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Killer buff is not nearly enough!

Kosturko92Kosturko92 Member Posts: 28
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These changes are nice direction, i like noed getting removed, corrupt, hex: ruin and so on, dead hard gone. All these perks were broken to begin with.

However killer buff is not nearly enough, survivors still do gens fast and escape, you play trapper on haddonfield, well GG you can literally alt f4 to avoid wasting your time.

To balance out in my opinion, Killers should have:

1 more perk slot

Blessing should be 7 seconds longer

Cleansing should be 7 seconds longer

Hex:Undying should be in the base kit of all Hex tottems, because all hex tottems get cleansed 10 seconds into the match, Undying should bring 3rd life.

Shattered Hope ( Whenever you snuff a tottem that tottem is destroyed instead, only this perk ability should be in all killer basekit ), like Borrowed time is. Boon totems are a big problem now, we atleast should have option once we snuff it to tottem get destroyed too. Right now they just keep blessing over and over again without any punishment.

To all those salty survivors, go play Killer at high mmr and you will see how broken survviors are, and how your winnrate will be, unless you're playing perfect games with blight or nurse. Every other killer is complete joke vs good surviors, you stand 0 chance.

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