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What is actual genrush

Some people are a bit confused about gen rush. Then me, an ancient boomer, will explain to these guys how it works: first of all, does gen rush actually exist? Survivors are basically doing their objective, but yes, genrush exist, despite someone is a bit confused about it, you have 2 scenarios:

  1. Killer has the impression of being genrushed when he fails at apply enough pressure and his opponents just play smart than him. Here is just a matter of skill, not gen speed;
  2. Real genrush: 1 or more survivors bring bnp, prove thyself (and sometimes you can see some things like Spine Chill or Overzealus in perk builds of genrushers squad, becouse of the additional repair speed boost). Basically all perks that speed up the gen progress. How these squads play? They literally are tunnelling the generators the whole time (the equivalent of a killer tunnelling a guy). They will ignore your Ruin, secondary objectives, and all your slow-down perks, sometimes they will ignore your physical presence while repairing an almost finished gen (90% or more), they will ignore that they will end up with 13.000-15.000 bps at best. One of them will just stop repairing if someone needs to be rescued (and without even healing him, both of them will start to repair the closest gen from the hook).

The question is, how do you deal with actual gen rushers? Genrushers can make the game go really fast, your last win condition when survivors choose the fast gen speed is to hope their chase suck (and with suck I mean that they last like 20 seconds at best, Shift+W in other words). If they genrush and play smart too, well GG.


  • MrMoriMrMori Member Posts: 638
    edited July 6

    I don't mind genrushers, it's just comical when I bring zero slowdown and play a midtier killer to see the gens done in 3 minutes. And I don't bring slowdown. Nothing to be upset about since there's not much I could have done. Maybe I get a 1k if I'm lucky.

    Hell if they want out so bad I'll sometimes even open gate for them since they're in such a hurry. Can't imagine that's very fun to them either but oh well.

  • MurgleïsMurgleïs Member Posts: 672

    It’s the best survivor strategy by far. There is not much killers can do against it without perks except if you have mobility in your kit.

    Imho the best perks to counter this are noed and DMS if you have a power to zone them of the gens.

    Without mobility powers or good perks, it’s a 100% win strategy for the survivor team.

  • ShinobuSKShinobuSK Member Posts: 4,615

    Also ignoring teammates on ground, on hook and even letting them hit second stage/die on hook just so they can keep sweating gens injured, is a genrush in my book.

    Also kinda annoying for teammates not just killer haha

  • Buily09Buily09 Member Posts: 3,195

    I thought genrush is when Survivors do nothing else than go for gends while ignoring rescues, healing, etc. Aka being greedy with gens and not even help others and that sometimes can get them killed.

  • SeanzuSeanzu Member Posts: 7,196

    I would honestly only call gen rushing, gen rushing if the team is stacking full toolboxes with BNPs and prove thyself.

    Currently I get called a gen rusher is the gens get done and the killer applies 0 pressure, like what do you want me to do? Save people you don't hook? Remove totems that aren't active?

  • KajdanKiKajdanKi Member Posts: 218

    Genrush occurs when killer has a tunnel vision and is not aware of his surroundings.

    They mostly dont use audio cues in his vicinity at all.

    I cant count killers who were so blind that we were able to finish gen(s) in front of the killer and he did not even care just to facecamp the guy who he was chasing whole match just to facecamp him. And then he cries he did it because of genrush

  • EvilSerjeEvilSerje Member Posts: 521

    Absolutely agree, in 90% of the time killer runs after one survivor like a headless chicken, others have nothing else to do other than gens.

    But against actual genrushers I only used 3gen, don't know what else you could do, really. Important thing is to detect genrushers as early as possible to set nice 3gen.

    But I've seen genrushers no more than 5-10 times.

  • DeathstrokeDeathstroke Member Posts: 1,377

    I had killer calling us gen rushers when he commited to claudette at the end like 2-3 minutes and we did 3 gens in that time. He didn't put any pressure on us and just chased claudette. He complained he had no fun when we gen rush and used meta perks. He had good start for the match as in first 5 minutes only 1 gen got probably done.

