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Stuck in a loop of loosing MMR and can't escape it

LeeONELeeONE Member Posts: 187
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Hi there, so basically the title, but if you want to know more

That's all started about month ago, I am kinda high mmr surivor, but to avoid some kind of people, I'll say just not bad survivor, can loop, do gens, give protective hits, etc. So I was playing as usual, I am not prioritize escaping and most of my games I was dying trying to save someone, and also there were lost games, so this leads to me dying in like 2/3 of my games however I didn't care, my teammates were escaping, I was getting WGLF stacks, all good.

But recently, like 2 weeks ago things were getting worse and worse, currently I am around the bottom of mmr, and before blaming my teammates I should say that the killer is also really bad, however, this is dbd, and if killer wants to kill you, he will eventually, unfortunatelly some killers prefer to chase me for 5 gens instead of winning, and then camp me, sometimes with noed, so that's the first reason I die, the other, killer getting carried by perks insanely, average I am the only person who is doing gens, and with pop and pain resonanse its just impossible, and the last killer sided reason is smurf nurses and blights.

The other reason is teammates, and god know I don't wanna blame them but holy ######### they are awful, most of the time in game they are just doing nothing, literally hiding in corner of the tile or walking around the map, I am average completing 3 gens by myself, because they just can't loop any killer, at the best they will juke for 20s, and if I am getting chased, as I previously mentioned, they are just hiding, and if by lady fortune they will start doing gen, as soon as they hear heartbeat, they will hide again. I could be chased for eternity, but at the BEST 2-3 gens will pop. Of course that's not everyithing stupid they are doing.

They are not newbies, I am checking their profiles, killers and survivors have around 300 hours. HOWEVER because of stupid MMR system, I have 3k hours, and forced to play with babies, AND the most absurd thing, I am not able to escape to rise my mmr to proper value.

Also I am playing with friend, he is not the best player, however he repairing gens and not hiding for whole game. I am dying around 3/5 of my games, maybe more

That's where the problem starts, if I were playing solo, I could just take left behind or clairvoyance then play completely safe and it will take around 300 games to rise my mmr again? because if was loosing it for a month. this is already ridiculous.

But yeah, I am not playing solo, so I am asking you guys, is there any option to raise our mmr except 4 manning?

Also predicting that question, why I want to rise my mmr, because the game becoming worse at high mmr?

I want to at least have some sort of good teammates, I am not asking for competitive level survivors, just decent ones, that will do gens and won't hide as soon as they hear killer's terror.

TL;DR: I am stuck in a loop of dying because of bad teammates, and by dying I am getting even worse teammates


  • Ladyinadress18Ladyinadress18 Member Posts: 156

    When you notice good teammates in your lobbies, you can always try and add them and team up.

    I had someone do that to me. I’m not the best survivor as far as looping, but I’m good at getting gens done, helping teammates off hook and take protection hits during endgame, as well as being effective with sabo/breakout builds. A team noticed and added me and now I play with them. …granted, they aren’t very good at all as far as strategy goes but I can see that’s what their goal was… to add and play with good/effective teammates.

    you might benefit from trying to team up more.

  • hex_devourhex_devour Member Posts: 5

    Go for ur own survival then, in endgame just leave dont risk unhooking. Also hatch doesnt give MMR.

  • MarigoriaMarigoria Member Posts: 5,884

    Yea same here, but that's solo q for you. Best advice is if you can just play SWF instead

  • The_C12H15NO2The_C12H15NO2 Member Posts: 320

    It's a trade off. at low mmr you do see killer variety. high mmr is basically nurse, blight, huntress, and maybe leatherface. i agree mmr is basically a spiral once you die so many times. swf is your best bet to move back up.

  • testertester Member Posts: 792

    Give up on solo queue. Devs repeatedly demonstrated that they don't care about solos, so it's time to move on. With all upcoming killer buffs, solo is about to get even more miserable.

  • TruEternityTruEternity Member Posts: 320
    edited July 7

    I’m gonna just put this here; you don’t know you’re a high mmr player, on either side. There is no official way to see what your mmr is, so all this is a moot point.

    I’ve been at max mmr since the change, and I escape 90% of the time, so it’s obviously everyone else isn’t as high as they think. Killer is easy too, I have to try not to 4K every game, even at max mmr, which I know I am because of how good I am.

  • LeeONELeeONE Member Posts: 187

    That's why I mentioned that I am at least not bad survivor, I knew I was at high mmr because of the survivors I was playing with were awesome, and if I wanted to escape every game, my escape rate could be around 90%. Okay, even assume we can't know what ours mmr is, I can spot the difference between really good survivors that can loop and do gens, and the survivors that are trying to hide immediately after hearing heartbeat, the survivors I am currently playing with

  • LeeONELeeONE Member Posts: 187

    That's true, every game there is different killer, sadly this is only positive thing about it, because they are not playng that well so I am not taking any challenge while trying to counter their power, for example, it is funny when bubba crashing into wall, but this is boring when he does this for the 100th time

  • LeeONELeeONE Member Posts: 187
  • SonzaishinaiSonzaishinai Member Posts: 6,727

    I would say always plan for a hatch game when your team starts losing but if your playing with a friend that does indeed make things complicated

  • TruEternityTruEternity Member Posts: 320

    Say you end up in a match with a bunch of survivors who seem like babies, and you just know you’re so much better than them the matchmaking must’ve just been bad that game. Now who’s to say when playing with those awesome survivors you don’t look like the baby? You don’t know, because it’s just perception. Either scenario could be bad match making, or good based on mmr, but you don’t know which is which. That’s my point, mmr is hidden to us using conventional means.

    I can have wildly different games it terms of my perceived skill of the other players just based on the time of day I play. Does that mean I’m high mmr at 1pm and low at 6pm? What if I only win, yet get worse teammates? My whole point is you don’t know, and most people (obviously yourself included) just assume they’re high mmr players, when, for the last time, YOU DON’T KNOW.

  • SepexSepex Member Posts: 1,392

    Nobody can legitly say they're low, mid or high mmr. We have no proof...only assumptions.

  • LeeONELeeONE Member Posts: 187

    So my assumption that I am at the bottom of mmr because the survivors i am playing with hides in locker as soon as they hear heartbeat, is that good assumption?

  • TheSubstituteTheSubstitute Member Posts: 1,104

    Hard to say. I know I can see definite differences between the MMRs of survivors. When I'm playing survivor and my Tome challenges (eg. usually Hatch An Escape) means I die a lot I see a lot of all hands off gens, unhooks become more of an RNG than a given, hiding in corners, etc.

    To bust out of that I generally go full meta (the only meta perk I normally run is DS) until I'm back in an MMR where survivors will actually try to work together for saves.

    Maybe that will work for you?

  • LeeONELeeONE Member Posts: 187

    Nope, I tried it, I suspect that matchmaking is just being broken right now

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