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Leatherface is not as bad as his reputation is.

Before you read further, I just want to state that I am a killer who floats between the rank of 5-1. Depends how often I am playing the game and which killers I am using. I am an XB1 player.

My main is Leatherface. I like to play the other two instant-downing killers, Hillbilly and Michael, as well. My best is Leatherface because he is tailored to my style a bit better than they are.

I won't let my bias cloud my judgement: Leatherface is not the best. I know this. However, he is nowhere near as bad as people say he is.

His saw is very easy to hit with. He is already difficult to juke, and pair that with the fact I play on Xbox, and you basically have a guaranteed down & hook. I know his saw doesn't help find people or affect gens, but that's why we have perks. Also, once he has his eyes on you, you're in for a ride.

Bubba's Chainsaw has the highest damage capability of anything in the game. It is an easy to hit instant down, that also multi strikes and can hit multiple targets. It's an amazing AOE utility. It is easier to land than Billy's saw, and it is always available for use unlike EW3 (which is also a 1 hit deal like Billy's saw). It's also interesting to note that his saw is a bit quieter than Billy's and isn't constantly audible (i.e. whilst revved).

His saw is also an amazing palette eater and helps with mindgames in palette loops. In some instances, palette loops are immediately ended due to the palette being broken and/or the survivor being downed. At minimal he is an average killer in loops.

His add-ons are pretty solid as well. Not amazing, but useful. Anything that makes him faster in movement speed or acceleration is a must use, and makes him harder to escape.

Some people say his chase game is awful, but that isn't completely true. Yes, windows can be a problem, but windows are problems for all killers besides a well-trained Nurse. He may get led on a bit, but an instant down is the ultimate chase stopper.

I haven't even gotten to his defense yet. This is where his reputation is at its most infamous. Leatherface is the best camper, hands down. He is also the best at area denial, since his power can't be disabled or set off by survivors unlike the killers that place traps. New / toxic players take advantage of this strength a lot, and I do not condone this whatsoever. You should saw, hook, go for someone else.

Is he the best killer? No. Is he near the bottom of the totem pole near the likes of Trapper, Wraith, Legion, and Freddy? Hell no.


  • YamaokaYamaoka Member Posts: 3,383
    What's your gamertag?
  • ShroompyShroompy Member Posts: 321

    Leatherface is decent with perks and add ons. But thats every killer including Freddy. The reason why people say Leatherface is bad is because he has no tracking, and his power is just bad. Longer charge time for his chainsaw then Billy, also he moves at 95% when his chainsaw is charging. (Thats slower than a survivor running) While Billy has a faster charge time, and moves at 100%, (Same speed as a running survivor). Yes, LF has the possibility to down multiple survivors. But at high ranks its very unlikely, you would be lucky if you downed 2 survivors at the same time. Also you said Wraith and Legion are bad killers. While I dont disagree with you. They're are not the weakest. Especially Legion, they're mid tier at best.

  • There's this feature in the game called windows, and if the Survivors have a semblance of intelligence they'll use them. Then Bubba's Chainsaw is literally worthless, and if you try to get risky for the hit, unlike Hillbilly, Leatherface is almost guaranteed to enter tantrum mode versus Hillbilly's magical through window hits.

  • @DudeDelicious said:
    I need help with Leatherface. He’s not my main but would like to get better. I find that without the high tier add-ons I just can’t hit survivors with the chainsaw. I can be right on their butt, rev the saw, but the survivor has gained enough distance that the swings never catch up to them. 

    Not much you can do lad, that's just the lament of Bubba. Your best bet is just to go in 99% M1 and only M2 when they're in the middle of a cornfield or something.

  • PoweasPoweas Member Posts: 5,873

    Wraith is NOT at the botton. He's so good and can chase well. I don't know how almost nobody can see this.

  • MasterMaster Member Posts: 10,205

    Leatherface is trash because there are too many windows and pallets, he literally has no tools againts that.

  • katoptriskatoptris Member Posts: 1,261
    His accelerations add ons don't work tho
  • YamaokaYamaoka Member Posts: 3,383
    katoptris said:
    His accelerations add ons don't work tho
    Except for the penalty when using his purple chili addon. You literally get stunned long enough to see the survivor run to the other side of the map 😂
  • katoptriskatoptris Member Posts: 1,261
    Yamaoka said:
    katoptris said:
    His accelerations add ons don't work tho
    Except for the penalty when using his purple chili addon. You literally get stunned long enough to see the survivor run to the other side of the map 😂
    Pretty much sums up leather face gameplay while hearing him pig squeal and the survivors went wee wee all the way to the gates
  • TrAiNwReCkTrAiNwReCk Member Posts: 246

    It's easy to snowball with leather face if facing over altruistic players, but if your first survivor knows how to loop and your perks don't aid in the chase it can be painful.

  • Mister_HoldoutMister_Holdout Member Posts: 2,590

    I'm sorry, but I completely disagree. First, there's something you need to understand. PC and console are completely different animals. The skill caps are much different between those two platforms.

    As for Leatherface, he's definitely one of the worst killers. His power does not help him in a chase verse good survivors.

    He may look strong at times because of his insta down, but that won't help verse skilled survivors. Leatherface will not have much opportunity to use his saw. He basically will have to M1 most of the time.

    Even other lower tier killers have tools that may prevent a survivor from getting an extra loop. Wraith for example with the proper add ons can block windows and pallets. Leatherface literally has nothing to help against loops. His power actually hurts him.

    He does have strong defense, but that doesn't matter verse good survivors. You need killers that can end the chase fast. Leatherface can't do this unless the survivors run out of windows and pallets.

  • SlayerSlayer Member Posts: 1,148

    Prove that his power is decent . Play with better players and try to down them

  • ZarathosZarathos Member Posts: 1,149
    Leatherface requires good perks that cover for his basic m1 chase capabilites i.e. Bambozle or spirit fury and enduring. The saw is a good tool if you can force survivours into dead zones in which case windows and vaults will be limited in accessing. Which is imo why bambozle is mandatory on bubba if you want to get millage out of your saw. 

    His addons are garbage. The sound mufflers are a waste of space. The accelaration add ons dont work on survivour who will simply circle areas as opposed to run forward like a dumbass. His power should have some larger reach around loops. He shouldnt be slowed as much for pulling out his saw that is massively hurting his ability to remove pallets with an early charged saw unlile billy who suffers a significantly weaker slow.

    He should by default have his saw apply some kind of gen progression debuff so he has some way to slow the game down. Ultimatly I'll continue to play leatherface but much like freddy its purely to style on my opponets. 
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