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My killer tier list based on how them are good at the 3gen strat

The 3gen is one of the best strat in the game but if not applied correctly will result just in taking the game hostage. Some killers are best than others at three-genning. Note that 3gen is not mandatory, you should 3gen when you feel the map RNG is really betraying you. To three-gen properly, your killer needs at lest one of these 2 requirements:

  1. High speed
  2. One-shot killer (the easiest, becouse you have to deal less often with Dead Hard as a one-hit killer)

Tier S

Billy (have both). If a good Billy will three-gen a dead zone of the map (no pallets or windows), things are going really really bad for you.

Myers: a deadly combination of low TR and the ability to hold EWII at 99% make this killer very dangerous in in-door maps with a 3gen situation. Good Myers players generally look for 3 closest gens cornered by walls. By doing this ambush EWIII will be easy.

Tier A

Legion: This killer just plays with 1-hit if used by an evil player. Bring your Tanatophobia to make a 3gen situation even worse for 'em. Remember Legions like a lot when survivors are forced to group together, the most they are close from each other, the easiest is to create a hit chain with your feral frenzy. Despite it sounds easy, the game can be stalled to a point where someone have the impression you are taking hostage. Target the guy who needs 1 hooking to die.

Tier B

Bubba: this killer is a bit stronger at defending hooks than gens but he is okay for a three gen strat. Just ensure to don't get baited away from the 3 gens by a t-bagging Nea.

Tier C

All others.

Now you can argue: "man where is my nurse in this stupid tier list??" Well, killers like Nurse, Blight or Spirit are not even mentioned here, becouse they are very fast and strong chaser, there is no loop who can stop these 3 killers, 3 gen strat tips is the last thing you need to read if you main one of these 3 guys.


  • GannTMGannTM Member Posts: 9,774

    Artist in C tier??? She has enough birds basekit to check on all three gens at once, regardless if the gens are close to each other or not. You can control two gens at once by just simply swarming a survivor on a gen far away.

  • M4d_Psycholog1stM4d_Psycholog1st Member Posts: 47

    Birds have infinite range if I'm not wrong. Yes, you can defenetively go for a 4gen strat as Artist.

  • Buily09Buily09 Member Posts: 3,473

    Hag and Trapper (Hag obviously is much better) are great for 3gen.

    Your list is looking not good overall as well. Sorry.

  • M4d_Psycholog1stM4d_Psycholog1st Member Posts: 47

    They are both basement masters but I think they rely too much on add-ons and perks to apply costant pressure in a 3 gen situation. I defenetively not agree with you

  • loothoundloothound Member Posts: 108

    you can literally everywhere with hag traps in a 3 gen what

  • M4d_Psycholog1stM4d_Psycholog1st Member Posts: 47

    Idk but all Hags player I've found while playing as surv, after hooking someone they just place like 10 traps under the hooks until someone eventually dies. It's a shameful killer in my opinion, but hey, if you can 3gen as her that's great

  • EvilSerjeEvilSerje Member Posts: 594

    I can hardly imagine a killer that not benefit from 3gen. Maybe basic M1, but still deadly. 3 gen is bread and butter.

    I personally took out Adepts on trickster, billy (mentioned) and deathslinger on rank 1 with 3 gens.

    And not mentioning Hag (which is queen of denying whole portion of the map), Huntress and Spirit is a felony. They eat you in a 3 gen like an apple.

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 6,107

    Hard disagree on Myers. The only way he'd be effective in that situation is a super tight 3 gen on an indoor map. Otherwise survivors would have to be greedy for absolutely no reason on an outdoor map and simply not run when they see him coming.

    Otherwise, Trickster/Huntress/Twins/Nurse/Blight would like a word about S tier 3 gen killers. I know you said Nurse shouldn't have to think about it, but every killer has to think about it if the survivors are any good.

  • M4d_Psycholog1stM4d_Psycholog1st Member Posts: 47

    In a really really theorical scenario yes, the Hag could do this. Nice to hear that Trickster is a killer, I always thought he was the Felix's cheerleader.

  • EvilSerjeEvilSerje Member Posts: 594

    I don't know in what theoretical scenario Hag could do, but in my world that's the only thing she does.

