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Feedback on the New Legacy P3 Reward

GravelordNito99GravelordNito99 Member Posts: 133
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The legacy P3 reward update is a huge improvement and a nice start.

I think I speak for everyone when I say that this new scratch effect is 100x better than the old one. I know you're likely sick of hearing me by now since I've discussed this a lot on the forums, but it's something some of us very much care about.

Despite this update being a huge improvement, the change has completely avoided the main issue. That being that the reward is personal, and thus not visible to anyone else. This means the current reward essentially defeats its own purpose. We cannot brag to ourselves.

Legacy rewards exist for the sole purpose of bragging rights and exclusivity. This was even confirmed in a recent dev stream where they promised the reward would provide us "bragging rights". This got people excited (including myself) and led us to grind a lot recently to make a final push for some more P3 in the hopes of getting this valuable reward.

In order to obtain this reward, we had to give up millions of bloodpoints, thousands of addons, many perks and even potentially old event items. The sacrifice people went through for this reward was enormous. This then is why the reward being personal is so disappointing. We worked so much for a reward nobody else can see, which equates to a pat on the back from ourselves. This is meaningless and self-defeating.

I think the community has often not helped on this issue in regards to feedback. While I and many others think a new legacy cosmetic would have been the most appropriate reward, we are very much aware that (for whatever reason) this is not possible. I, for one, have made peace with that and have no issue with it at all.

The way the community has not helped is that people are still continually asking for a new legacy skin when it has been stated it isn't happening. Those people are positing a frustrating distraction from the issue at hand - that is, what should be done instead.

What should be done instead has been discussed at length. You have already made a fantastic start by making the portraits look so much better. However, this issue of "bragging rights" should also be addressed. Many people (including myself) have made suggestions for what could be done about this.

It only needs to be something very small, but anything at all would be greatly appreciated. This could be a small addition to the prestige medals to signify the legacy P3 status, or some other small change that can be seen in the post-game lobby. That is it. That is all it would take to satisfy this unfulfilled promise.

Of course, things like this take time to implement, so we absolutely would not expect this to come with next week's 6.1.0 update. However, simply knowing this is being implemented further down the line would work wonders with satisfying those who care about this deeply. I know I for one care very much for this sort of thing. Think whatever you like of us, but the fact we care about it is just how things are.

It would be greatly appreciated by many of us if you were to listen to this feedback. If you look through my previous posts, you could even see my own suggestions for this post-game legacy indicator if you're looking for inspiration.

Thanks for an otherwise excellent update - addressing this issue would put a cherry on top for sure!

Kind regards,


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