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Why a suicide mechanic for bleeding out would never work

AnchorTeaAnchorTea Member Posts: 796
edited July 3 in General Discussions

A thread was made about this and the DbD subreddit has talked about it before. Long story short, it would NOT work. There'd be hardly no way for a suicide bleeding out feature to be useful in a *team-based game where the members have one life only.*

How would the mechanic even work in the first place? Is it like a COD/Fortnite thing were you hold a button and you automatically die and go into the next match? Would you have that option the moment you go down? 

What if you try to rescue someone and they automatically suicided cuz they felt like it? That would suck. What if you could suicide to exit the game so you wouldnt dc to face a penalty? That would also suck. If some players want that, then that option goes away while the killer is carrying you. You can try suiciding on hook but you can still have a chance of unhooking yourself (you could be running deliverance that match). What happens then? You just keep playing the game till you get downed and suicide again?

"But everyone being slugged is boring!"

Yes. So is playing killer and watching the exit gate being opened at a distance. It's a loss. Some defeats in DbD is a slow-burn sometimes and you just gotta accept it. Everyone being slugged in the first place mostly happens if the survivor team lets it. It's only a situational tactic by the killer.

"But solo que sucks at communicating when to recover!"

True... but a suicide mechanic would make solo que even worse (assuming it would work the way i described).

So what if you you're like say... 3/4ths dead and you have the prompt to suicide. What if there's still people alive who are willing to rescue you?

And if everyone is down, what if someone has Unbreakable, Soul Guard, or Exponential? Does the feature deactivate for the whole team? Or is it optional? If you have Unbreakable and a teammate suicided then that Unbreakable is nearly worthless because that team falls apart when a survivor is gone (Assuming there's 2+ gens left). 

When you think about it it becomes an obstinate feature with many cons. It just wouldn't work. In very few, and specific circumstances it could work for the sake of convenience but what outweighs it would make it bad game design. Terrible idea.


  • AneurysmAneurysm Member Posts: 5,121

    It doesn't have to be an option every single time you're downed, but you should at the least be able to rapidly speed the process up when a) you're in the dying state and b) there are either 2 or 1 survivors left.

    It's a dull and anticlimactic end to a trial especially when the killer can't find or catch the other survivor who then sneaks back over to heal you and then this whole ridiculous process drags on for 10 minutes because the killer will immediately soil their gaming chair if they have to suffer the indignity of a measly 3k

    Bleeding out the last survivor instead of hooking them is another good thing to reduce, even if it doesn't happen much in my experience.

  • AnchorTeaAnchorTea Member Posts: 796

    So if there's two survivors left it should? What if the hatch spawns near either of you? What if you both have Unbreakable or Exponential? What if you are in an area where you can not be hooked and escape through the hatch? Should it be programmed for a suicide feature to be an option is those specific circumstances? Is that really necessary?

  • AneurysmAneurysm Member Posts: 5,121

    So if there's two survivors left it should?


    What if the hatch spawns near either of you?

    It doesn't spawn at all with 2 survivors

    What if you both have Unbreakable or Exponential?

    Don't bleed yourselves out then. It should be an option, not forced

    What if you are in an area where you can not be hooked and escape through the hatch?

    You won't be escaping yourself if you die, although your teammate could. Bleeding out can count as a kill if boil over gamers are a concern

    Should it be programmed for a suicide feature to be an option is those specific circumstances?


    Is that really necessary?


  • AnchorTeaAnchorTea Member Posts: 796

    I meant if one survivor gets sacrificed and the hatch spawns next to the other one.

    My point is that if it is an option then it would mess up chances of teamwork. The gate is nearly powered, you use Soul Guard and then your teammate just decides to suicide. It just wouldnt work out.

    And as for what I said about not being near any hooks I meant if you were the last survivor. You could've escaped, gotten the BP but instead you just chose to die.

    Killers slugging you and standing on top of you being petty till you die does suck. That type of BMing does indeed happen. It happens rarely though. Adding a feature to prevent BM is like saying Tbagging should be removed

  • oxygenoxygen Member Posts: 2,854
    edited July 3

    Let the last survivor straight up teleport themselves onto a basement hook if slugged for more than 10 seconds (to let the killer mori them/pick them up if they want).

    Add a button in the basement the killer can hit to instantly make all living survivors escape. This includes slugged and hooked ones, this is a "gg go next" mechanic, not a kill securing one. EDIT: Obviously only in end game. Don't really care if that means once gens are done or once gates are open.

    If all living survivors are some combo of downed or hooked, let them vote. If all of them votes yes, the slugs all get teleported to a basement hook. They do not get to attempt escape/use deliverance or whatever, they just get rushed through hook states to death like when the last survivor is hooked. This is a "gg go next" mechanic, not a setup for wacky deliverance resets. If a survivor is about to get up with unbreakable or something, they can just vote no. I am well aware some might vote no to be a heckin epic troll but at least it's not abusable as far as I know.

    I think stuff like that would be fine. Purely focused on cutting down on the time spent finishing a match that in the vast majority of circumstances already have their result decided.

  • Grandpa_Crack_PipeGrandpa_Crack_Pipe Member Posts: 2,689

    If everyone is downed with no possible way of picking up (soul guard, unbreakable, ect.) everyone's aura is revealed and everyone has the option to bleed out 10x faster after 30 seconds.

    There. 51 seconds maximum.

  • LycidasLycidas Member Posts: 958
    edited July 3


    Survivor (maybe even multiple survivors) are on the ground.

