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Can we STOP Nerfing Killers in DBD?

Reign225Reign225 Member Posts: 21

The dead by daylight game was release 2016, all killers and survivors were perfect gameplay matches till 2021 updates. It change most of the game and made Survivor gameplays more buffed than killers. Killers are falling short. Meaning their chase r slower than original speed of chasing. Killers kept missing attacks on survivors with 360 movement tricks while being chase in the game. Killers cant reach survivors closely while doing loops n running around long middle objects on every maps. Killer perks that comes hex totems r found unhidden locations within seconds n then cleansed within 2 mins not lasting effect of their perks. Making more complicated for killers to stall the game longer n prevent gens from progression complete. Survivors r using tier 3 perks to manipulate killers gameplay and rushing gens progression winning the game sooner than its original time. Using Spine Chill, Resilience, Dead hard, Deceisive Strike, Borrow Time, Boon totem healing, unbreakable, Prove Thyself. Every often killers looses Survivors and they end up loosing arrows on the grade credits for Blood Points. New Upcoming Updates for Perks. Survivors perks r now getting more benefit of winning the game as teams. While having second chances to use Deceisive Strike, borrow time, and new endurance update on Dead hard perk. For killers r completely nerfed no scream or explosion signs after hooking survivors scourge of pain resonance hooks, Survivors Saboteur perk can now see scourge hooks to break them. Killers progression on hex totem is lower than the original including Pop goes a weasel. Corupt intervention deativates when a survivor is downed or killed. Tinkerer is now activate one screwed up skill check at a time. Hex no escapes death r now showing survivors where the hex totem is located to prevent killers winning the game before having survivors escape the match as groups. Moris only work for the last survivor which they dont expose when that happens and rarely killer gets the last survivor easily before escaping the hatch. If u guys agree that this finds u unfair game n completely unbalance between killers and survivors gameplay actions plz feel free vote up this petition hopefully they understand that killers r getting more frustrating to win challenges in dbd. 100% of the time every killer game players ends up getting quad escapes or one kill n 3 survivors escaping the match. To me they should:

  1. Rework on Very Hard Killers like The Nurse, The Oni, The Blight n others. Cuz w PC better features Onis demon dash and shift to corner areas while chasing survivors. W consoles it does NOT turn easily on both sides while survivors r running corner on the walls or objects in every map
  2. The Perks they should stop nerfing them n start buffing them little more. I believe that the hex totems should be change or make different objects to cover them to be less noticible.
  3. Killers should have little more to prevent having extreme issues on survivors 360 movement speed while being manipulating killers visions before getting attack by their weapons.                             

If you guys disagree any of my suggestions thats fine. Im willing to hear ur suggestions. I hope it offend anyone. I just feel that they dbd is running is not running well to have fun and enjoyment when this frustrating momments continues n developers r keeping the game running as same as usual.


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