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Uchiwa better then Kintsugi Teacup - disappointing addons

It's frustrating that the addon restores your power when it has already recovered over time, or while we were breaking that very pallet. Need to rework this addon a bit to make it worth its 7k. For example, add an option so that power is restored from the breakdown of generators. Or increase the duration and power recovery to be more satisfied with seeing a huge scale recover, because. for this perk to work, you have to take as many as two perks: Fire up + Brutal. I certainly know that you can take the Dissolution perk, but it does not seem to restore the ability when we are in the phase.

I want to make it clear, I'm not asking for a buff, but to make it an expensive addon, better than its green.

Dried Cherry Blossom and Mother's Glasses

Cherry Blossom needs a small nerf, reduce its radius to 2 meters, while the Glasses need a buff, make the radius to 6 meters, because. we are standing still, it is unlikely that someone will approach the shell, or make the addon start working when the ability is charged (this addon is more suitable for Dredge)

With all due respect, Main Spirit


  • ProudRinMainProudRinMain Member Posts: 137
    edited July 10

    I don’t get the part that says “ make the add-on start working when the ability is charged “

    you mean while charging up the power or after it’s been charged up? Because mother’s glasses definitely activate after you’ve finished charging up Yamaoka’s haunting ( tho the radius is so small that most of the time it won’t work )

    i agree about the cup not being a worthy iridescent ( look at Mother-Daughter ring, a true,worthy add-on of being an iridescent! )

  • lav3lav3 Member Posts: 438

    Spirit's changed add-ons are all trash except DCB.

    Those green, purple add-ons and Teacup are so situational.

    I hope they just revert her add-on changes.

  • FeryGENFeryGEN Member Posts: 504

    The mother's glasses must work when we start charging the phasing, as no one approaches the shell, and if it approaches, then we may not have time to return to the shell even with wakizashi, its phasing is very short. But even if changing it like this is still a situational addon, using it to check closet is not the best idea, it would still be nice to increase its radius to at least use it on two floor maps.

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