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Why nerf Botany knowledge again?



  • ShinobuSKShinobuSK Member Posts: 4,709

    Why not just make it not affect medkit speeds? This change is the dumbest ######### ever

  • EmilyAuroraEmilyAurora Member Posts: 134

    I don't know why the devs have to make everything so complicated! Why do survivor perks now have to have downsides? Why can't a perk just be a perk? If they want to nerf medkits they should just nerf medkits, why would I want to run a perk that's going to eat my item that I spent bp on.

  • MalkhrimMalkhrim Member Posts: 674

    Uh... you know devs are actually changing base-kit things this time, right? Reduced hit cooldown, increased pallet breaking and gen-kicking speeds, reduced speed boost after getting hit, REDUCED GEN SPEED and small base-kit BT are all going to make some difference, more than the game received in a long time.

  • TruEternityTruEternity Member Posts: 320
    edited July 13

    When were medkits nerfed? They have been in a very strong state for a long time. Medkits pure efficiency are what make them so strong, on top of healing you super fast. You can completely kill a killers pressure if you have a medkit. That’s why hit and run and spreading damage, two previously important tools a killer has are basically dead now. If a killer drops chase with a medkit user they are usually at a very large net loss in time, which time management is what killer is all about. I don’t want survivor to be unplayable, but Medkits are way too strong right now, and I think most would agree. My anger is that BHVR targeted Botany, and to a lesser degree self care, when it’s Medkits that are the issue.

  • humanbeing1704humanbeing1704 Member Posts: 7,595

    buff disguised as a nerf

  • NazzzakNazzzak Member Posts: 957

    Of course they don't want survivors to heal. They want kills to be easier. Devs said so when they first announced the updates - they said they're not happy with current kill rates, and they're hoping to increase them.

  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 12,673
    edited July 13

    This. Either that OR the (Self) Healing Speed should be capped at a certain amount. So that even if you bring a Green Medkit with Double Speed, Botany Knowledge and CoH, it caps out long before you can reach the insane speed.

    Biggest problem I have with this change is that if you want to bring Botany Knowledge to increase your Healing Speed, you will not be able to heal yourself if you grab a brown or green Medkit out of a Chest...

  • dictepdictep Member Posts: 1,333
  • JaviiMiiJaviiMii Member Posts: 283

    The thing that bugs me the most is that it is again soloQ that's hit the hardest by the change while swf will hardly notice/is buffed. In soloQ I like to run a Leader and Botany combo to speed resets up when I do find another survivor - and keep a medkit on myself to have that health state ready if I don't find someone; in soloQ you are in that situation quite often. Most often that is a simple brown medkit - and more often than not it's looted from a chest (because which mabiac brings items into soloQ). Sometimes it's a green pharmacy one. (it won't be in the future with how pharmacy has been changed.)

    So, what options do I have in soloQ now?

    Bring a medkit: a) yellow/purple/addons + botany b) brown/green without botany + desperate measures c) brown/green + botany + self care

    Loot a medkit: a) desperate measures b) botany+self care

    Self care.

    CoH: a) plus a medkit b) plus botany and/or desperate

    Any reliable viable option that is not coh (desperate measures can be good but usually its not worth it to count on you and two others being injured to get a decent speed buff) now needs at least two perk slots or a pretty good item. And here I thought they wanted less people to use coh....

    In swf on the other hand I really look forward to the We'll make it + Botany combo - maybe even slap Desperate on to go for the full unhook-and-speed-reset thing.

  • C3ToothC3Tooth Member Posts: 5,368

    I dont think a Brown medkit is a problem, its Ranger with 16 charge and speed addon.

    I really think items should only have 1 version, which is Brown.

  • TruEternityTruEternity Member Posts: 320

    Survivor mains did too, Nurse, Blight and stacking slowdown as well as NOED made quite a few people mad and wanting a change. I think some over emphasize how much people wanted sweeping changes, but both sides definitely wanted them.

  • TruEternityTruEternity Member Posts: 320

    Browns can still be a problem too. While you really don’t want to use good add ons with brown items you can, and a brown medkit with good add ons can be very strong. Heck a brown medkit with brown charges and speed is still a better choice than any other item that isn’t another medkit, and it’s not even close. Burritos(maps) are memes, toolboxes need a whole build to make them work. Keys can be good with blood amber but aren’t nearly as useful since the nerf. Flashlights are free kills if you have ears and game sense.