    Don't know about trickster, but adept had to be got. Maybe he's Felix's boyfriend, but I definetely know that Legion is Felix's brats and he have to give them a slap and send back to school.

  • Sadako_Best_GirlSadako_Best_Girl Member Posts: 501

    Doctor? Hello?

  • M4d_Psycholog1stM4d_Psycholog1st Member Posts: 47

    Here is the best doctor I know... Wait, do you mean the guy we have in our killer roster who get bodyclocked the whole time on high ranks becouse he's a 2-hit killer? Nah, I wouldn't put him in the high ground for a 3gen tier list (but it's always my opinion)

  • emodeshortemodeshort Member Posts: 176

    this says more about the people who play hag than about hag itself. she is arguably the killer who can hold a trigen more easily, perks and addons only improve that side of her.

  • M4d_Psycholog1stM4d_Psycholog1st Member Posts: 47

    Damn I forgot Oni, he is S tier, how can i be so stupid? He's a god in 3gen strat

  • xEmoGirlxAlexisxxEmoGirlxAlexisx Member Posts: 455

    Artist and Twins also feels Vary strong at 3Gen

    Twins can Really Camp 3 Gens just let Victor sit in the near of a Gen and as Charlotte u Camp the other 2

  • M4d_Psycholog1stM4d_Psycholog1st Member Posts: 47

    Can't wait to get my hands on your Victor while you are controlling Charlotte, he is so cute

  • squbaxsqubax Member Posts: 578

    Ok maybe instadown killers are the exception but any 3 gen strat instatly dies once I present to you CoH, this bad boi will completely make you able to play a 3-gen fully without much risk.

  • ThatOneDemoPlayerThatOneDemoPlayer Member Posts: 5,623

    Just because Demogorgon isn't in the store anymore doesn't mean he isn't a Killer

  • LaluziLaluzi Member Posts: 5,427

    That just shows you haven't really gone against any good Hags. Which is understandable, because she's rare to face, but she and Trapper were made for territorial play. She can trap each gen in a 3-gen and turn every nearby loop into a GG, so even if survivors crouch at gens, they'll still get hit when she comes around manually. If you're not on comms, facing against this is rough.

    Your list also undervalues Doctor (the OG hold-a-3-gen-for-30-minutes character), Artist, Twins (you do realize an idle Victor alerts when anyone gets near him and you can switch before he gets kicked, right?), Huntress, and Plague. Even Dredge deserves some recognition for quick return to the 3-gen zone, killer instinct on nearby hiding survivors, and being able to check all 3 gens in succession with his teleport. Meanwhile, I don't think Myers is nearly as good at 3-genning as you say he is - not unless he's running infinite T3, anyway. People will just hide and wait out his T3 otherwise.

    And while one-shotting is great, high speed isn't nearly as necessary to play a 3-gen well, because you're already looking at a small area and even slower killers can manage covering it. Sure, high speed is great to quickly return to the zone, but information powers, long-distance damage, and being able to set traps are all points of strength here too.

  • Sally_S_gay_sonSally_S_gay_son Member Posts: 201

    I disagree, the best defender of 3 gen is Hag by far, even better than Nurse or Blight or Spirit. While those 3 have high mobility, they cannot be at multiple places at once (we are talking the situation if all survivors are still alive) nor they can know which gens are being pressured without perks for that.

    Hag can, against even an average Hag winning 3 gen is borderline impossible if she sets up her web well. She can teleport instantly everywhere and without coordination which most non-SWF teams simply do not have she will have everyone injured in seconds, then all she needs is that one hook near 3 gen and it's a gg

  • Dwight_FairfieldDwight_Fairfield Member Posts: 6,058

    I can back you up on Mikey. I main him and often win my games with a three gen strat.

  • Tatt3dWonTatt3dWon Member Posts: 517

    there is no loop lol i loop blights for breakfast blight might be the 2nd best killer but hes pretty easy to loop.

  • xEmoGirlxAlexisxxEmoGirlxAlexisx Member Posts: 455

    Im no longer a Twins Main im a Dredge Main Now sadly de sind have a Dredge Icon on the Forum 😅

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