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Future metas are already possibly looking annoying and boring

humanbeing1704humanbeing1704 Member Posts: 7,426

Anyone else feel the same?


  • ShapedShaped Member Posts: 5,323

    We will adapt don't worry.

  • KateMain86KateMain86 Member Posts: 1,380
    edited June 30

    Was a new meta the reason behind the changes or is a new meta just the inevitable outcome of any change in this game? I thought the changes were to encourage more playstyles rather than relying on a single loadout or perk(s) to give you the best possible outcome every time?

  • akaTheBARONakaTheBARON Member Posts: 269

    This was the issue with completely gutting most of the meta perks, then super buff non-meta perks to make them the new meta. So dumb. "Switching things up" with one boring meta to replace the old one wasn't the move. They should have done LESS nerfing, and less buffing. like they would make a change that makes sense but then double down and go to far making the perk not playable.

    They should have slightly tweeked meta perks to make them less desirable to be go-tos but still playable. Then not give other perks crazy buffs. This gives a wider variety of perks.

    But switching one meta for another one overnight isn't shaking things up, its turning dirty underwear inside out and wearing it for another day LOL

  • solidhexsolidhex Member Posts: 769

    the meta has become really stale at high mmr, 4 dead hards and 2-4 DS/ Boons has been normal for me as a killer. On the other side, tunneling has become the absolute meta playstyle for killers at high mmr, i had to do it to win matches and when i play survivor i got tunneled out so often. That's why i played with DS everytime. So yeah, meta was stale and needed a change because those perks just address basic issues the game has.

  • Sheridan_LTSheridan_LT Member Posts: 341

    Matches shouldn't be about "amusement" and bullying the Killer, they should be fun for everyone. That joke games where the Killer gets stomped is why you play DbD is very telling lol

  • Sheridan_LTSheridan_LT Member Posts: 341

    Yeah thank god for the new meta. The DS, Dead Hards and Boons are really getting tiresome and on 80 SECOND gens. From my PTB experience, 90 second gens made such a huge difference.

  • versacefengversacefeng Member Posts: 345

    Amusement and fun mean the same thing? And I wasn't just talking about survivor amusement, so it's weird for you to assume so.

  • CanasCanas Member Posts: 798

    STBFL + Rancor + 10% attack cooldown reduction for killers will make hookcamping even better. With 50% attack cd you can doubletap survivors before they even finish the unhook animation, this'll be the new meta for dealing with Off The Record bodyblock abusers. Simply make sure no one gets unhooked in the first place.

  • M4dBoOmrM4dBoOmr Member Posts: 598

    "We realized survivors like running second chance perks and don't like being camped and tunneled. So we're going to throw in 1,000 endurance perks so you will never be tunneled again, but also, not do anything to stop face camping at all!"

    😂 so funny

  • AdaezAdaez Member Posts: 859

    I'd say otr 80 endurance is even more boring than ds.

  • The_DaydreamerThe_Daydreamer Member Posts: 585

    The "Hold W" Meta was forced by BVHR with their latest Killers Anti-Looping Killer. Especially Killers like Artist which I despice very much. They most effecient way to survive long enough was to Hold W and chainloop. With the upcoming DS Nerf, 3 Minutes Gens and reduced Sprint Burst (when getting injured) I am really worried tbh. Doesn't looks like fun to me. :/

  • WesCravenFanWesCravenFan Member Posts: 1,473

    What do you mean? I toggle for gen repairing all the time. It's in the settings.

  • bunnybydaylightbunnybydaylight Member Posts: 33

    tbh if someone wants to bring easily counterable 'meta' perks (ds, bt, dh, iw) and waste all 4 perk slots (all 16 if all 4 survivors are like that) let them. if they wanna bring boring perks that are predictable, i dont see why we shouldnt let them.

    people complain about how ds gets in the way of them securing the kill as if that isnt why the perk is there. they havent had a chance to escape. if you're playing the game right, people with ds, have a useless perk because you're not going after them, its not hard to chase someone else.

    a lot of the changes were pretty useless besides maybe noeds

  • fulltononfulltonon Member Posts: 4,092

    This is first time I see someone saying IW is easy to counter.

  • bunnybydaylightbunnybydaylight Member Posts: 33

    because it is.

    once the killer hits you, you scream out and then you leave no other sounds of pain *while in their vision*, the killer should now know you have iron will and learn to not rely on sounds to track your location - if they lost you in chase, they lost you. if they wasted time trying to find you *based on sounds* that is the killers own fault for wasting time.

    if i can't hear someone and i cant see them, i'm leaving the area to find someone else. i'm not wasting time on them anymore. they're gone. pay attention to pools of blood and scratch marks. relying on sound when there is a blatant call out to not do that anymore is stupid and wastes time i can spend patrolling gens.

  • RaSavage42RaSavage42 Member Posts: 3,379

    Honestly all that needed to happen was to increase base Gen regression (from .25 to .50)

    Fix Maps (again)

    And maybe make adjustments to perks (more of 'wait and see')

  • Sheridan_LTSheridan_LT Member Posts: 341

    Yeah, combine that with Boon: Circle of Healing like in higher MMR lobbies and you will suffer. Don't think it's just a harmless "oh forget about them and move on", you will forget about them but they will come back later renewed and ready to troll you again.

  • Sheridan_LTSheridan_LT Member Posts: 341

    No for sure it isn't hard but 1 minute is a very long amount of time in the game. A lot of things can happen, if you get hooked seconds apart because your team didn't bring BT or didn't take a hit for you? Entirely your fault.

    It's in the game, if you're good at getting hooked fast and repeatedly you shouldn't be rewarded with a free wiggle. Your team should at least struggle to body block for you and take damage in the process, just DS on its own in its current state stuns the Killer for FIVE SECONDS.

  • fulltononfulltonon Member Posts: 4,092

    If killers are forced to disable sounds, it's doing it's job.

    And if there is nothing killer can do to stop that effect, it's uncounterable.

  • bunnybydaylightbunnybydaylight Member Posts: 33
    edited July 2

    but its only use is that youll lose them and waste time looking if youre not paying attention. its not hard to just not do that. you can still catch them (via fast or slow vaults, footsteps, grass moving, blood pools, etc), and since most ppl playing the game have good gaming headsets, i dont see how thats an issue, yes it makes it harder but i dont see how thats 'uncounterable'?

    edit: quick and quiet also disables sound cues and perks like technician / bite the bullet remove failed skill check notifications (both sound cues for the killer) and yet, those arent 'meta' or considered 'uncounterable', especially since bite the bullet does the same thing as iron will.

    edit 2: i just saw otzdarvas clip on the new lightweight and imo thats so much worse than iron will because if you need to break a pallet in chase, you lose the survivor and theres nothing you can do about it and that is so much worse and yet no ones complaining about that lol

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  • bunnybydaylightbunnybydaylight Member Posts: 33

    yes, you're right, but also, on the killers side of it, if you're getting other hooks and injures and all that while someone is waiting out their ds *just in case*, they're being useless for a whole minute. they're not on gens, they're not on totems, they're not healing, they're not unhooking. they're buying the killer more time *just in case* you "tunnel them", or you can just eat it and keep chasing them because while yes, the 5s cooldown is a bit long for killers, its not long enough for them to actually gain distance. (as otz said, high mobility killers like nurse and blight can just redown them immediately with the ptb stun time)

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