  • EvilSerjeEvilSerje Member Posts: 521

    Oh, I can tell tons of stories like that. Once survivors were called "stupid genrushers" by Pinhead, match was pretty long, almost 30 minutes, I cleaned multiple of his totems, set 3 boons, spent 2 items obtained from chest, solved his cube 3 times only by myself, healed and unhooked, got 4 iri emblems in the end (that's why I remember it, I got 4 iris on survivor only 2 times in my life).

    He just couldn't catch anyone, blame is on genrushing.

  • Patrick1088Patrick1088 Member Posts: 621

    Gen slowdown perks and secondary objectives help offset somewhat. Secondary objectives being totem hunting, Cenobite's box, pig traps, etc.

    One of the best way to get survivors off gens is Devour Hope. It can snowball very quickly. If you pair it with Undying/Haunted Ground then it's going to be funny very quickly how fast they all get off gens lol

    If you have a non M1 killer you can even try to hide the exposed status until the last stack (Billy, Bubba, Plague, Trapper).

    But with the gen speed being slowed it will slowdown the game a bit and I don't think most people see full on sweaty genrush teams

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 9,091

    Honestly the second scenario is how survivors should be playing if they’re aiming to escape. Finishing the gens is the top priority to it makes sense to treat it that way.

    As far as beating survivors who are prioritizing gens, the main thing is probably having a good macro game. Knowing when to keep chasing someone versus breaking off to go after someone else on a gen is really important. Especially the hit and run style killers, you need to play more of the long game, try and slow them down by injuring and slugging while you remove the pallets and prioritize hooking a single survivor out rather than always hooking after every down. If you can get into a cycle where you are always chasing one survivor, have another slugged or hooked, and one of the others are injured or slugged, then they’re going to have at most one survivor at a time on gens. That’s what makes slugging for pressure so valuable, it trades off a hook you might not need right that moment for 10 extra seconds saved by not carrying the person, and you can spend that time getting right back into a new chase.


    • If a survivor manages to drop a pallet, if you don’t think you can down them quickly just break the pallet and switch targets to someone on a gen or who is out of position.
    • If you see a survivor from a long distance, but they’re obviously not near any gens and it will take you a really long time to catch them, consider ignoring them and going for someone being more directly productive on gens if you think you have a decent shot of seeing someone else that way. Better to spend 5 more seconds searching to chase someone off a gen than 20 extra seconds chasing someone that wasn’t even doing anything.
    • Don’t automatically hook everybody. If there’s a hook obviously right next to you, sure. Or if you’re using Pain Resonance or Pop then hooking more often can be ok too. But if you’re not using hook perks then you don’t need to hook literally every down to win, you can save time by slugging some people and hooking one or two specific people out first. Once you’re in a 3v1 after an elimination then you’ll have more spare time to actually hook after all the downs.
  • GamallGamall Member Posts: 196

    It's a term that killers use to justify their inefficiency in playing the game

  • shaloshalo Member Posts: 1,110

    Wait for them to say there's no such thing as Gen Rush.

  • KrazzikKrazzik Member Posts: 445

    Real genrush baffles me. Why even bother playing the game when you don't want interaction with the killer?

  • Mister_xDMister_xD Member Posts: 7,610

    Well said.

    Its a very common misconception I hear quite often by a lot of different people when they say that "I got genrushed" just because all gens got done in 5 to 6 minutes.

    The actual speed at which the generators got done in itself is not a reliable way to measure whether you got genrushed or not. In a lot of cases its just the Killers lack of map pressure - whether that is a result of their gameplay or just simply bad RNG doesn't matter in this scenario, fact is their map pressure sucked and therefore the gens got done quickly.

    I will however have to disagree on one thing: I do not think genrush is based on the Survivors loadout, but more on the mindset they portrait. They don't need to bring BNP toolboxes and a bunch of genrepair perks to be genrushing. They genrush when they, well, rush the generators - which means ignoring any secondary objective and soley focussing on the gens. No chests, no totems, no healing, sometimes not even unhooking all in favor of squeezing as much gen progress out as possible.

    Overall, genrush is a strategy the Survivors can use. I would say its the Survivors equivalent to camping & tunneling - highly effective, but unhealthy for the game.

    Sadly though, there is no way to fix this. At least not without greatly reworking how this game works - for as long as the Devs try to balance around chases, genrushing will remain to be a near unbeatable strategy.

