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5 sec BT is a Bad Solution, Here is a Better Solution

GindaenGindaen Member Posts: 374
edited July 12 in 6-1-0 PTB Feedback

The 5 sec of BT is to help reducing camping/tunneling. However, since every survivor has 5 seconds, all a tunneling killer is going to do is count out 5 seconds and then re-down the survivor. So, BT will still be just as important as it was before.

My suggestion would be to give the survivor Sprint Burst off of hook with the 5 seconds of BT. That will give the survivor time to get to a jungle gym and the survivor won't have to rely on the Killer not counting to 5 before redowning them.

Or give the survivor 5 seconds of Sprint Burst off hook with no BT. (Put the power in the tunneled survivors hand to escape. Don't make them rely on the Killer making a mistake).


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