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Why is Blight a 4.6 and spirit is a 4.4

Blight probably has the best power for map traversal in the game that returns after 10 seconds if fully empty, whereas spirit takes 15 seconds to fully replenish her power. Blight is also faster than spirit with his power empty and can continue to move around the map faster but spirit has longer cooldown and is slower outside of her power. I would say spirit and blight has similar anti loop potential when played correctly. So is blight given 4.6 just because some loops have bad collision or don’t have things to bounce around on. Especially with spirit being nerfed it doesn’t make sense to me why she is still only a 4.4 and blight is a 4.6.



  • HexDevourAvocadoHexDevourAvocado Member Posts: 95

    As a spirit enjoyer,I feel completely and utterly left out.

  • fulltononfulltonon Member Posts: 4,397

    Because spirit is literally fastest M1 killer in this game, her base movement speed doesn't really matter.

  • egg_egg_ Member Posts: 1,211
  • ShinobuSKShinobuSK Member Posts: 4,709

    Yea but I still have good hearing and stopped using Iron will while ago. Never had so many pallet stuns out of power like with nerfed Spirit.

    Unless she becomes super popular like Nurse and will be seen almost every second game, I dont really mind

  • JakemyNutzJakemyNutz Member Posts: 13

    The thing with Blight is that he’s utterly overtuned and you all are just too scared to admit it at this point lol. Blight surely should’ve been 4.4 m/s, but I’m sure they didn’t see his full potential during development and so they never thought about it.

    Comparing him to current Spirit doesn’t make much sense though as she already got plenty of changes over the years. Blight is still pretty much untouched lol.

    At least the Hug Tech is gone soon. Take the little wins when it comes to balancing in DbD.

    To clearly answer your question though this clear difference in balancing between different characters and often even bias towards some comes from the real unprofessional way they decide about balance changes internally.

    At least that’s the only reasonable explanation anyone could come to

  • GrimReaperJr1232GrimReaperJr1232 Member Posts: 1,213

    For one, Spirit goes completely invisible AND maintains freedom of movement when channelling her power.

    Blight, in contrast, has heavily restricted turning and needs to utilize his environment to position himself and to bump/slide and attack.

    Spirit has a longer cooldown (15 seconds) but Blight has 10 seconds with 2.5-second fatigue. So in reality, the difference in cooldowns is 2.5 seconds.

    Spirit can always and immediately attack out of her power. Blight needs to bump first, which makes his more situational.

  • AyamirAyamir Member Posts: 282

    No we don't need to nerf Blight by decreasing his movement speed to 110.

    Blight is one of the most balanced killers in the game and probably one of the best killers BHVR ever released he's well designed and has fun counterplay with fun techs/mechanics.

    He's a strong S tier killer but he's not braindead unlike Spirit or Nurse.

    if you want to nerf Blight,nerf C33 and Alchemist ring don't need to touch anything else about him he's fine rn his add-ons are problematic that's all.

    they're already making him less fun to play by removing hug tech which was already easily avoidable by mediocre survivors,it was hilarious trying to juke him.

    We're gonna see braindead Nurse and boring spirit even more after this midchapter patch and you want to nerf Blight?

    ty but no,he should stay at 115 no reason to make him 110.

  • ProudRinMainProudRinMain Member Posts: 137

    Spirit should get a faster power recovery by base tbh like rusty flute being basekit with rin’s broken watch tbh

  • FantasyFantasy Member Posts: 437
    edited June 29

    Well Spirit used to be a lot better with no indication of when she was phasing so it made sense that she was slower back then, now not so much but the iron will nerf should put her in a decent spot.

  • Sally_S_gay_sonSally_S_gay_son Member Posts: 213

    Blights power is much harder to use and get value from, you are literally holding m2 as Spirit and thats it

  • ArchAbhorArchAbhor Member Posts: 793

    He is no where near the most balanced killer in the game. Hes top of the pack. Nurse and him are outliers. The 110 argument is interesting to me because I dont think itll effect good blight plays just punish bad ones.

  • Crimson_LockhartCrimson_Lockhart Member Posts: 187

    I wish we could get all the millions of Blood Points back from all killers that get nerfed.

  • RemediastRemediast Member Posts: 815

    I think it is because, compared to Spirit, Blight's power can be more inconsistent depending on the map and loop tiles. He can't go speeding off in a single direction, or have complete control over his power movement, consistently like Spirit can. At times as well, his power can be ineffective due to some objects making Blight slide off instead of slam and can completely ruin his play for an action that was out of his control. The 4.6 movement speed helps correct what the power at times cannot do. If the maps were more balanced and the object hitboxes were more consistent, then the 4.4 Blight would be an interesting proposition. But as it is right now, I would say Blight needs the 4.6 movement speed.

  • AyamirAyamir Member Posts: 282

    You need to understand that him being strong doesn't mean he's not balanced.

    Yes he's a S tier killer we all know that but how does that makes him unfair or broken to go against ?

