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I'm SICK of Charms ; BHVR STOP

KweenPleaseKweenPlease Member Posts: 306
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I'm friggin' sick of charms. We have too many pages of them. BHVR needs to STOP giving us so many in the RIFT , ESPECIALLY if we're getting these PERK CHARMS that no one wants and no one will be able to see.

When it comes to what I refer to as the " BOTTLECAP CHARMS " , the ones that are JUST A CIRCLE or something with a picture on it? WE DON'T WANT THEM. WE DON'T USE THEM. Keep doing the unique ones but STOP with the common charms. We're OVER CAPACITY with them.

Please BHVR, I KNOW FOR A FACT that it is EASIER to RECOLOR COSMETICS than it is to create an entirely new image to slap on these charms. Even if they're just a ONE-OFF item for characters that can help bridge the gap in their clothing? Like something that just happens to go with multiple other items in that character's cosmetics we'd LOVE that.

Does BHVR know how much ( just an example ) Kate needs a new head? ( She only has recolors of her base-head. NO ONE likes the ponytail or uses it and the others are either LINKED or have PURPLE bows or something that makes it impossible to match with other stuff. )

If they could ditch ALL THE COMMON charms in the future and either give us another recolored costume slot or a single piece for multiple survivors at random I think people would be MUCH happier.

Find SOME alternative to the common charms. We hate them.

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  • bm33bm33 Member Posts: 6,725

    Know the "distinct p3 reward"? I have a feeling they're going to start having stuff like that in the rift. Like to fill the rift they'll have each tier be a different character. We'll get less charms but they will be replaced with that.

  • AdvorsusAdvorsus Member Posts: 1,011

    I rarely get the rifts because I care 0% about charms, and the cosmetic rewards are usually very bad or just color swaps of existing ones. Not really worth spending the money on.

    There are a few cosmetics that were winners though.

    Like trappers marrow miner skin, or wraiths wood wraith one like two or three rifts ago. They're original, have a lot of detail, and look really cool. Heck even huntresses burnt skin one. Yeah she's wearing the same clothes and mask as the original skin, but the way she's burnt and clothes being tattered and burnt, the story within those cosmetics, all of it gives her a more dynamic character change . From being a feral hunter of the forest to being a scared fallout victim.

    These kinds of skins and changes are what I'm looking for in a rift.

    This rift however? An ugly pirate suit for twins and a color swap for nurse and trickster skins? Nah I'll pass. Not worth the money

  • KweenPleaseKweenPlease Member Posts: 306

    I don't know what you're saying? Could you elaborate.

    Are you referring to the Emblem we get for being P3 when the Prestige change kicks in? Like we'll get more emblems and stuff?

    That'd be pretty lame too if so.

  • Sadako_Best_GirlSadako_Best_Girl Member Posts: 383
    edited July 4

    I only liked the legion one because of the meme potential, the rest were #########. Why the hell did they give Charlotte a goddamn pirate outfit?

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  • KweenPleaseKweenPlease Member Posts: 306

    I'm being realistic. Do we all want a dozen or more new skins every Rift? Yeah. But it isn't realistic.

    Why? there are phases in making something. There is MESHING and then there is TEXTURING.

    MESHING is the shape and TEXTURE is the overlay that gives color and shading, detail, etc.

    It's literally LESS WORK for them to recolor an existing piece of clothing than it is to create a new image to put on those UGLY bottlecap / basic disk charms no one uses. So this is what I can REALISTICALLY see them potentially doing and we'd benefit.

    I get that RECOLORS aren't as interesting to you probably as a KILLER. ( I mean some killers are gonna look the same no matter what. ) Survivor though it definitely is.

    But yeah MESHING and TEXTURING is a lot more work. A LOT more work. For a recolor both of those are already DONE. So we're literally asking BHVR to do less work than they're doing to make us happier. YEAH we'll still get unique and original cosmetics that are NEW but more recolors would be nice to take up those basic charm spots.

  • BranBran Member Posts: 1,475

    Charms are really just one of the things game companies have done to hop on a ban wagon to either gain more popularity or money.


  • KweenPleaseKweenPlease Member Posts: 306
    edited July 4

    Point NOT made. They literally don't make $ off the charms. The charms are just filler items we either GET FOR FREE or are INCLUDED with the reason people ACTUALLY buy Rift-pass. It's like getting a bunch of packing peanuts in your delivery. Maybe you'll use them, probably not. It's not why you bought ____.

    I guarantee you no one has ever bought a RIFT PASS just for the charms. So no they've never made $ off the charms. Outside of COLLAB ones with games.

  • KweenPleaseKweenPlease Member Posts: 306
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    It's NOT a pirate costume. ( I hate it too but I also just don't like Twins )

    It's a historic war costume worn by the French. Go look up French Revolution costumes.

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  • Ghouled_MojoGhouled_Mojo Member Posts: 1,851

    They were by far the worst I’ve seen. All around garbage this go around, agreed.

