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BHVR: Rethinking Survivor Rewards

I'm sure this topic has come up before, but it's time to address it again. It's time for BHVR to rethink how Survivors are rewarded Blood Points after a match.

To do this, we only need to ask one simple question...

"As a Survivor, what would be the perfect game?"

To my little pea-brain, the perfect game would be completing all Gens, opening the Exit, and escaping without anyone getting hooked....right?

Thing is, I've had damn near that perfect game. One person got hooked once, other than that, nothing. It was 98% the perfect game. It's been awhile, but I think I got like 18K Bloodpoints, with a offering bonus?

This game rewards Survivors for interacting with the Killer. That would be like rewarding the Killer for...NOT-Killing survivors? You know what I mean, it's counterintuitive (checks spelling).

As a killer, I get the same amount of Bloodpoints for my WORST games. My straight up, hot steaming garbage games, where everyone T-bags and escapes games.

I am a straight up, full blooded Killer main, but this is a disparity that should be addressed, in my opinion, regardless of what side you main.

This is just an opinion, please be kind peoples! Cheers!!



  • AshInTheTallGrassAshInTheTallGrass Member Posts: 1,342

    Yeah I've always thought it was strange.

  • BubbleBusterBubbleBuster Member Posts: 387

    Survivors should get rewarded more for doing their objectives (gens give 1250 bp when doing them solo... like what?)

    imo survivors should get rewarded more for stealth as well. not interacting with the killer but still doing stuff is kinda a good way to survive. Has to be balanced though or urban evasion blendettes will camp in corners, do nothing and get 20k points lol.

    the solution i came up with:

    • silent actions: doing a gen without getting chased away from it, saving someone from hook without you or the unhooked person getting chased, healing someone without getting found etc.
    • perfect escape: similar to the killer getting 2500 points for killing everyone, you get a fat boost if you left the game while no survivor died, is on hook or in the dying state
    • more BP for existing acions (solo gens give nearly nothing, hiding from the killer in their terror radius gives nothing, healing yourself or others gives you 300BP...)
    • risky actions should get awarded more (completing a gen while the killer is near, breaking a hex while the killer is right next to you etc.)

    Just more scoring events. Playing well and in a way were the killer doesnt even have a chance to properly chase people should be rewarded.

    This will also expose underlying flaws in the game (all survivors spawning in different corners = 3 gens will get done within 80 seconds and there is nothing you can do about it) which in turn will force the devs to balance the game better.

    As someone that started playing killer a lot because survivor barely gets and BP (i leveled all my survivors with BP i got from killer game lol) I love this. Skilled play should be rewarded not punished.

  • LaluziLaluzi Member Posts: 4,872
    edited July 15

    Yeah, survivors' scores are awful if they don't get to interact with the killer. Which is understandable from one end, because in a normal game if means you didn't take aggro and let the rest of your team suffer instead of saving them or healing them, but on the other, it means you're punished for the killer being bad or straight-up not trying.

    You could probably fix this by giving some end-of-game score events akin to the killer's No One Escaped - like give a player some points for never being hooked, a bigger one for never being hit, and a huge group-wide reward if nobody was hooked that patches the total lack of Benevolent points the whole team has. Pips will still be low, but pips are an outdated and faulty system anyway.

  • AdvorsusAdvorsus Member Posts: 1,018

    While I do agree that survivor could use a bit of love in the points earned in a match category, they also have a lot more things tied into the way they earn points.

    With killer, a lot of the points you earn are obtained simply by playing normally. Using your power, finding and chasing survivors, and hitting them all earn points and all can be done by playing normally. The only one really tied to how well you're doing is the sacrifice category.

    While survivor is quite a bit different. Yeah you powered all 5 gens and the killer only got one hook, may seem like a perfect game but is actually removing the needed interactions to earn points in other categories.

    The game is designed around the assumption that you're going to be doing multiple different things in a match. Cleansing multiple totems, getting in multiple chases, escaping chases, multiple heals and unhooks, doing stuff within the killer's terror radius, and opening exit Gates.

    The problem is most survivors only worry about completing gens as fast as possible, and running away if the killer finds them. But if you power the gates to quickly and escape, yeah you're going to have very little points as the game believes you only really did 1 thing which was generators. Even if you did all 5 solo.

    If all survivors played each match in the way the game was designed score wise, matches would be longer and they'd have more BP post match. However most survivors are about playing effeciently. I.e. get all generators on and escape as quickly as possible.

  • FeryGENFeryGEN Member Posts: 453

    This is an asymmetric game, and therefore what is a perfect match is a rather loose concept. There are too many afk players in the game, if you get caught against them, will it be a perfect match and fair to those who played the match against live killers. If you get caught against a newbie because of poor matchmaking, is that fair to those who get caught against a good killer?

  • YOURFRIENDYOURFRIEND Member Posts: 2,299

    I think everyone agrees that survivors could use more blood points regardless of whether they main one side or the other.

  • BubbleBusterBubbleBuster Member Posts: 387

    that is a matchmaking problem though, not a scoring problem.

    If you played well you should get rewarded for playing well. If you played badly you should get rewarded badly.

    also on average everyone is going to have good matches and bad matches so it is fair statistically. I don't know what that last part is it makes no sense to me.

  • TicTacTicTac Member Posts: 2,227

    Its kinda the same for killer, too.

    In my beginner days i tried to get as much bloodpoints as possible. To accomplish that i often needed to win slowly: Hoping that they unhook, dropping chase or even let them wiggle out. So the killer gets rewarded for temporary not-killing survivors.

    So for both sides playing to win and trying to earn many bloodpoints is not the same. And imo thats ok.

    The problem with less bloodpoints is something different:

    Chaser is easy to get max points and you can even farm it (totems, basement, starting chases), but the other three categories are problematic:

    Survival: it got easier to max but still not enough score events

    Objective: repairing alone gives not enough and you have almost no way to get anything in the endgame

    Altruism: you rely on the other side to score points, but killers need also to rely on survivor to unhook to get more hooks.

    I can think of two reasons why:

    - killer gets more bloodpoints bc otherwise there are not enough killer

    - survivor would quit/suicide if they earn almost all their points at the start and its more efficient to farm that way

  • ZeroEthicsZeroEthics Member Posts: 16

    I agree with you, but this is exactly the problem. You're right when you say there are lots of ways to score points, but ultimately all those "other" ways are just colored bubbles.

    As a survivor, your actual, one and only true "objective" is to repair 5 Gens, Open gates, and escape. Everything else is just fluff. Completing Gens, Opening Gate, and Escaping should be enough, all by itself, to earn a flat base 20K Bloodpoints. Now add points for Gens you completed or helped complete, unhooks, etc. You can subract points for each time you get hooked. Personally, I would love to see points subtracted for leading the killer to your teammate.

    I don't know, smarter people than me can figure all that out. I'm just saying that if my team and I can finish all Gens and escape, without getting hooked, the reward should make us feel like we ACCOMPLISHED something awesome, not like we FAILED somehow.

  • AbsolutGrndZer0AbsolutGrndZer0 Member Posts: 222

    This also ties into a problem I've been going on about for over a year now, how Adepts are figured. A survivor just has to escape. Thats it. They can do absolutely nothing, just AFK by the exit gate and then head out when its opened. They just got their Adept.

    But a killer needs to get a +2 Pip Result under the Emblems system, which means not playing too efficiently and killing the survivors too quickly. I made a more in depth post about it separate, but I really think these two issues are very similar in how efficient play is punished rather than rewarded.

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