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B(H)ug Tech on Blight.



  • jakubr21jakubr21 Member Posts: 173
    edited June 26

    So, Otzdarva is a fog whisperer and he shows on his stream how to exploit this bug, without any punishment.

    Kinda crazy what DbD has become when someone as big as him is teaching someone else how to do a bug in this game.

    I hope it at least gets fixed in the PTB on Tuesday.

  • DY86DY86 Member Posts: 428

    I really dont mind this “bug”, its actually kinda fun to vers cause u never know which way hes gonna commit so it helps improve mindgame wise.

    but since it’s apparently inevitable, I really think they should fix collision on trees. I’ve seen blights sliding away when slamming onto trees.

  • Nefer90Nefer90 Member Posts: 41

    It's not fun at all. You never know when you get hit. I don't care about improving my loops skills After 2,3k hours

  • LordofweedLordofweed Member Posts: 291

    I don't understand why BHVR is now considering changing the Hug Tech, because the Developers which programmed the Game, tied the (hitbox-)collider of the Blight to his camera. They knew if he would look down, the hitbox collision could be affected in a negative way and this could create room for bugs. They can't tell me that wasn't intentional.

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