  • KweenPleaseKweenPlease Member Posts: 306

    I liked David's stuff, minus the head. Meg's recolor was also nice(would've chosen a diff head though). I liked the TOP recolor for Claud. Also didn't Nurse get that hat outfit with the flowers on it this Rift? I was gonna say I hated this Rift but it had SOME stuff that was nice. but I don't really play any of these characters much so... probably why I felt there wasn't much.

    but yeah I think the Twins outfit being so " Meh " and the David skin's face being so SO so SO bad really made no one care. Nurse was out here SERVING the only look for killers.

  • KweenPleaseKweenPlease Member Posts: 306

    Let's be real. No one likes the twins. NOTHING was going to look cool on them.

  • FeelsBadManFeelsBadMan Member Posts: 494

    The other day I realized I never put any charms on my Legion's hook. I usually don't use charms - especially not on survivor since I think they are ugly af but I did decorate my two killer mains hooks (GF and Doc).

    So I went to the charms and realized I have like FIFTEEN (15!) pages of charms! I went through 3 pages before I simply gave up cause.

    1. 90% are just slightly altered versions of each other or simple recolors

    2. I ain't gonna waste 10+ minutes browsing through 15 pages just to find 3 charms I actually like.

    They really need to stop with the charms. 95% are cheap fillers that serve NO purpose and also no one is ever gonna use them.

  • bm33bm33 Member Posts: 6,725

    The gold portraits for having your character p3 before the mid-chapter patch.

    Instead of gold maybe they'll do bloody portraits or rainbows or snowflakes or adept portrait, etc. It's something they could replace majority of the charms with since they could give out one character at a time - tier 1 Dwight, tier 2 Trapper, etc. They could even spread out the themed portraits across different rifts if they wanted to keep the free track looking empty. You want everyone to have a bloody portrait? Then you have to get through several rifts.

    When I saw that this was the reward my first though was it's going to be something they'll eventually include as filler in future rift. I have a hard time believing this is a one off and not something they plan to add more options for in the game either in rifts or the store. It really only effects console players since PC can mod theirs - PC will only care if they want "official" ones.

  • BranBran Member Posts: 1,475

    Might as well admit your game doesn't have the content for things like rifts than to fill it with random stuff.

  • KweenPleaseKweenPlease Member Posts: 306

    I could see them doing this IF . . . IF they change the loading screen maybe and do like . . . how Apex shows your party?

    Like let you choose your portrait or something. Maybe allow you customize it like how Apex does.

    But I feel like if they did do this we'd be waiting a while to see this. I'd also RATHER just have more cosmetics but I do think it's a cute way to show off your love for a specific character.

  • akaTheBARONakaTheBARON Member Posts: 269

    I would at least like to be able "favorite" certain charms. That way any charm you like, favorite it, and they will be up front in rarity order. Then after that, the unfavorited ones start. Thats THE LEAST they could do to help our charms not be so cluttered. I like some green, yellow, and the occasional brown charm, but I HATE flipping through pages and pages. Just favorite once and good to go for later.

    I mean, yeah, also stop making all the plain jane garbage ones too, that are 100% worthless on survivor LOL

  • KweenPleaseKweenPlease Member Posts: 306

    I agree. ABSOLUTELY AGREE, Baron. I'd love that.

    Because realistically I only like a limited amount of charms. I like my Pride Charms, I like my Holiday Charms, I like my charms from the Trickster & Yun Jin Chapter Rift. That's like, IT. I shouldn't have to scroll when I want to go to those.

  • MooksMooks Member Posts: 10,695

    A way to filter charms would be great (either hide those you don’t like or have the option to favorite them and only show your favorites)

    Does BHVR know how much ( just an example ) Kate needs a new head? ( She only has recolors of her base-head. NO ONE likes the ponytail or uses it and the others are either LINKED or have PURPLE bows or something that makes it impossible to match with other stuff. )

    You aren’t being serious here though, are you?

    or you are disregarding all auric cell only cosmetics?

    like.. Kate is among the survs with the most available cosmetics…

  • akaTheBARONakaTheBARON Member Posts: 269

    I also kind of want a feature where we can just trash charms but... I know if that feature did get implemented, people would accidentally trash a charm they actually wanted (unless there was a temporary recycle bin), but to save some people from that headace, just being able to favorite and forget the others are there would keep it, at least seem more organized on the surface LOL

    Moving forward, I hope they stop with the boring brown corky-looking charms. Some look ok for killer's hooks (not a lot but some LOL) bc they can actually be seen. But they at least need to stop making those for survivors. Any charm that we, for the most part all like, like the 3d ones, animated/motion charms, even 2d ones that have lots of color that are actually cool and visible like the pride charms, some of the saw ones, and event charms come to mind, would be great if they JUST made charms like those, and I'm totally fine if that means we get less charms overall. We don't really need that filler.