    They have 3 crows circling around their head (AKA they haven't moved or tried to recover for at least 90 seconds).

    The killer is receiving noise notification from the crows circling above the survivor's head, tipping off their location.


    Why should survivors be forced to stay on the ground at that point?

    What's the killer's excuse for not hooking them?

    What does the killer lose if a survivor decides to bleed out faster in that situation?

    What is the survivor's team losing from the survivor bleeding out faster in that situation? (Remember, noone tried to pick them up for AT LEAST 90 seconds after they stopped recovering)

  • Kira4EvrKira4Evr Member Posts: 1,889

    I would love to have that type of mechanic when the killer is slugging for the 4k. Like, I don't wanna be on the ground for 6 years. Let me go to the next game maaaaan

  • drsoontmdrsoontm Member Posts: 2,543
    edited July 3

    The only case where an option to concede would be acceptable is when every survivor still alive is either hooked at the 2nd stage or slugged without any chance getting up.

    If the hatch is still an option, then maybe a vote could be requested and would need the absolute majority to pass.

    I'm not sure how to handle a Mori. Maybe instead then the killer would get the aura of the survivors on the map and would have a minute to use it.

    Every conceded bleed-out death would be considered a hook, maybe as many hooks left on that particular survivor (self-unhook etc).

    It's not an easy issue.

  • AnchorTeaAnchorTea Member Posts: 796

    If they have crows circling them from being idle then they're probably afk. A suicide mechanic wouldnt make a difference in that situation.

  • LycidasLycidas Member Posts: 958

    Today, yes, only because you have nothing to do while you're being slugged so you roam around the map aimlessly, preventing the crows to spawn.

    If a system like that existed, you'd stay still so you have a chance to go to the next match faster.

    Next time you face a heavy slugger, don't move and see how much time this system would save you.

  • AnchorTeaAnchorTea Member Posts: 796

    I hate to be like this: Just don't get slugged then. Slugging isn't a tactic that Killers can get away with. Slugging only happens if a team lets it happen. You can ask any high-level killer main this and they'd say the same thing.

    (To clarify, by slugging I meant a whole team slugging. Not One person being slugged, the killer continues to someone else, and the game continues)

  • LycidasLycidas Member Posts: 958
    edited July 3

    Slugging because of tactical reasons is a thing, slugging someone and letting them bleed out just to be a dick is another.

    I'm talking about the latter.

  • AnchorTeaAnchorTea Member Posts: 796
    edited July 3

    My apologies for not understanding.

    I just don't think adding a mechanic for a very specific bm for a very specific situation should be a thing. Maybe if you're the last survivor in a match with literally zero chances. But people suggesting to "speed up" bleeding as a mechanic should never be a thing.

  • LycidasLycidas Member Posts: 958

    Why not?

    Why should the game not have failsafes to avoid specific situations?

    Go back to my original comment and explain why in that situation a "Speed up bleed out process" would be a bad option to have.

  • AnchorTeaAnchorTea Member Posts: 796
    edited July 3

    The only time I could see it justified is if you're the only one left that's dying. What if you decide to suicide but the killer wasnt going to make it to the next hook?

    My entire point is that there's way too many variables and situations that a suicide feature would make the dbd experience worse.

  • BiscuitsBiscuits Member Posts: 486

    If there are only 2 survivors left alive, you should be able to bleed out faster or instantly. The killer is just dragging out an already lost game, there is no exciting gameplay to be had with one person slugged and the other hidding.

  • LycidasLycidas Member Posts: 958

    What if you decide to suicide but the killer wasnt going to make it to the next hook?

    So the killer is not hooking a survivor because there's not a hook close enough.

    What's the difference between waiting 4 minutes to bleed out, and waiting 2? The killer can't hook them either way, so both players saved 2 minutes of their time 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • AkumakajiAkumakaji Member Posts: 2,341

    A slugged survivor also hast the option to NOT crawl away and hide. I am not saying "roll over and die", but you all experienced this survivors who know that they are dead and who just crawl and hide in order to deprieve the killer of their kill and spite them. That is obviously within their right to do, but it also wastes everyones time. When in a hopeless situation I either crawl to one of the most frequented and open places or under the next hook as to encourage the killer to hook me instead of letting me bleed out in "a dull and anticlimatic end to a trial".

  • akaTheBARONakaTheBARON Member Posts: 269

    these long bleed out sessions, yes they do happen to me... but I really could count on one hand how many times a month this happens to me, and I play a lot. When I weight how boring it is vs how little it happens, I don't know if its worth the cons. For it to be worth while, but also not abusable as a "free DC" for people who simply just don't want to play there'd have to be a some measures put in place.

    Like only if every survivor is down (obviously, I know this was said already), and so much time would have to pass after the last survivor goes down, just to ensure no unbreakable/exponential play can be made. sometimes the killer messes up and doesn't get to a hook in time. They may have flip flop, and boil over. Bam, back in the game if everyone's 99'd.

    What if the survivor picked up first has powerstruggle and actually gets value out of it (rare... I know LOL)

    sometimes I'm down with unbreakable 99'd because the killer is somewhat near. It would blow to see someone force a bleed out when I was about to pop it off.

    So they're a lot of scenarios that can happen that get wasted if the survivors have an "oh well, we all just got slugged... see ya" option

    So even if they had this feature, there'd need to be limitations, or it'd be abused. All in all, I personally don't think its worth it, having the killer get a 4 person slug fest and choosing to just let them bleed out isn't a common thing like camping. At least based on my experience

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