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No reason AT ALL to pay 50k BP just to prestige, don't brag about reducing grind but then add more.

MrCalac123MrCalac123 Member Posts: 1,147

Just remove the stupid 50k BP to prestige requirement and stop trying to piss your players off.



  • DbD_EnjoyerDbD_Enjoyer Member Posts: 459

    Dude 50k is basically a bloodweb level after 50 on average...

  • FatallyIconicFatallyIconic Member Posts: 202

    Clearly, they still want the game to be grindy to an extent to encourage players to waste more hours in the game. They made perks less grindy to acquire but have shifted the ridiculous grind elsewhere in the form of Prestige and item acquisition.

  • ElcopolloElcopollo Member Posts: 740

    That's exactly the problem?

    Now, pre-update, you can prestige after finishing 49 full levels of bloodweb, touching level 50 is not mandatory to complete prestige action.

    On PTB, which showcases the update itself, not only completing level 50 is mandatory in order to complete prestige action - you have to also "pay" 50k on top of that, effectively turning 49 levels of bloodweb we have now into forced 51 level, one of which gives you quite literally nothing but a moderately cool four-second bloodweb animation. So, basically, ~100k down the drain for no reason whatsoever - and, mind you, you don't have BBQ or WGLF bonuses anymore, so you are wasting result of 4 matches at least.

    There goes that "grind reduction".

    Not to mention it does something only to those players, who've already put a lot of time in progressing all of their characters to levels 40 at least. Newbies will now have to waste even more time on prestiging than we did. And MUCH more time on getting bloodied cosmetics.

  • XordXord Member Posts: 394

    That's not even close to be 10% of the prroblem of this new system.

    What I fear is that these 50k are the "We are heroes" token.

    The new Prestige system is beyong terrible, and on top of that, there's that 50k. If they remove it on live, they get to say "we are heroes, we listened".

    But you'd still be forrced to prestige. We still wouldn't get the BBQ/WGLF stacks. We still wouldn't get the rarity bonus from prestiges. And grinding perks would still be hella slow for one specific character. It would just be faster to have all perks on all characters, if that's something anyone actually wants.

  • JeanCharpentierJeanCharpentier Member Posts: 370

    They want to reduce the grind but actually add some grind 😊

    They want to break the slow down/second chance METAs but actually highly reinforce it 😊

  • NeamyNeamy Member Posts: 351

    It takes bloodpoints to make bloodpoints… /s

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