  • bm33bm33 Member Posts: 6,725

    While that'd be nice I don't think they'd go further than just you seeing them. They added in the gold ones with no plans to make them visible to others, unless they change their mind from ptb feedback that's probably going to stay the same when it goes live. If they don't make the gold ones visible to others after the ptb I doubt they would make any future ones visible to others if they do end up putting more portrait options into the game.

  • KweenPleaseKweenPlease Member Posts: 306

    . . . I'm being entirely serious. and no, Kate doesn't. Kate has been around for Y E A R S now and has the least out of everyone who has been there to that length of time. The only reason IT LOOKS like Kate has so much is because she has the most RECOLORS of her base-top and shorts and 4 base head recolors + 1 more that is her base head with a beanie.

    You can't even tell the difference between some of her shorts. So if we're being honest here. . . . 4 +like 7 colors of her base top + like 5 colors of her shorts. . . She has about 16 cosmetic items that are JUST recolors and honestly I think she has more than 7 recolors of that top.

    That's not including the two or three ponytail heads no one wears from her launch. Kate is an OLD character my guy, for that many of her cosmetics to just be unused and just be bad recolors they don't really count? ESPECIALLY given that the majority of her HEADS outside of those are either LINKED or can't be paired with other items because nothing else matches.

    Go and look my guy.

  • KweenPleaseKweenPlease Member Posts: 306

    yeah they'll never introduce the trash system. The closest thing I can see them doing is being like " as a game overhaul we'll be clearing 100 of the least used charms in the game. " which may never happen. x_X

  • MooksMooks Member Posts: 10,695

    I looked. And I really think you are heavily biased here. I have seen plenty of the cosmetics that you say no one uses being used as well as combined with different cosmetics..

    also all characters have plenty of recolors. And Adam, Jeff and Jane are the original characters coming out directly after Kate. They aren’t really that much newer and you don’t really wanna argue they have more outfits than Kate, right?

  • EmealEmeal Member Posts: 1,737

    I never liked the charms, I refuse to use them on my Characters. But im fine with Charms that people want to wear.

    I think BHVR should stop making charms that nobody is going to wear.

    And gives us a flag charm based on the IP location we log in from often.

  • KweenPleaseKweenPlease Member Posts: 306

    I'm not biased . . . it's a mathematical fact that Kate has more than double the recolors of her base outfit compared to MOST. That's not an opinion. So it's not SUBJECTIVE or BIASED to say that number reflects heavily in her outfit count.

    Kate was released 14 months ( over 425 days ) before Jane . . . yet Jane has 60 cosmetic pieces and Kate has 68.. ( Jane might have more actually and I might not have paid for the Rift )

    Jane has 10 unique outfits . . . Kate has 11. It will be 12 this afternoon supposedly. That is 1 UNIQUE outfit more than Jane.

    Now what I'm going to tell you is going to make the numbers not add up. Because SOME of these items are hidden and in Kate's inventory and also Kate RE-USES shorts in some of her cosmetics.

    But Kate has RECOLORS of her base. 12 tops, 8 bottoms + her prestige for each. ALL the same.

    and the argument was about her heads to begin with. She needs a new head. ALL of her heads either are BASE recolors , have an ugly hat, are LINKED OR have something like a RED BERET or PURPLE BOWS that match NOTHING except what it came with. So you're kind of STUCK with base-head Kate or Daisy ponytail Kate. Which are fine but only 2 really usable heads?

  • MooksMooks Member Posts: 10,695

    and the argument was about her heads to begin with. She needs a new head. ALL of her heads either are BASE recolors , have an ugly hat, are LINKED OR have something like a RED BERET or PURPLE BOWS that match NOTHING except what it came with. So you're kind of STUCK with base-head Kate or Daisy ponytail Kate. Which are fine but only 2 really usable heads?

    i actually was talking mainly about head cosmetics. But i guess you just have confirmed here that you are just disregarding some cosmetics because you don’t like them or you think they can’t be combined with anything.

    Kate has plenty of cosmetics - including head cosmetics - already. There are many characters in need of more.

  • HarlockTaliesinHarlockTaliesin Member Posts: 113

    I'd like it if there were an option where only Survivors could see each other's charms. So many of them are bright or have a glow, that it only helps killers find them when hiding in grass or dark areas.

  • KweenPleaseKweenPlease Member Posts: 306

    I can't be disregarding them if they're LINKED or ONLY GO WITH ____ set.

    Tell me what else you can pair the Tokyo Headliner head with. ---- Exactly.

    and I didn't say there aren't characters who don't need more. Kate was an example. But Kate is in need of a new head. IMO.

    The other characters are newer + unplayed outside of Jane. I've seen like 3-4 Adams in like 2 yrs of playing and honestly it's possible some of them might've been the same person.

    I've seen seen like 2 people actually go in as Jeff in a game with me. They always switch off Jeff when they go into a lobby lmao

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