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Hex: Ruin should be reworked into an alternative to Corrupt Intervention

CanasCanas Member Posts: 798
edited July 3 in General Discussions

Seeing these PTB changes to Ruin made me really question its role as a hex-perk. The fact that it disables itself once a survivor is dead really reduces its viability, there simply isn't a single hex out there which works like that so why should it stay one? It's even worse if survivors cleanse it before the killer can get any value out of it.

That's why I suggest reworking the latest iteration of Ruin into a timegated perk like old Corrupt Intervention which means that it will regress any unoccupied generator for TWO MINUTES (100/110/120 seconds according to its tier) before disabling itself. That way the perk is guaranteed to serve its purpose. And no, superearly survivor deaths will not disable it.

The nerf to its regression speed (200% -> 100%) should be reverted to give the perk some of its strength back, after all it'll disable itself after 2 mins anyway. What do you think, would this be a more favorable take on Ruin?

EDIT - To make it clear, it wouldn't be a hex-perk anymore.


  • RaSavage42RaSavage42 Member Posts: 3,381

    If you made it a non Hex perk... fine (you didn't make that part clear enough)

    But then what if the Survivors realize that you are using Ruin so they wait for it to 'go away then do Gens...

  • Regulus47Regulus47 Member Posts: 231

    No thanks. Ruin is fine as is, it doesn't need to have its only counter (finding the totem early) deleted and rebuffed to its old super strong version. Maybe new ruin is a little on the weaker side but why does it need to be a meta perk? I'm glad new perks are taking its place in the meta, and it's still got the niche of automatic passive regression.

  • CanasCanas Member Posts: 798

    Wait, you'd really consider it too strong even with a two minute timer? Just consider this: Corrupt Intervention restricts survivors to work on 4 gens, my version of Ruin at least wouldn't have that handicap and it'd merely reward the killer for chasing survivors off gens for the first two minutes of the game. Meanwhile nothing would prevent the rest of the team to work on separate gens at remote corners.

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