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How did this killer found me?

MorgadoxMorgadox Member Posts: 7

Hey, so today i was in a match and the killer found me in a locker after hooking the last survivor alive... To give you some context I entered before he hooked, and he didn't have bbq & chili or any reading ability perk anyway. I didn't vault any window or ran in the last minute because he was slugging and camping the guy, i just walked and slow enter the locker a couple second before he hook. It was a completely random locker far away from the hook (not in the shack next to a gate or anything). I was not there for too long, crow were not above my head, after hooking he came directly to my location and found me in the locker.

Somebody has any idea of how did he find me? The same situation happened to me 1 other time a couple months back, i am wondering if it's some kind of bbq hack that lets you see people even in lockers?


  • HilidarisHilidaris Member Posts: 164

    Could be the perk whispers ?

    Otherwise he might have heard you breathing (don't know if it's possible in lockers, but it is outside)

  • DY86DY86 Member Posts: 428
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    Depends on a lot of things actually. If he had whispers for instance or were u injured without Iron Will? What killer was it? What perks and addons did he have? What surv were u playing?

    some killers also benefit from Killer Instinct which can find u inside lockers

  • WitchubtetWitchubtet Member Posts: 210

    I always check lockers if I don’t see Scratch marks. Since they usually just walk into them.

  • Ghouled_MojoGhouled_Mojo Member Posts: 1,844

    What perks were used? What killer?

  • MoxieMoxie Member Posts: 624

    Crows flying down can be a dead give away. Means they were in the area 15 secs ago.

    You don't have to see them go up necessarily.

  • LaluziLaluzi Member Posts: 4,339

    Did he look around before finding you in the locker, or did he go straight for the locker? The latter can only be explained by killer instinct (or cheating), but for the former, there's a couple of things that could lead him to your area; map crows, returning to the last area they knew you were in, even process of elimination. Heck, it's possible he was looking for hatch and heard you. Even if you weren't injured, survivors make a gasping sound if the killer walks by their locker - it's extremely quiet, but you can pick it up with a headset. It's hard to say without knowing how you behaved in the rest of the match and if there were any patterns the killer might have picked up on.

  • TheDarkTyrantTheDarkTyrant Member Posts: 1,968

    I find people by luck quite a lot. Recently I literally started a match, walked to a generator, decided to search a locker and found my surprise Heather waiting for me in there as a present.

  • HectorBrandoHectorBrando Member Posts: 2,671
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    Either he was cheating using wallhacks or there was someone streaming on your team and he used it to snipe you.

  • khep12khep12 Member Posts: 85

    Could very well be luck as some people have mentioned. I was once playing against a nurse on RPD and went in a locker before she hooked. Right after hooking she did a long blink to a different floor and landed right in front of the locker I was in. She was as surprised as me when I went out of the locker and she saw I was there. Then we farmed with the last two of us alive ^-^

  • egg_egg_ Member Posts: 999

    This. I've been reported for "wallhacking" multiple times when I just used common sense and the (lack of) information available. Once right after hooking the second last survivor I saw nobody on bbq and noticed crows landing on a far away jungle gym. I bee lined there and found the last survivor in the locker.

  • AneurysmAneurysm Member Posts: 5,087

    By any chance were you a Claudette going against an artist on grim pantry? If so I just fired off birds randomly, one happened to pass by the right locker.

  • MorgadoxMorgadox Member Posts: 7
    edited July 2

    More context: The killer was a Myers (t2 at the moment), didn't have whispers or any other tracking perk/addon, i'm quite sure i didn't activate any crow and I also don't believe it was luck because he went straight for my locker(there is dozens on every map and this one wasn't particularly well placed) without even checking the surroundings, i wasn't injured, the map was Temple of Purgation and he was camping&slugging the guy in the other side of the map with the building between us, so there is not any chance that he saw me enter the locker. There is no way he knew i was in that location since i walked a lot while he was camping and he was kinda looking for me/crow movement while patrolling the slug to kill me right away, it really looked like he only saw me after hooking, but how is that possible since i entered the locker when he picked the guy up, and he didn't have bbq anyway? I even thought it was Hangman's Trick but he seriously didn't had any tracking perks.

    There was not any streamer on the match, i guess he could have sniped me if someone sent him a stream msg, but why would my teammate rat me if he was being camped/slugged for the 4k? Very suspicious situation...

  • brokedownpalacebrokedownpalace Member Posts: 7,990

    If he had no tracking or aura perks/add ons then either he got incredibly lucky, one of your dead teammates helped him, or he was cheating.

  • SeraphorSeraphor Member Posts: 4,229
    edited July 2

    So what perks/add-ons DID he have?

    There are a number of perks that could have revealed you as you were getting into the locker.

    Undying: if there was a dull totem next to that locker

    Darkness Revealed: the killer opened a locker after he downed the other survivor but before picking them up to hook.

    Thrilling Tremors or maybe Surveillance: you were on a gen as the killed picked up the other survivor before you let go and jumped in the locker.

    Bitter Murmur or Rancor: you completed a gen just before the killer picked up the other survivor.

    Then there's the possibility of killer instinct, which works through lockers.

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