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What is this sorry excuse of a P3 reward?

The_BiggCheezeThe_BiggCheeze Member Posts: 457
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A golden shimmer in a horror game over the characters icon that no other players are going to ever see. It’s a reused asset too! So much for being something special for all our hard work and spent BP.

Hey BHVR while you’re at it, why don’t you just give everyone the pretty little princess sparkles since you just LOVE giving away ######### that people worked for, as long as it isn’t legacy of course. Huntress’ hound mask and Billy’s Pro-Pain hammer just to name a couple. All that hard work in those events just for it to be handed out to everyone, all because a few people lost theirs and you weren’t able to tell who actually earned those items, because your system was garbage at the time (Spoiler, it still is)

Its funny really, why didn’t you give out Legacy for the same reason? People lost their legacy’s and you couldn’t tell who actually earned them.

Eh, I’m ######### done expecting something to ACTUALLY be special coming from these devs. We EARN some nice things that just get handed out like candy a month later, or we EARN something that isn’t worth Jack.

Good to know I wasted 5 years of my life for some yellow glitter glue.

Edit: Hell I have an idea that surely you guys CAN’T mess up. Duplicate the prestige rewards and just change the blood texture to like a dim glowing blue or just a simple stock texture of gold. It wouldn’t be legacy so you won’t have to whine about that, and it’s a very simple and minor change that would ACTUALLY be worth a damn.

Or just be lazy and keep Tinkerbells fart dust. (This joke was not mine, saw it in the comment section of a YouTube video and thought it was just 🤌.)

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