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Off The Record, too many values for a perk alone

psionicpsionic Member Posts: 633

It gives endurance for 80 seconds.

It supress 100% of grunts of pain (which doesn't make sense since Iron Will is gonna be nerfed)

Aura will not be shown to the Killer (Permanent Distortion).

One perk alone has old Decisive Strike, Iron Will and Distortion values. It's gonna be most meta perk of the game, without a doubt. It's not a healthy perk. Please, consider reviewing its values.


  • ad19970ad19970 Member Posts: 5,165

    It should have it's duration decreased to 60 seconds, and the Endurance effect of the perk should also deactivate after getting fully healed. Then I think the perk would be perfectly fine.

  • hailxsatanxeveryxdayhailxsatanxeveryxday Member Posts: 544

    Even if you don't, it doesn't mean that the survivor in question won't abuse it to bodyblock. If it was 30 seconds of just Endurance that deactivated upon being completely healed, it'd already be a very powerful perk. The way it is now is just busted. I'm running it every survivor game I play if it gets released as-is, and so is everyone else, but I'm going to ######### hate it as a killer.

    It's still be very powerful, but that would be better.

  • FeryGENFeryGEN Member Posts: 451

    Take STBFL or (my favourite part) wait when survivor start doing gens xD

  • Cookie_Des_LysCookie_Des_Lys Member Posts: 60

    If he does a blodyblock, you could just hit twice and hook him again. Endurance won't block all hits. Hitting someone who is running on you for bodyblocking is not tunnel in my mind.

  • GamallGamall Member Posts: 196

    The effects are useful only if you are being tunneled, otherwise killers have nothing to worry about cause the perk deactivates at the minimum interaction by the surv

  • RpTheHotrodRpTheHotrod Member Posts: 509

    That's not true. Those with off the record can bodyblock and also act as decoys to waste the killer's time through loops and killer shack while being at zero risk due to secret god mode.

    The moment the killer loses line of sight of a survivor, they become a potential threat, as the killer has NO IDEA if they have done a conspicuous action or not since they last saw them.

  • Cookie_Des_LysCookie_Des_Lys Member Posts: 60

    You can show us how many you think we were dumbs by writting : "jUsT dOn'T tUnNeL!!!1". That doesn't give a nice picture of you. Like i was writing "I WaNT3d my 4 kiLLs ESALY !!! witOUT ChaSIng !! WIThout CounT3R !!! Nahhhh !!! I WANt BEinG tHe BosS of tH3 GamE ! EvERyTimE EveRYwhEre !!!" That's not constructive at all.

    "Regardeless of the killer's choices". Both side can make choices. The killer don't have to choice what the 5 players will do.

    I think to don't desactivate it in the endgame was a good tunnel counter in the endgame.

  • BardonBardon Member Posts: 749

    There's a thing called "endgame" in which this is an auto-win, nothing to do with tunnelling.

  • TiufalTiufal Member Posts: 1,252

    But it's fine if it's an auto loss for survivors without it?

  • TiufalTiufal Member Posts: 1,252

    Which is necessary to counter tunneling in some proper way.

  • GindaenGindaen Member Posts: 374

    Even if you don't, it doesn't mean that the survivor in question won't abuse it to bodyblock. If it was 30 seconds of just Endurance that deactivated upon being completely healed, it'd already be a very powerful perk. The way it is now is just busted. I'm running it every survivor game I play if it gets released as-is, and so is everyone else, but I'm going to ######### hate it as a killer.

    Killers got a massive amount of global buffs. Camping and tunneling needs to be nerfed to the ground. Body-blocking means that survivor isn't doing gens, so it's a 0 sum game if a survivor does that. I see this as a fix to a 6 year old massive problem for survivor game play.

  • BardonBardon Member Posts: 749

    How would it be an auto-loss for survivors without OTR given that the rest of the endgame hasn't changed?

  • TiufalTiufal Member Posts: 1,252

    Just look at the situation now without DS. Someone who gets tunneled off hook in endgame is supposedly dead, unless killer screws up badly.

  • hailxsatanxeveryxdayhailxsatanxeveryxday Member Posts: 544

    Well, I guess it depends on how effective said buffs are. They certainly aren't very impressive on paper. Extra 10 seconds for gens, extra 10% to a few actions, Tier II and II of Bloodlust activate a little bit sooner.

