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Is there some way to contact BHVR or support to do something about a repeat hacker?

Trex_CrazyTrex_Crazy Member Posts: 194

Ok so I don't think I can name them because that's against the rules of the forum but there is a player who has a youtube and records/streams them hacking and ruining the game for others. Is there any way to notify someone of the channel so they get auto banned and therefore have their hacking fun ruined?


  • GentlemanFridgeGentlemanFridge Member Posts: 2,817

    You can’t report players from matches that you weren’t involved with. Especially with a thing such as autoband, that could get easily abused against innocent content creators.

    I’m afraid I don’t know what else you can do, though.

  • Trex_CrazyTrex_Crazy Member Posts: 194

    I did report them because I was in a match w/ them. Just curious if BHVR could claim/ban the videos because they're violating the rules. Just something against this person.

  • The_C12H15NO2The_C12H15NO2 Member Posts: 324

    Good luck. Hackers have run live streams for hours before without being banned.

  • SeanzuSeanzu Member Posts: 7,206

    This is untrue, I had a streamer come to my stream and give it the big what all after I merked them with my huntress on midwich, I went and watched their stream and realised they had exactly 300 of every item and reported them, that account was obviously banned, but one day I was going through my steam comments and noticed a comment they'd left, after going to their profile they had linked their new profile, I figured it was safe to assume this account had hacked items too and just reported it on the website anyway, a little while later it was also banned.

  • GentlemanFridgeGentlemanFridge Member Posts: 2,817

    Oh really? That’s good to hear. Though, I distinctly remember that “no reports from games you weren’t in” line being somewhere on the support FAQ page. Guess that was wrong, then.

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