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P100 is too much

DxveWolfDxveWolf Member Posts: 27
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I made another post explaining how I felt about the new prestige system, this is my feedback after the changes announced today:

I have 2700 and some hours in the game, i have 22/28 prestige 3 killers and 20/31 survivors p3, most of them P3 level 50, I am a bit of a completionist, with the old system i was almost done! I play many survivors and many killers on which I spend a lot of money every time new outfits are realeased!!

I still feel P100 is waaay too much!!! I don't want to chose one survivor and one killer to play! I play many!! You don't want me spending less money on other survivors and other killers!!!

New red background portraits are nice!! But Project w killer, who I'm hoping is Wesker will be one of my mains, even if he's an aim killer (i can't aim! I play on console 😭) and guess what he won't have a fancy blood red portrait!! So as pretty the backgrounds are, I'll be turning them off, and many people will, because it triggers my OCD!!😑

According to my rough calculations it takes 1.5M BP for prestige right, 40k BP per match assuming you get a perfect game! (But let's be real sometimes as survivor for example get tunneled and leave the match with 10k)

So total BP needed per match/total BP per match= 1.5M/40k= 37.5 matches, it takes around 15min per match, that is 562 mins or 9.375 h per prestige, it would take 937.5 hours to P100 a new character!! Let alone taking multiple characters to P100, i play at least 5 survivors and 5 killers, and that is trying really really hard to narrow them down! That's 9,375h!!! That's about 3.5 times the hours I have right now!! In 2 years of playing!!!!! Do you understand my concern and why I would feel discouraged?? And before you say "oh but there'll be role incentives", i play at night, there are always less killers at night, I'll never have survivor incentive at night!

So please consider lower prestige limit to P25, aprox 234.375h on new characters, the icons are gorgeous! They're beautiful! But I don't have 937.5h per character! I just don't have that much time. P25 is 9.765 days of play!!😅 That's 58.59 days of playing 4h a day!! For killer, considering that killer queues are shorter, it's even more for survivor with longer queues, so even P25 is maybe too high!!!


Yeah for people saying " you don't have to grind", remember how the community treats people they think are new or inexperienced, they'll call you rank 20 meg, or baby killer, this will lead to elitism! But let's be real, who has time to grind all characters to P100, it's so extremely unrealistic.



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