around to all killers, but don't let this get you down I'm sure buffs for solo are next, and with the increase to kill rates that might come from this nerfs and buffs will be given out to those underperforming and overperforming.

  • solidhexsolidhex Member Posts: 775

    i also only escaped 1 out of 5 games tonight. for me it feels like kill rates are generally too high, i don't get why they want them even higher? MMR could maybe the reason here as the amount of hours on killer and survivors was quite different tonight.

    When i play killer i usually have a good time except the few games were all odds were against me (surv sided map + swf with good perks and items + they're sweating). I play ruthless whenever i have to (tunneling and proxy camping) so i win most of my games.

  • NazzzakNazzzak Member Posts: 489

    I'm predicting alot more of the last two survivors hiding instead of hitting gens - probably the most frustrating survivors this game can offer

  • GoshJoshGoshJosh Member Posts: 4,502

    New Sole Survivor will ensure an uptick in these scenarios.

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