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Why are some Surv like this?

NemmyMan3000NemmyMan3000 Member Posts: 229

Im playing Doctor on Haddonfield, there is also a streamer. Im thinking im gonna get smoked because of how fast 2 gens went by and I barely had any pressure.

After a while I do catch up, 1 hook, carrying a surv and another surv decides to try and save in front of me (streamer is out somewhere injured) I drop the surv I was carrying and use my power to cancel the unhook and I downed that person.

After hooking 2 people I realize the person I dropped had no hooks nearby so I literally couldnt do anything except let her off. She then looked at me in defeat but I decided I atleast wanted to help give more points for at least trying. (Which I can kinda see how its toxic but thats not the point) The streamer DC and I give last girl hatch.

I proceed to say GG to the streamer and get bombarded with insults from him and his chat saying people like me ruin the game and slugging/tunneling/camping isnt fun and going on to say I was a ######### killer.

Literally why this community sucks now, no matter how chill you play and whatever killer you're playing, there will always be the survs that hate for no reason.


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