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PTB calculated my 2 suvivours mains prestige levels wrong

KeanuqwertyKeanuqwerty Member Posts: 126
edited July 1 in 6-1-0 PTB Feedback

I've only ever crazily upgraded 2 of my survivours, Detective Tapp, and Jeff Johanson, I unlocked so many perks by level charactors up to lv 45, then I prestiged my tapp 3 times ending up with 3 pages of perks and lots of items and offerings, I did this during my first 350~400 hours of playing the game, and during this time there werent that many events that boosted bloodpoints. The calculation from whatever method was used gave him 8 prestiges, I find completely fair, however my jeff, who is my current main, had a different outcome

With Jeff on the other hand I didnt ever prestige as there was no reason to do it, besides to gain the cosmetics which i personally think look worse then the ones I bought, and because no-one could see the level. Nevertheless, I upgraded him so much as well,I would guess arround 400 levels during the other 200 hours of playing this game, but this time, there were many events, so I was able to get so much more bloodpoints in a much shorter span of time. I upgraded tapp only 400 times as well though, including the levels required to prestige, and I didnt even bother getting the other 2 pages of perks on tapp as i dont play him anymore, I have way more items, perks, and cosmetics on jeff, but, somehow... Jeff ma boi, was only given prestige 3 on the PTB, even though ive upgraded him just as much. This is probably not suppost to happen so left this feedback.


  • ElcopolloElcopollo Member Posts: 740

    Well, it's most likely because PTB gets data from live sometime before the actual PTB drops. So, on PTB you get your live progress from a week or two ago, if I'm not mistaken, rather than live progress from the moment you changed to PTB mode. That way, if you poured a lot of bloodpoints into Jeff fairly recently - PTB might've just not registered it. But when the update comes live - it certainly will.

    Like, for example, I have only 3 survivors of mine (Kate, Steve, Mikaela) who are completely maxed out (P3-50 will literally all perks in game at Tier 3) and yet only Steve and Mikaela were max Prestige 12 on PTB, while Kate got Prestige 11. That's because at the time when PTB collected my live data - I haven't yet maxed out Haddie's perks on Kate, but did it for Steve and Mikaela.

    Also, if you did not prestige Jeff - you aren't supposed to get him on the same Prestige level automatically as Tapp, who is P3, if I understand correctly. This "prestige catch-up mechanic" works in a way where you get your current Prestige level doubled (if you have P1 level 1 - you'll automatically get to P2 level 1; if you have P2 level 1 - you'll get to P4 level 1... and so on) + 6 possible additional prestige levels depending on how much perks your character has (perks are counted by tiers, so, for example, one perk Aftercare at Tier 3 will be counted as 3 perks by the system). That way, if by the time update rolls out your Tapp is P3 will all 107 perks at Tier 3 - he'll get to Prestige 12. And if your Jeff is with all 107 at Tier 3, but without any prestiges, he will only get to Prestige 6.

  • spodamaynspodamayn Member Posts: 217

    You can only get a max of prestige 6 if you didn't prestige Jeff at all before the PTB, and that's if you had max perks. Your tapp got more prestige levels because you got him to P3, which gave him an additional 3 levels. Sounds like it was calculated properly.

  • SeraphorSeraphor Member Posts: 4,561
    edited July 1

    Each prior Prestige = 2 new prestige levels.

    So a current P3 becomes a P6, a current P0 stats a P0.

    Then you add on levels according to unlocked perk tiers.

    1-69 = 1 level

    70-119 = 2 levels

    120-169 = 3 levels, etc.

    It seems you had 70-119 perk tiers on Tapp, and 119-170 on Jeff.

  • KeanuqwertyKeanuqwerty Member Posts: 126
    edited July 14

    that system is so dumb Behaviour, im shocked. how dare you make my jeff 250 levels lower then my tapp on the ptb even though Ive upgraded jeff more. he has so many more items and perks. The math is anyways stupid, because he should be 150 levels apart anyways if your going by that logic as thats what 3 prestiges are bloody worth.

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