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Potential solution to Endurance meta

Jivetalkin13Jivetalkin13 Member Posts: 709
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Since it seems that the Endurance meta is going to be coming, I wanted to get some thoughts on how it could be resolved if BHVR were to implement it.

1. Have the Exhaustion status effect not go away after being hooked.

2. Make it so you can't gain the Endurance status effect and/or lose it once you become Exhausted.

These two changes seem like some issues could be resolved.

However, grain of salt, I'm unable to play the PTB so I'd like to hear from others on if this seems like it would help.

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  • Sadako_Best_GirlSadako_Best_Girl Member Posts: 485

    I think they should just make it so it does not work when you are deep wounded.

  • MrsMaliciousXMrsMaliciousX Member Posts: 684

    I feel like the only way to play this off is to be super aware of you're surrounding and what the killer is going to do. I playing the ptb couldn't get any of this to work for me. Im not the best of looping and running and all that. Im decent at most but I still couldn't. Honestly before judging and throwing out that its OP and it needs changed we should probably wait until it hits then say things. Just because these big time streamers are able to pull it off doesn't mean that everyone can.

  • emodeshortemodeshort Member Posts: 174
  • Jivetalkin13Jivetalkin13 Member Posts: 709

    Yeah, that makes sense, but at the same time, the fact that it can happen is a problem that should be addressed sooner rather than later. Once people become good at stacking Endurances, it'll be all over the place.

  • ReshyReshy Member Posts: 389

    Endurance should also not give the player collision so you can't body block the killer with it.

  • DeadByCommunityDeadByCommunity Member Posts: 154

    Endurance should t stack. It shouldn't be active once your fully healed. Like you said it should go away if your exhausted so it cant be combine with BT. An if your exhausted that means you use a perk to put more distance between the killer anyway. An if healed then you shouldn't have it either. Idk why bhvr buff these perks like that. Remove old second chances (or nerf) to introduce tanks. Logic

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