  • M4d_Psycholog1stM4d_Psycholog1st Member Posts: 47

    My Myers holding EWII at 99% with the Dead Rabbit add-on likes your reply.

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 5,805

    I don't consider "gen rush" to be a thing at all. I find it odd that there would be a negative connotation associated with trying to play optimally. It's a matchmaking issue when one side can essentially run 4 throw perks if the other side runs meta and plays optimally. But neither side is wrong. They shouldn't be playing against each other

  • humanbeing1704humanbeing1704 Member Posts: 7,550

    I don't know from my experience the guy who says gen rushing is the one who chases one person for 3 minutes

  • ChiSoxFan11ChiSoxFan11 Member Posts: 1,060

    Devour is a nice surprise to teams that hard focus gens and nothing else.

    I had a game recently playing The Dredge, running an all-Hex build -- Devour, Ruin, Undying, Pentimento. Playing this build before, I usually see multiple totems broken at some point, but this particular game, nothing was broken. We were on The Game (where granted, it's one of the only maps where totems are even remotely well-hidden), and the survivors I did chase simply held W and ran pallet to pallet while their teammates pounded gens (again, smart strategy on their part considering the imbalance of that map).

    I had three hooks in right around 4 minutes of the match, but in that time, they'd still managed to slam 4 gens. In chase with someone while someone else was sitting on a hook, I had cornered them and made the mistake of playing cat-and-mouse with them waiting for Devour to proc, but this team left the survivor on hook go into 2nd stage to pop the last gen (in what was barely the 5 minute mark of the match). Leaving a teammate to go to 2nd stage on hook (and I was a mile away from them, so a rescue would have been easy to accomplish) to finish a gen, even the last one, is technically "genrushing" by definition, I guess, but their unwillingness to break a single totem (some of which turned out to be in pretty obvious locations, as it turned out) cost them. When they finally got the unhook, that was the 3rd stack of Devour, a bunch of insta-downs and subsequent unhooks occurred, and I ended up with a 3K -- all Moris -- anyway, despite the quick gens.

    I do think the term "genrush" is used far too often, as are people describing situations involving "camping" or "runneling" that either aren't those situations, or that are necessary strategies depending on how the game is progressing. Doing gens when there's nothing else to do isn't a "genrush", but simply smart play. Prioitizing gens over everything else -- like rescuing a teammate, or cleansing that obviously those obviousy lit totems you walked past and ignored to hop on a gen -- is, but that can at least sometimes be punished (as I was able to do).

  • M4d_Psycholog1stM4d_Psycholog1st Member Posts: 47

    Except when someone spawns right in front to your totem... ... Dead by RNG.

  • ChiSoxFan11ChiSoxFan11 Member Posts: 1,060

    True -- though at least that particular build (with Pentimento) almost begs them to cleanse totems for me to relight (and hopefully, waste enough of their time and shield either Devour or Ruin with the Pentimento totems) to allow enough pressure to build.

    This team I faced was at least a partial SWF, if not a 4-stack, and I know they saw my totems (as some of my chasing went right by some of them), but they didn't want to touch a single one. Maybe they were afraid of Haunted Ground, but they knew I had Ruin (since I pushed multiple people off of a gen at least a couple of times, even in that short of a match), so even with obvious totems -- one which was definitely affecting them -- they ignored them at their own peril.

    FWIW, this was more of a meme build for me anyway -- I've stopped running Hexes (other than Plaything on certain killers) since the spawns are SO awful 95% of the time.

  • Johnny_XManJohnny_XMan Member Posts: 6,072
    edited July 6

    Stacking gen perks and toolboxes with BNPs. Ignoring teammates whether on hook or on the floor or plain healing them.

    If none of that takes place, there is no genrush IMO.

  • pseudechispseudechis Member Posts: 2,823

    True 'gen rush' extends from the good ol days of BNP being

    This intricate mechanical part feels oddly out of place. It is clean and shiny as if straight out of the factory.

    • Reduces charges by 50%.
    • Instantly repair a Generator on secondary action.
    • Depletes the Toolbox on use.

    You have one gen complete and then 3-4x gens would all pop simultaneously after about 1 min.

    Exit gates powered an all out in 3-4 mins max.

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