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The End game timer needs to be revised!!!!

LoerdJJLoerdJJ Member Posts: 3
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Hey guys in my opinion the end game timer for the kill is rubbish as it goes way too long and the survivors mostly escape at the end.

Here are my ideas.

The time will shorten by 1 min.

The timer already starts with the last generator when it comes on. That would be even better.

The overtime is only activated on hooking and not on knockdown by the survivor. But since the time should only be reduced by 30% during.

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  • AkumakajiAkumakaji Member Posts: 2,237

    Uhm ... then adjust it so ... uhm ... that survivors have a 20s window to make it.

  • BranBran Member Posts: 1,462

    I've been saying the egc needed a change, but I'm always clowned for it.

  • BranBran Member Posts: 1,462
    edited July 3

    People always trying to put killers down, but they don't admit the egc give them more escapes since it slows down for survivors, giving them an advantage 🙄.

  • BranBran Member Posts: 1,462

    All I'm saying is, don't extend the timer another 2 minutes 🤷‍♂️

  • CanasCanas Member Posts: 798

    You know what I'd really like to see for endgame? A perk which blocks off any exit gate which was used by a survivor for a short amount of time. Consider it a punishment for those teams which wait at the exit gate just to taunt the killer.

    Once a survivor crosses the threshold it'll block off the exit like Blood Warden with the difference that the entity wall would be visible without anyone needing to walk into it. The effect itself could maybe last 5-10 seconds which should suffice for downing and picking up any cocky survivors.

  • BranBran Member Posts: 1,462

    Potato potato.

    Same can be said a out the survivors getting the escape because of the same reason.

  • LycidasLycidas Member Posts: 958

    Nope, there's a difference, a survivor has to get to the exit gate in time to be safe, the EGC has no role in that

  • BranBran Member Posts: 1,462

    Maybe if the egc didn't extend 2 minutes. Which makes the survivor pretty safe.

  • MilMansonMilManson Member Posts: 939

    End game timer should stay as it is but if a survivor gets hooked whilst it's active and doors are open it should knock a bit of time of the timer to punish people standing in the exit gates.

  • SimfelizSimfeliz Member Posts: 2,046

    Devs have said many times that EGC isn't supposed to be oppressive. I'll doubt we'll see any change, well anytime soon.

  • bm33bm33 Member Posts: 6,654

    The only change they should make is that when the EGC timer finishes it is a draw on both sides. No MMR increase/decrease. No escape if survivors aren't out the door. No kill if survivors are not dead. The match is over, no one wins or loses.

    The current system seems to make killers confused thinking its supposed to be a tool for kills rather than just a mechanic to end the game. Making these changes so it doesn't help either side will make it more clear it is only there to end the match and nothing more.

  • CarthCarth Member Posts: 693

    EGC was not meant to benefit killers in that way. It was to stop bully survivors/swfs from opening gates and then sprinting back into the trial to troll the killer.

  • Hi_Im_ChuckyHi_Im_Chucky Member Posts: 259

    I don’t have a strong opinion on this but can we not pretend like the EGC isn’t helping survivors. Have you tried finding or keeping track of scratch-marks in that glow world? Yeah, make EGC mimic Dredges power but amp it up, suddenly survivors can’t find loops and the door so it’s a ‘problem’. Well I can’t track or hear with everything spitting colors at me, the constant bell ringing and the survivors melting into the world like a group of ghosts.

    EGC favors survivors, it is meant more then “forcing” the game to end, it’s meant to be used as a weapon to distract and disorient the Killer and help survivors escape~

  • INoLuvINoLuv Member Posts: 318

    Hatch should not exist, would be healthier, pity escape does not deserve to exist, i agree with the nerf to EGC for surv swf squads

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