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"We are reducing the grind"

emodeshortemodeshort Member Posts: 174
edited June 30 in 6-1-0 PTB Feedback

Then why do this? Whats the point? What purpose does this serves? Why make an entire patch to reduce the grind just to take another step in the grind direction? This makes no sense... I promise, removing the BP price to prestige will not cause the game's economy to crash and burn, this is unecessary and a step in the oposite direction of where yall aiming at



  • TheMidnightRidrTheMidnightRidr Member Posts: 574

    i guess there is always someone who’s upset at even the objectively good changes

  • Ghouled_MojoGhouled_Mojo Member Posts: 1,862

    Looks like more shenanigans

  • TheMidnightRidrTheMidnightRidr Member Posts: 574
    edited June 30

    50k versus, oh idk, 20mil to get every perk one tier up for each killer. And that’s being generous

    if 50k is expensive to you, you’ve got other problems than prestiging

  • Exxodus21Exxodus21 Member Posts: 989

    That's weird. When they said you'd have to purchase the prestige node I assumed 3k to 8k like a normal node, maybe 10k because it's "special". Really though there doesn't need to be any cost associated with it.

  • emodeshortemodeshort Member Posts: 174

    Its not only 50k, its 50k in every prestige, on every character, cant you see the problem here? Is completely unecessary, it makes no sense if they are trying to reduce the grind.

    The new prestige system is great imo, but this dont make any sense no matter how you cut it

  • DeadByCommunityDeadByCommunity Member Posts: 154

    Holy this is extremely bad. Reduce BP off perks an now must pay to level? Tf. They really wanna drive home that role play for extra bp huh. Jeez

  • AdvorsusAdvorsus Member Posts: 1,018

    Yeah it's literally 4 million bp just to pay for each prestige 3 times for every killer. And that's only killer and doesn't include perks or anything. Just the cost to prestige them all. 4 million in a system where I'm getting half the BP I was? Lol no thanks. Just remove the perk tiers pls.

  • SmeagolthevileSmeagolthevile Member Posts: 171

    I think alot of the issues w/ the new small web when you prestiege would be mitigated by your prestige level equating to a multiplier to the chance of ANY web level having greens purples and reds.

  • MoemartiMoemarti Member Posts: 20

    And not to mention. You're forced to prestige you have no choice whether you want to stay at 50 or prestige... ridiculous.

  • KolbyKolbyKolbyKolbyKolbyKolby Member Posts: 499

    I think on some level this was intended, though it wasn't stated. I think they don't want people to have the ability to have a pink/purple item or addon every single game. Reducing the bloodpoints earned and limited the amount of these you get by reducing the quality in webs is one way to do that. Less good addons and items so games are less focused around them?

    Unless of course you get to prestige 100 and the bloodweb stays large so once you've devoted that kind of time you can simply have the advantage of having greater access to stronger items/addons.

  • ZeidoktorZeidoktor Member Posts: 1,397

    Its less expensive and more pointless and contradictory to their stated goal of reducing the grind as it adds a whole extra step to the grind that was never there before.

  • DY86DY86 Member Posts: 428

    bro what math are u doing? If I get every killer on level 40 their perks will still appear on the bloodweb lol. So U still pay 50k for nothing

  • fulltononfulltonon Member Posts: 4,397
    edited June 30

    Sadly it's not even "objectively good" when you can't farm addons at high efficiency while also wasting 50k bp every 50 levels on top of BP bonus removal, hell, I could say it's WORSE.

    Addons are much more important than perks for feel of killers, and items are much more stronger than perks for objective strength of survivors.

  • PoodleDoodlePoodleDoodle Member Posts: 26

    Being forced to pay 50k is completely unnecessary and worthless feature for something that is now mandatory and only hurts new players. You think Jimmy with 15 hours playing meg and can barely hold down M1 on a gen is going to afford that easily when he probably gets 9k in his games? It's frustrating for new people and unnecessary annoyance for anyone else.

  • NazzzakNazzzak Member Posts: 772

    I don't care if they charge the 50k as long as they leave it an *option* to prestige. Forcing us to spend a minimum of 2 games bp just to progress is mind boggling.

  • LapisInfernalisLapisInfernalis Member Posts: 2,544

    Before you could skip lvl 50 (worth about 50k BP) and instantly prestige. Now you need to finish lvl 50 AND effectively lvl 51 to prestige. Which is forced.....

  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 12,703

    I was originally on the same page, but this change + the mandatory prestige to continue the blood web (meaning you have to reset back to the smaller, low rarity blood webs) makes getting higher-rarity add-ons, items, and offerings noticeably harder. I can no longer in good faith call this new system a good thing.

  • CashelP14CashelP14 Member Posts: 5,555

    I got to disagree mate. Just because the grind is less doesn't mean that paying 50k to prestige is a good change.

    Imagine if you had to pay 5k every new bloodweb, it would be pretty stupid and pointless. I don't understand why the added it.

  • tensu950tensu950 Member Posts: 51

    it is not an objectively good change though, The only people the changes benefit are the people who already have all their stuff leveled and the odds are they already have all the perks unlocked anyways.

    their "Grind reduction" actually just made the grind worse for everyone else. The loss of bonus BP on perks just hurts new players, the forced prestige hurts players who do not have tons of addons and stuff already saved up.

    A new player will now have to spend even longer just to unlock the base perks from all the killers and survivors and with the new prestige if you play a killer that uses a lot of purple/pink addons you can't just sit at 50 farming them out in the maxed web you are forced to spend 50k to reroll to lvl 1 then another like 300k just to start getting into the levels where they appear again.

  • Alen_StarklyAlen_Starkly Member Posts: 253

    Yeap, a very bad system and overlook on BHVR's part. The new system makes the grind way worse for people who don't already have characters at P3, and most of them don't. New players are harshly disincentivized from playing this game due to the grind and the 50k barrier for each prestiging.

  • LaluziLaluzi Member Posts: 4,932

    It's a terrible change if you already had perks unlocked. This overall decreases the amount of high-rarity offerings and addons you can access, and forces you to periodically pay in order to be able to continue buying things for that character.

    There was no reason for this. It would be different if prestiging is optional, but when it's forced, it just becomes a bloodweb tax that doesn't benefit anyone.

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 9,284

    Is 50k a dealbreaker? No, it’s a mild inconvenience.

    But it is weird they added that 50k cost in the first place. It’s not there now, so why does it cost 50k in the new system to Prestige? They went out of their way to put this in, they must have a reason, I just can’t figure out why, 🤷‍♂️

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