    Meanwhile, all killer slowdown perks were nerfed into the ground along with the strategies they were meant to discourage (camping and tunneling) and BBQ (a decent anti-camping perk) having its primary incentive to run it removed. Unless those buffs are a much bigger deal than they seem like to me at the moment, having not played the PTB myself, they'll encourage camping even if OTR discourages tunneling.

    Killers got maybe one good new perk out of the deal (Overcharge - which also hurts its own case because survivors are going to know that you have it and tap gens, and it probably won't be great without Dragon's and/or Surveillance), while Dead Hard was given a light nerf and OTR was buffed to be the most broken thing the game has ever had.

    Well, if someone tries to bodyblock me with OTR, they're getting tunneled and bled out. I do feel like that's going to be a massive issue, especially in combination with MoM and Dead Hard. And if it does become a massive issue to the point where it turns entire games in survivors' favor, the only response is to punish it to discourage its use, which survivors are going to hate, and I'm sure increased facecamping and slugging is not what you're arguing for here.

    The positives:

    I do think it's going to be fun to run a Fire Up/Bamboozle/Brutal/either Brine or PYWF build on a stealth killer or Clown.

    NOED also got nerfed to near-uselessness, but it also occurs to me that it might work in some killers' favor since every survivor is going to make a beeline for the totem once they know that you have it. You could run a stealth killer and then down and hook someone just after the last gen pops, go and stand near NOED's totem once the aura becomes visible, and then wait for some idiot to come along and try to cleanse it, rinse and repeat.

    Overcharge/Surveillance/Dragon's/Pop is going to be fun.

    Anyways, I'll be glad if the patch works as intended and killers get easier downs without having to resort to tunneling, but a lot of the killer buffs seem superficial, and like tunneling or not, it's part of the meta in the current game. You just can't win some games with certain killers without doing it. Taking someone out of the game as quickly as possible is a priority. If the upcoming patch changes that, awesome.

  • XordXord Member Posts: 371

    When I first read the changes, I immediately thought it was a great change and the reactions were over the board.

    The I saw that it actually kept its current effects.

    It would be a good perk with just the endurance already. basically self borrowed time, but better. It doesn't need the Iron Will and aura reading immunity.

  • XordXord Member Posts: 371

    It's true though: If you don't tunnel, the endurance part is not a problem. The problem within the perk is to give Iron Will and distrotion for free for absolutely no reason.

    If they actively bodyblock, it might not work (bodyblocking isn't some kind of magical mechanic thaty is 100% guaranteed to work).

    If you are unhooked, your best play in order to win the game is to get healed and do gens. if you actively bodublock, you might extend the chase a little but you will lose over 100 seconds of doing generators (basically, you pay an entire generator to take a protection hit that you can't be sure of taking).

    Yes, SOMETIMES, after being unhooked, you will get value out of endurance, sure. But then the killer has the option to tunnel you, which means if you do it twice, you're dead. putting yourself dead on hook early is incredibly bad.

    Even if the killer is doing you a huge favor and lets you have the protection hit and still doesn't chase you, you're still not doing gens.

    I see this the same way as a 4-man flashlight team.

    Sure, it's annoying to play against that but in the end if the whole team is actively trying to be agressive and nobody is doing gens, it's not a big deal if one or two flashlight saves or protection hits happen. Gens are standing strong.

  • Cookie_Des_LysCookie_Des_Lys Member Posts: 60

    Well done, the perk is now just just broken and useless.

    unkooked, hit, tunnelling, never time to fix deep wound, no use of off the record

  • BardonBardon Member Posts: 749

    How so, especially with basekit BT including added haste given to every survivor? Okay it's 5 seconds but you can build some distance and of course your unhooker can help with bodyblocking (and if they have new BT then you have 15 full seconds of haste + endurance!) and every other trick that's been in place since day one.

    I'm sorry, I'm just not seeing how it is an auto-death given that all the previous methods to escape (bar DS, agreed) still exist plus there are new benefits added to all survivors.

  • Cookie_Des_LysCookie_Des_Lys Member Posts: 60

    Have you try the basekit as survivor ?

    That didn't change anything. Old dead hard + old borrowed time didn't avoid tunneling. Why the basekit is better to avoid tunneling ?

    A lot of killers haves perks or addons to get a speed boost, specialy in end game, as noed. Think you can build some distance is just an illusion. I tried it.

  • GlamourousLeviathanGlamourousLeviathan Member Posts: 790

    If you get hit at 79 seconds (which is more than enough time to hook another survivor) you are not getting tunneled.

    If you use OTR aggressively to get a bodyblock, you are not getting tunneled.

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