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Survive with friends not working on Europe/Portugal

CjpriCjpri Member Posts: 3

So, I am from Portugal and I assume we are part of Europe servers.

Me and my friends use to play the game together and we have been experiencing an issue a long the days:
Back in the past week we could join lobbies with no problems but after the last patch and the little fixes that the Devs made, we weren´t able to find a lobby and we just wait more then 30 minutes to see if we find any lobby to our party but its impossible to play with our friends now and we wanted to enjoy the event...

This is really a huge issue that we are facing and I don´t know if anyone has reported this already but I know that the percentage of players in our country is not that big...

We ask for help and for this discussion get to the game developers...


  • ThatbrownmonsterThatbrownmonster Member Posts: 1,588

    wtf a portugues dbd player?
    that's new

    also survivor matchmaking is broking as 90% of all players want to play survivor right now and no one wants to play killer

  • CjpriCjpri Member Posts: 3

    Yeah, but I already found loads of portuguese players in there

    I really think that the servers are like this because they oppened the servers, and that results in high pings, they shoul fix that

    Let the Dedicated servers come

  • HillbillyHillbilly Member Posts: 14

    Works for me :/ I guess it depends on the time you try to play or so.

    Existem bues tugas por aí btw :chuffed:

  • CjpriCjpri Member Posts: 3

    Yeah, it seems that latelly the matchmaking with friends is working again... At least I can make a 2 player matchmaking but I never had the chance anymore to try with 3 friends.

    But I guess that the servers are a little bit better since I made this topic discussion!

    É raro ver porque a maioria nunca fala nos lobbies :/

  • friendlykillermainfriendlykillermain Member Posts: 3,166

    if only this would happen other places

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