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I'm ranting about this game because im tired

HexPleaseLetMeSpeakHexPleaseLetMeSpeak Member Posts: 276
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Why tf would I put myself through playing a character like Sadako (even tho she is literally my favorite in terms of looks, her animations are the best in the game and her character design) when if a survivor gets to a pallet when im playing as sadako, I just lose. There's nothing I can do. No anti loop, nothing in chase, just stand there and run in a circle til you get eventually pallet stunned and then have to waste all that time breaking a pallet where they will then just force me into ANOTHER loop seeing as they have all the time in the world to get to another pallet, because the maps haven't improved at all in the six years the game's been out.. Basekit tiny number changes aren't changing the fact she is god awful.

Like PLEASE man, with how many cosmetics and how frequent DLC's come out, there's no WAY this game company is struggling this bad. How can we not just release more FREQUENT balance updates to buff the garbage killers. Stop locking them behind mid chapter updates, and just update the game as it goes along. You wait too long and that's how you get the same garbage dominating the game for YEARS. The small number basekit changes are cool but nothing changes, that 2.34 sec pallet break is still enough time for them to get to another loop, that ENTIRE interaction hasn't changed. So the problem still lies there. Some killers don't even benefit from it, because they are just that bad. Hell the only 2 killers i've seen benefit from literally ANY of these changes (especially the DS nerf) is just nurse and blight... DID NURSE NEED BUFFS? No... the other killers did!

You release Sadako, a garbage M1 killer with a lack luster power that hardly does anything 99% of the time (condemned) but when you teleport you literally get PUNISHED for teleporting by having your TV turned off for 1 MINUTE AND 40 SECONDS. But then next chapter you release a killer who not only has a teleport as well, but has more options to teleport too, AND his teleport doesn't proceed to shut down for a minute and a half just because he chose to use his power. AND (although a terrible one) he has an anti loop.

And the maps OH the maps. EVEN THE NEWEST MAP is god awful to play on as killer like bro, how have we not learned ANYTHING about map design to make it fair for both sides after SIX YEARS. It's been SIX YEARS. And we're still designing main buildings with 3 god windows????? We're still designing maps with 10 god / super safe pallets, with no physical way to mindgame all within 15 feet of each other??? Like how is it possible that after six years nothing has been learned. It's not like the complaints are something new. I haven't even been playing for that long (A little less than a year), but when I go back and see that people have ALWAYS complained about the maps.

How have the last 3 maps released been complete disasters? RPD, Eyrie of Crows, and Garden of Joy. All maps that make it a literal chore to play killer. Like are we just not listening to the community? Is there just no feedback being consumed? I just don't get it man. Do we need a new map design team?

Well that's my rant over, time for me to go queue up as killer and hate my experience some more while I try to force Sadako to be a good killer. Hell this post'll probably get taken down anyway because if you speak about how the devs and how they are failing to make the game work, you're not in the right and should be punished. Feedback isn't allowed.


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