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If you dislike camping why are you doing this then?

BenZ0BenZ0 Member Posts: 4,090

Standing very obvious openly close to the hook and expect me to just leave for no reason?

I had a game where the ENTIRE team stood next to the hook everyone staring at me.

They all complained at me and said ppl like me ruin this event bla bla. I tried to explain them to not stand openly next to the hook and expect the killer kindly to let you unhook and learn to hide close to it till he leaves. Ofc they didnt really engaged to that conversation and kept insulting me that I am a camper and have no skill etc.

I dont care about the insult and whining, I just cant get this in my head how ppl like this who obviously dislike camping alot dont do ANYTHING against that or try to play around it. They even feed into this camping playstyle and make it even easier for me to get kills like that.



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