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have entity block windows to end camping



  • GoshJoshGoshJosh Member Posts: 4,447

    Huh? Do you mean blocks unhooking unless the killer is 32 or more meters away from the hook? And presumably the hook timer is paused or something?

  • AvociumAvocium Member Posts: 33

    separating the two would not work because no killer wants to play against 4swf, they would all choose solo queue.

    Increased communication would not fix every problem, but it would at least give survivors the potential to play in harmony and increase their survival rate if they choose to use it. If the game was balanced around teams using a system like this together instead of just solo queue 4 swf would still be overpowered but not by as much.

    making the maps truly random while maintaining balance would be unrealistic. It would be better to have 20+ unique versions of each map handcrafted by the devs and randomly chosen. Moving the pallets wouldn't be enough, it would require moving buildings/ruins around as well. For some maps this would be more difficult than others obviously.

    Killers with high MMR get 4swf very frequently and it actually kind of ruins the experience because 4swf can be almost unbeatable a lot of times. I don't want to screw over solo players obviously but there must be a way to nerf 4swf while also making games somewhat fair for solos. There are plenty of ways to do this - they could just increase gen repair time for teams that have have more people playing together for example. Honestly that wouldn't be enough, but it would be a start - but it would also require balancing because you don't want to discourage people from playing together either.

  • sonata93sonata93 Member Posts: 198

    That would never work because killers with high mobility (Nurse, Blight, Dredge, etc.) could just get straight back to the hook in a matter of seconds.

  • akaTheBARONakaTheBARON Member Posts: 269

    Tell me you're a killer main who camps because you can't loop tiles without saying you're a killer main who camps because you can't loop tiles XD

  • akaTheBARONakaTheBARON Member Posts: 269

    F* it!!!! Lets do it. I'd really like to see this put into place, only to see posts saying "struggle states take way too long causing killers to want to DC and get no bloodpoints" then in the posts:

    Title... the time it takes for survivors on hook to die takes way too long and because of this, I end up getting impatient, DC and get no bp which is unfair... BHVR has been survivor sided for a long time and it shows...

  • malloymkmalloymk Member Posts: 1,406

    It definitely feels like killers feel this way. It's really outrageous some of the takes I read on here. Meanwhile I do fine as killer and I play while I'm on my treadmill. Yeah, I lose sometimes and some of those games can be frustrating, but most games I get at least 3. And I rarely play as nurse or blight.

  • DBDVultureDBDVulture Member Posts: 654

    a medium skill survivor can loop m1 killers better than it is possible to chase on those tiles. You don't realize that is how the game works though do you?

    And then a killer like Nemesis, PH, Plague who are a huge step up from M1 can once again be looped by high tier MMR players beyond what it is possible for the killer to hande - purely as a function of game mechanics.

    But only the very top 1% of players can do much of anything against Blight and Nurse because those two killers change how a chase works. Those two killers are required to make a mistake for them to not hit you. Every other killer in the game requires the survivor to make one or two mistakes to score a hit.

  • akaTheBARONakaTheBARON Member Posts: 269

    Sounds like "buff the game for killers bc I play killer" logic. Killers have to learn to loop too, its that simple. I play both sides, I learn both sides (shrugs) but maybe I'm just BELT DEFFRENT XD

  • sulaimansulaiman Member Posts: 2,487

    i often read the claim killer would just choose solo queue, but i dont understand why.

    Remember, my idea means that both queues are balanced seperatly to make both forms equaly fair, so in solo queue, the killer is much weaker than in swf queue, where they would be way stronger to compensate for the swf.

    So, if a killer would have to choose between 2 equally fair matches, with the same chances of winning or losing, why do you thing he would only choose one of them? Just give me a reason that doesnt ignore the sepereate balancing.

  • BranBran Member Posts: 1,452
    edited June 28

    Looping isn't going anywhere.....darn...and here I had so much hope that it would change.

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  • TheLastHookTheLastHook Member Posts: 329

    in the world you are describing 2 gens pop while the 1st Survivor presses W and you chase him by the time it´s hooked. In your ideal Survivor world you can loop a tree or a random rock forever and then go from pallet to pallet without even having to reason about it.

    Fact is, there is no such thing as tunneling, your goal as Killer is to kill 4 people in the match and the order does not matter.

  • AvociumAvocium Member Posts: 33

    if they're balanced then it would be fine, but why wouldn't people just divide into 3 man groups instead of 4 man in that case to get into solo queue? or duo?

  • sulaimansulaiman Member Posts: 2,487

    because they cant. swf is swf. Solos can opt to play in the swf-queue (maybe for some bp-incentive, maybe because they like it), but even 3 or duo-swf cant play in solo queue.

    duo is not a problem, because you end up with 2 swf, the 3-1 combination is the only one that might need some help.

  • INoLuvINoLuv Member Posts: 303

    killers in general need a way to deal with windows in basekit way, must tiles are braindead

  • FlameGNGFlameGNG Member Posts: 624

    Tunneling know in the community is where a killer goes out of their way to kill one survivors... Even if teammates body blocks or takes downs for you... Your literally saying that looping is unhealthy for the game... ITS THE FU****G INTENDED WAY!!!!!!! Tunneling isn't really intended and therefore survivors are given perks to prevent tunneling becuase well if you tunnel someone its a guaranteed win unless your new to the game like you can literally get someone out 3 minutes into the game then you have 2 or 0 people working on gens... Never said tunneling was wrong all i said is that ITS NOT INTENDED... No matter where you look there are NO PERKS NO POWERS that suggests you to tunnel someone out... There are even perks on both killer and survivor that favours not tunneling... You need to wash your eyes and read the damn comment instead of making up hocus pocus things...

    Tunneling is a thing, camping is a thing genrushing is not a thing if you ask me... or well kinda depends if everyone brings BNP, overzealous, prove thyself, resilience and other gen perks i can meet you in the middle and call that gen rushing but doing gens is not genrushing... Same as downing someone twice in a row isnt tunneling...

    But sure give me 3 reasons why looping is unhealthy and should be removed this would make you have to hold W instead which you said i wanted for some reason when you literally want to remove the only thing survivors can do to avoid the killer xd

  • TheLastHookTheLastHook Member Posts: 329
    edited June 30

    "But sure give me 3 reasons why looping is unhealthy"

    - Survivors taunt Killers that way pallet+flashlight (making waste nearly a gen per safeloop and pallet). Toxic.

    - Killer is meant to be the power role, extreme looping and pallets makes it impossible to apply pressure on generators in large maps. Unhealthy.

    - Too many second chance perks for looping to be so easy and powerful, again, 4vs1 with four powerroles against a poor Killer. Unhealthy.

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