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To The Killers Who Wait Until You Finish Your Glyph Before Hitting You

AVoiceOfReasonAVoiceOfReason Member Posts: 2,688

A very pleasant lifetime of survivor and killer matches. You are the REAL MVPs of DBD. Never change.



  • tippy2k2tippy2k2 Member Posts: 3,682

    I do (usually) still down them but unless someone has irked me in the game, I will always let them get the thingy if they stop midchase or just before a chase starts to grab the thingy

  • Hi_Im_ChuckyHi_Im_Chucky Member Posts: 259

    Add this rule to the Survivor Handbook, HURRY!

  • Butternubs69Butternubs69 Member Posts: 12

    had a game once where the killer could've easily had a 4k. 2 people were dead, 1 was on hook, and I was injured in chase. I was running to unhook cos there wasn't really anything else to do, and there was a chance I could've been downed before I reached it. there turned out to be a glyph right next to hook, I said screw it and decided to try and collect it. the killer let me do it, and let me unhook. they still chased us, but the person I unhooked got borrowed time of course... and they probably could've still caught me, but they decided to just let us survive? it was a very nice match :)

  • AVoiceOfReasonAVoiceOfReason Member Posts: 2,688

    If I see someone with the white mirror, I always let them live. Its worth 25k bloodpoints extra. I just cannot commit to the kill at that point lol. I try to be fair and some glyphs, like the yellow ones are really hard to do so a bit of kindness goes a long way. I appreciate you and everyone who does the same. Its just nice to allow a bit of helpfulness sometimes.

  • bm33bm33 Member Posts: 6,899

    The ones that let survivors grab their glyph are awesome. The ones that notice a survivor carrying a mirror and let them escape when they could've killed them are the best.

  • PulsarPulsar Member Posts: 14,128

    Some of the Glyphs are a pain.

    If I see someone stop to do a Glyph, I'll almost always let them finish it, barring a few situations.

  • Huge_BushHuge_Bush Member Posts: 3,719

    I had one nice Tentacle Daddy come at me while I was opening a chest that I needed for a challenge. I stopped, crouched a couple of times and pointed at the box and he waited for me to open it and then killed me. He made my day. Thank you to whoever you are.

  • Huge_BushHuge_Bush Member Posts: 3,719

    I wish they would rework Blood Warden to where rather than hook someone after doors are open, it would proc if the survivors stand in the gate for more than 7 seconds. I'd play killer if they did.

  • ad19970ad19970 Member Posts: 5,200

    Yup because these survivor players are all the exact same. Makes sense.

  • SlowpeachSlowpeach Member Posts: 530
    edited July 3

    Techno dance time!

    Nah thankfully this is very rare for me. Because I like to be silly though and I run Mad grit to see the silly animation of swinging constantly it has the nice side effect of countering bullies like this. Yes! Please do body block and try get your flashlight saves, I’m sure it won’t go badly. Pig goes brr brrr brr (with the drill).

  • WesCravenFanWesCravenFan Member Posts: 1,608

    If you have not hit me with a flashlight or Head On, and you are not a Dead Hard user... I will give you every glyph or challenge.

  • drsoontmdrsoontm Member Posts: 2,678

    Is called empathy. Glyphs are a pain to find sometimes.

    Although I have none for macro-clickers.

  • JordanMaliciousJordanMalicious Member Posts: 372
  • JordanMaliciousJordanMalicious Member Posts: 372

    I'm a pretty chill killer most of the time. Don't sweat like you're playing a comp game and I will let you get all the event items and glyphs you want. If you need to sweat, I need to kill you 👌😊

  • DrDeepwoundDrDeepwound Member Posts: 2,557
    edited July 3

    Problem is, I have not ONCE seen a single survivor stop running when I am getting a glyph.

    Not ONCE. But I have let survs get them..

  • SimfelizSimfeliz Member Posts: 2,524

    A few days ago I was doing a green glyph and a Mikey snuck up on me. He hit me and I thought "Nope, not going to let me finish" but he stood back after that and let me do it (didn't use stalk either). Out of respect I didn't try to escape and let him down me. Time before that I tired to get a glyph mid chase with a clown. Not only did he deny the glyph, he tunneled me off hook each time after that.

    Personally, I always let survivors get glyphs.

  • BeatricksBeatricks Member Posts: 239

    It always warms my heart when a survivor crouches exactly one time to thank it and we can carry on with our game.

  • EvilSerjeEvilSerje Member Posts: 523

    Two times I met killers that allow me to pick glyph, and about 5 times when they give a hatch. But the majority are sweaty and hysterical. It's worrying how many insecure, angry and low-self-esteemed people play killer. As if they not playing the game for fun, but trying to find some self-assertation and imaginary revenge on cruel world.

    I alway let survivors do challenges and let last one go. I even gave more than 50 "left for dead" achievements.

  • DrDeepwoundDrDeepwound Member Posts: 2,557

    Thread is about being a cool player, survs could do that too. Hell if one stopped running, I would probably let them go. IDK maybe meme and have fun? shine a flashy at the glyph and crouch?

    you know, like this?

    nah that is asking too much

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