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So, I realized T1 Ruin is about to become the memest perk in the game.

MalkhrimMalkhrim Member Posts: 534
edited July 13 in General Discussions

So, gens normally regress at 0,25 charges per second, which is 4 time slower than a single survivor holding m1 on a gen, right?

And gens will now take 90 seconds, which means a gen at 99.9% will take around six minutes to fully regress with T3 Ruin.

BUT WAIT, T1 and T2 Ruin actually make the regression even SLOWER than normal! T1 Ruin decreases the base gen-regression speed by HALF! You know what that means?

After the mid-chapter update, if you have T1 Ruin, a gen at 99.9% will take 12 MINUTES! To fully regress! That's actually around the average time full DbD matches take. If it stays a FULL MINUTE without being touched, it will regress only 7,5 seconds!

And as if that wasn't meme enough, it prevents you from kicking gens, which means you can't apply the base-kit 2.5% reduction, nor perks like Pop, Call of Brine, and the new buffed Overcharge and Eruption. It's a perk that makes you WEAKER and MORE LIMITED.

So, if you haven't prestiged the Hag yet, you can still get the T1 version of the perk. Grab that and put it on a build with Overcharge, Call of Brine and Pop Goes The Weasel. Now you have the ultimate meme, because you will be praying for survivors to find your totem ASAP just so you can have ANY perk and become actually STRONGER without Ruin!

(By the way, I am not complaining about the Ruin nerf, I just found this funny as hell)


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