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Ruin and Spine Chill will be dead perks if left unchanged

Buily09Buily09 Member Posts: 3,209
edited July 6 in 6-1-0 PTB Feedback

Hex: Ruin

  • Super slow regression. The worst regresion speed of any other regresion perks.
  • It's Hex, that means it can be gone within 20 seconds of the match starting.
  • Now it will deactivate itself after you get a kill.

Spine Chill

  • Only works if the killer can directly see you (so you can see them as well lol)
  • Has delay 0.5 sec effect slap on it
  • No longer tiny helps in chases with action speed and with knowing precisly where the killer is looking.

Both perks you can trow into trash bin if they get realse in this state. No one will run them. Powerfull perks shouldn't go from "meta" to "trash bin" extreme like this.


  • RunningJakeParkRunningJakePark Member Posts: 2

    I would have to say that that is what the devs want.

    Problem is, since their standards are solely based on how "popular" a perk is instead of it's impact, some perks that don't really need changes (i.e. Spine Chill, Ruin, Iron Will, etc) are going to be changed for the worse.

  • The_C12H15NO2The_C12H15NO2 Member Posts: 324

    Ruin has been trash since the undying change. almost all hex perks have been b/c terrible spawns plus the introduction of boons.

  • ShinobuSKShinobuSK Member Posts: 4,627

    They said that spine chill will be changed again from what it is in PTB right now. I didnt really understood how exactly, but what I remember it will work somehow same but differently, something stays the same it is but wont work on undetectable killers at all? Not sure tbh

    Ruin is just bad and not worth a perk slot for a hex imo. I never use it myself even now so nothing really changes for me, however its still a big letdown to overnerf it like that

  • ViskodViskod Member Posts: 845

    You're wrong about the change to Spine Chill. It will also work when you're inside the killers terror radius. The chance is so that stealth killers, who are hiding out of LoS with you, stay hidden. Which is the whole point of those kind of characters.

    The increased speed doesn't really go with the theme of the perk and the delay in it is to make it more accurate for when the killer is looking in your direction instead of just panning their camera past your direction because they don't notice you.

  • GorgoniaGorgonia Member Posts: 1,585

    You never had a cat it seems... when they fear danger they get frenetic, spiky hair and do stuff in what one could call "the Flash speed".

  • ViskodViskod Member Posts: 845
    edited July 6

    Behaviour said the action speed increase didn't fit the theme they were going for with the perk. So that's kind of irrelevant.

  • GorgoniaGorgonia Member Posts: 1,585
  • ViskodViskod Member Posts: 845
  • sizzlingmario4sizzlingmario4 Member Posts: 3,318

    The vault speed being removed is a good thing, it made no sense with what the perk was designed for imo. Outside of that I’m not really sure how useful it will be, I have literally never used spine chill (not even when I was a new player) and still won’t use it.

    As for Ruin, yeah, it’s dead if it doesn’t get adjusted.

  • roundpittroundpitt Member Posts: 132

    Ruin will be used by no one. They should have just removed the perk if they didn't want people to use it anymore.

  • SimfelizSimfeliz Member Posts: 2,526
  • teslatesla Member Posts: 446

    I don't care about those, as long as they buff Plunderer's Instinct and Shadowborn.

  • AdjathaAdjatha Member Posts: 1,649

    Ruin doesn't deserve to be a hex any more. It's high risk, low reward, and a hard cap on how much value you get even if the survivors do absolutely nothing about it.

    Ten to one says the guy who massacred Ruin is the same jackanape who nerfed Overcharge into pointlessness.

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