    The issue with Medkits to me are the just give too much value in the most important aspect of DBD, efficiency. Browns don’t have as much value as the other medkits, but still are crazy strong, and too strong to me.

  • C3ToothC3Tooth Member Posts: 5,368

    I have this stupid idea.

    Make items only 1 version, heavily nerfed and requires addon at all time to work. However, its free.

    Certainly you still can slap in 2 charge addon to have 2 heals. But you know something like Ranger + Speed/Styptic , or Green medkit + charge never be a thing again.

  • 1miko1miko Member Posts: 268

    I don't think you can call botany meta but this is pretty accurate, change is good and these kind of changes point towards the concept the devs want on the perk. Also given the new multiple health states meta coming with endurance buffs I think this is a reasonable change honestly.

  • Rogue11Rogue11 Member Posts: 867

    They changed a few numbers but nothing that will change how the game is played. Survivors and killers most effective playstyles remain the same. Well, except there might be more face camping since it got like 3 buffs. It will just be different perks used to achieve the same effects as before.

  • MrsMaliciousXMrsMaliciousX Member Posts: 684

    They nerfed medkits along with all the add-ons a while ago. They used to be worse

    Brown only heals you once, yellow 1 1/2 and green 2 without add-ons. Soo yeah they aren't as op as people think. Bring back all the old medkits and add-ons then you can say they were op..now..no

  • MrsMaliciousXMrsMaliciousX Member Posts: 684

    They have changed all the add-ons for medkits already....that auto heal used to be instant and the charges used to be higher...so idk why ppl are complaining about them

  • MrsMaliciousXMrsMaliciousX Member Posts: 684

    Don't I know it. Bad enough they already got nerfed before and now they want more nerfs to them

    Like they are trying to have survivors items have no use what so ever. That's like taking away from a killer perk that they rely on.

    Not every teammate is willing to help or even heal you. I horde my items anyway I don't use them unless I HAVE to. But it's just mind blowing the amount of stuff people whine about on this game.

    Fixed Gen speed killers got buffs but wait now med kits are a problem..smh

  • C3ToothC3Tooth Member Posts: 5,368

    They mean Brown medkit can cause problems in the hand of good loopers. As 1 Brown Medkit can save 16sec (1 survivor on heal 16sec instead of 2 survivors). You can multiply to 4 Brown medkit that save 64sec on survivor side. And that can add up with Ranger + other powerful charge/speed.

  • CluelessWandererCluelessWanderer Member Posts: 940
    edited July 13

    I play this game less and less because I don't have an SWF group. Solo Q is going to be hell. Worse than it is now. I can't believe they gutted Botany of all things. I actually use that perk and it helps, but ffs, Solo Q still has a miserable escape rate.

    Now DS is gutted and crappy. Like, what did we get? 5 secs built in BT. Killers already camp and tunnel through current BT and DS, but at least that combo could get someone out. Now it will just be a clown show.

    Is there anywhere I can see the upcoming changes?

  • MrsMaliciousXMrsMaliciousX Member Posts: 684

    Holy gees, that bent over a brown medkit. Holy smokes...want us to just spawn on the hook too buddy?


  • ColonGlockColonGlock Member Posts: 1,193

    I use botany so I can heal others faster not myself. I also run leader so they heal me faster. By healing others faster I improve the chances of my own survival, especially against sloppy and thana.

  • C3ToothC3Tooth Member Posts: 5,368

    If you check my comment history, you will see I lean to Survivor side more because I never play swf.

    I just point out perks loadout sometime doesnt matter, if a killer faces one Brown Medkit team, while another killer faces 4 Ranger with Styptic/Syringe.

  • C3ToothC3Tooth Member Posts: 5,368

    Is reduce Medkit efficiency 20%. Means Medkit charge lose 20% (as you can only heal 80 with 16 charge), or speed is 20% slower?

  • Megmain80Megmain80 Member Posts: 138

    I use botany knowledge now, but I won’t after the patch. I’ll be using desperate measures.

  • CluelessWandererCluelessWanderer Member Posts: 940

    Yeah, see there is no point to running it. As others have said, if you pull a brown med kit out of a chest (or a green for that matter), it would be detrimental to run it.

    God that's stupid. It was fine how it was.Didn't need a buff or a nerf.

  • dictepdictep Member Posts: 1,333
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