    Some of his add-ons are BS and needs to be nerfed but his basekit is fine and he doesn't ignore god pallets and windows as far as I know ?

    he's nothing like Nurse the only overpowered stupid killer in this game is Nurse and she needs to get nerfed or completely removed from the game that would be so healthy for DBD and its playerbase.

    Blight is balanced,his power is well designed and not boring,he's not Anti-Loop#8769 killer where you just hold W and predrop,there is more to this killer where you have to use your brain and predicts his bumps.

    yes most people use his power in chase because no point in being a basic M1 looping killer,there are some maps where using your power is bad and you have to chase as an M1 talking about RPD and Lerys where there are many windows/tight doorways and survivors can easily play around your rushes so I see no reason to nerf his movement speed to 110.

    Blight is what a killer should be not like Legion or fckn Clown.

    Spirit doesn't have limited movement she can move fast and without any restrictions shes so easy to play with her busted add-ons MDR and dried cherry blossom,so yes she should stay at 110 and Blight at 115.

  • HectorBrandoHectorBrando Member Posts: 3,086
    edited June 29

    Odds are the EZ-modo sweat-a-lot crowd will swarm to Spirit the same way the swarmed to her before and others like Forever Freddie or mass lunge Wraith, I believe there will be a surge of Spirits after IW gets destroyed.

    I believe its because they didnt expect Blight to be so strong, Im willing to bet if they knew he would be the powerhouse he is they wouldnt have released him this way.

  • HectorBrandoHectorBrando Member Posts: 3,086
    edited June 29

    Edit: Messed editing my post.

  • squbaxsqubax Member Posts: 590

    That shouldn't be a problem as current spirit has a giant audio cue that tells you where she is, so you can just camp pallets and stun her even if she can hear you.

  • ArchAbhorArchAbhor Member Posts: 793

    Yes being ahead of the pack that far makes him not balanced. In an ideal world he and nurse and blight are brought down to what we consider A. Then and only then do i think theres any wiggle room to call him balanced. Certainly not now.

    A good blight is just as oppressive as a good nurse. No add ons. What is usually considered a balanced killer is demo. I tend to agree. Decent map control and ok antiloop. Unlike blight whos got insane map mobility and in conjunction good map control. Then he doesnt have anti loop but is better in chase then demo? Who has anti loop built in. I really dont get where you're coming from with the thought process that just because its not called anti loop makes it "balanced".

    We will see what happens when they remove his hug tech how much less effective he is, but then you also have blights abusing his dpi 180 flicks. I dont enjoy oppressive killers and blight is one of those killers.

  • MurgleïsMurgleïs Member Posts: 734
    edited June 29

    "there is more to this killer where you have to use your brain and predicts"

    Sounds like Nurse lmao.

    Believe me, as soon as Nurse is nerfed in any way, Blight is next on the list of complaints.

  • Tr1nityTr1nity Member Posts: 5,008

    Still half-expecting to see Gann in these threads.

    Anyway - Spirit has far more control over her power than Blight. As Blight charges forwards with little ability to turn (barring any exploits), Spirit has full 360-degree motion, with the use of the W,A,S,D buttons. Blight's power is more difficult to control.

  • AnneBonnyAnneBonny Member Posts: 2,235

    alchemist's ring should do that, basekit blight is balanced but a lot of his add-ons are busted

  • AyamirAyamir Member Posts: 282

    once again you've missed the point.

    why do you think people call demogorgon "balanced" beceause hes easy to play against and hes really not a threat once you learn how to play against him,he's not strong and is not in control of the chase.(which is what most killers in this game lack)

    hmm I don't remember saying that not having a anti loop makes the killer balanced ? I said that most killers with anti loop in this game are boring and too repetitive just look at Artist for example,but whatever.

    And no I disagree with you a good Blight is not as oppressive as a good Nurse if you think that way then we're probably not playing the same game,Nurse was always her own tier no other killers come to her potential even Blight,Nurse plays her own game and she's in her own league.

    You don't enjoy killers that you consider too "oppressive" even tho there are so many counterplays to the Blight he's a strong killer but you can play around his power if you're a good survivor,Nurse doesn't care about your skill as a survivor she leaves little counterplay with her range add-ons she's the only killer I would really consider oppressive.

    Blight is a balanced killer with a well designed power as I've said his add-ons are problematic and should be nerfed,otherwise he's fine.

    maybe buffs the others killers that desperately needs help you know,no reason to nerf Blight.

  • ArchAbhorArchAbhor Member Posts: 793
    edited June 29

    No I dont think I missed your point. I get what you're trying to say generally. Reason why I brought up the anti loop thing is because i was confused as to why you were bringing them up in the first place.

    I can counter nurse and blight at about the same rate. When we talk about balance we are not just talking about the top players either. Obviously when these killers are brought up against aaa teams or strong swfs they are more balanced, but thats niche and not true as a whole.

    Since they are buffing killers in general there is a better argument to be bringing up nerfs to the stronger killers to bring them down to the rest of the pack. Maybe its just the add ons being used and the exploits. I can agree that maybe we tone those down and see where hes at. Then see if he needs to be adjusted. I still think that him being 110 wouldnt hurt him that much and would only reward blights who utilize him properly.

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