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Why are games against console players so much easier?

And I don't even mean this in a disrespectful way it's like a genuine curiosity. When I first started playing the game, I always just kept the crossplay on because I never really saw a reason to turn it off, but then I was like "EGC is kinda dead let me turn off crossplay" and... it was like my mmr got dialed up by 10 in the process.

Now I just realize it so often. Whenever I turn back on crossplay it's like my games are in easy mode. Which I don't really get because, unless I'm missing something it's not like this game is an FPS where the skill difference between MNK and controller should be massive. So I don't get why the skill level just drops whenever I turn crossplay on.


  • I_CAMEI_CAME Member Posts: 255
    edited July 7

    Console players are more likely to be casual gamers. This has always been true. Why do you think professional gamers are always playing on PC? Lower barrier to entry contributes to there being more casuals on consoles.

  • HexPleaseLetMeSpeakHexPleaseLetMeSpeak Member Posts: 276

    Bro I've played dbd on console the framerate is not horrible. Also I meant going against survivors, I know controller would definitely matter while playing killer since that is first person.

  • kcwolf1975kcwolf1975 Member Posts: 650

    Lot more kiddos on console is my guess. That and more casual gamers like mentioned earlier.

  • SwampofferingSwampoffering Member Posts: 384

    I have Xbox Series X, zero problems with performance, 60 FPS.

    But I started on One, that was the hell, if freddy hits you and you fall sleep, lag, if nemesis hits you with tentacle, lag..... every action you make is lag. And playing killer.... awful, 30 fps max and dropping every minute.

    I think if you play against old gen players, they can´t do too much if your game runs smooth, they just play lagged 24/7. But actual gen is fine, the only problem with console players is casual gamers, most of them play really chill, it is difficult to find a good SWF made by 4 console players

  • HexPleaseLetMeSpeakHexPleaseLetMeSpeak Member Posts: 276

    Ok well that's a switch, no surprise there. 90% of the games on that thing are jokes.

  • ohheyitsbobcatohheyitsbobcat Member Posts: 1,364

    One possibility is that more people play with crossplay on so you have a better chance of getting solo's which will be a lot easier. Less people on crossplay off means that the 4-man swf that's been waiting a while is going to be thrown your way more often.

    I don't play with crossplay on anymore as I had a few too many hacker games and my queue's are almost instant with it off anyway but when I did, I noticed very little difference in survivor skill. Obvious solo's got destroyed and SWF's did the destroying, same when it's off. The only thing I really noticed was that PC people could moonwalk better and that was about it. I think I've seen a single PS4 player that was able to moonwalk really well, like across the entire map well.

    I did notice some killer differences though; Huntress and Nurse players mostly and they were overall a lot better on PC but I have played against a couple of them on PS4 that were comparable to PC, to the point I assume they had a M&K setup somehow. Like, constant super accurate crossmap hatchets and the match is already over in 5 seconds Nurses.

    I played against a few stupidly good PC Spirits and have yet to see any PS4 Spirits that were nearly as good. On the other end, I never saw that good of a Blight on PC but have played against a few on PS4 that made me go "God Damn! They are good!"

    Point being everyone has different experiences. I'm sure there are people out there who have had the opposite experience of you and think most PC players are super easy to go against. Personally, I think that outside of a few things it doesn't really matter what you play on and is more about the individuals skill.

  • SybariteSybarite Member Posts: 49

    2 points of views

    1. From a killer side it heavily depends on the killer, as decent aiming and flicking skills are needed on quite a few killers

    2. From Survivor side camera control becomes the main downside vs MnK not inculding people running stretched screens "fliter" changes

  • tenoresaxtenoresax Member Posts: 729

    If you turn off cross play, you only get matched with other people with cross play off, which on PC is usually the biggest sweats ever.

  • Gary_ColemanGary_Coleman Member Posts: 732

    Playing on console feels like running through peanut butter. DBD is currentky on xbox game pass, so anyone who has game pass can download it and play it for free. Which means that there might be a lot of players who are just checking the game out, casually.

  • MarigoriaMarigoria Member Posts: 6,090

    As someone who used to only play on cross off (had to stop bc the queue times there are longer now unfortunately) I agree with everything you said.

    I much prefer the sweat of crossplay off than the potatoes i get with crossplay on.

  • JP_CloudJP_Cloud Member Posts: 172

    The older gen is always gonna be easy for PC players. But PS5 and the new gen is different with the 60fps upgrade. Totally different.

  • Patrick1088Patrick1088 Member Posts: 623

    I play on Switch, and I wouldn't say I'm terrible lol

    I think it boils down to the following;

    1. Some Killers are harder on console (Nurse, Blight, Trickster, etc.). So if you are getting beat down by a Switch Nurse, you need to respect them immensely lol game is optimized around PC players, which is fair the game came out on PC first

    2. Console players are probably more casual. I enjoy Splatoon and Pokemon. I have over 1000 hours in Splatoon and Pokemon is even higher across multiple games (1500). So I can be competitive, but I also realized I'm not going to tourneys any time soon. So if I don't get the 4k or survive, its not the end of the world. My MMR will adjust and next match will be better.

    3. Could be more of a Switch issue, but it's more family friendly. I'm a dad with a 2nd on the way. My son wants to play Switch too, so why would I invest in a PC for 1 game? I can get DBD and family games on the same console

    With that being said, I am expecting to almost completely drop DBD later this year. Between Splatoon 3 and Scarlet/Violet I'll have my 2 main games at almost the same time, which is nuts. Splatoon 2 came out in 2017 and then Splatfests ended in 2019, just when Sword/Shield came out.

    I think the Switch numbers for DBD will drop considerably after these 2 drop. I am curious if it's tracked by BHVR though

  • DeathstrokeDeathstroke Member Posts: 1,620

    On controller you only aim with one finger while on mouse you aim for you full hand. That causes controller players miss more swings and also cause using some powers to be harder. With pc you can also abuse some bugs like making 180s with oni which was not intended and blight hug tech. They should increase some killers turning rate speciafially on console to make it more even. On survivor there is barely difference only I can think of is that pallets respond better on pc. But actually if we talk about fps games like fortnite there difference between pc and console is much smaller as the game is better optimized for console and there is no unfair advantages pc players can use. Also they have aim assist to help controller players.

  • CashelP14CashelP14 Member Posts: 5,555

    Depends on the players you face. I always think that the best console players eventually move to pc because they want better frame rate and graphics.

    However I don't see a difference in skill between them. I've destroyed plenty of pc players as a console player and have had plenty of urban evading Nea's from both pc and console.

  • RipleyRipley Member Posts: 765

    Controller is much harder gameplay than MNK. Plus you don't get filter users so it's obvious when a console killer is playing.

  • GreenDemoGreenDemo Member Posts: 270

    Exactly this.

    Also because of playing on console I'm even stopped trying to learn some higher skill killers, because I know I won't be as effective as I would be on pc.

    (I mean technically you can always plug a keyboard and a mouse I think, but then the next thing stopping you is the worse performence of the game overall and frequent lagspikes. Like I completly can't use I'm all ears because the lag spike will make me miss if the survivor vaults right in front of me and the perk activates !!. Sorry this was supposed to be about why it's easier to play against console. And I agree with the points you've written)

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