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Depip is more frustrating than ever

And frankly it is also unnecessary.

Since MMR, ranks are only for ourselves. So they needs some adjusting. At iridescent ranks it is nearly impossible to get consecutive pips. Not depiping at the beginning of a rank is not enough. And it only makes players who are at that point throw the game. And it is understandable. Because when survivors know for sure they will depip in that game, that causes frustration and people quits.

Bronze level or maybe silver level conditions for pips are better. That should be on all ranks. And depiping should only be applicable when a survivor disconnects or if they kill themselves on hook purposely, without completing proper stages in proper timing. Or if they are AFking, spending all the time in a locker. Same goes for killers. If killer is AFK, then yes that is a depip.

In sum, if players did try something in a trial, they should be guaranteed a safety pip. Of course no going backwards from rank beginnings should be removed. If players throw the game they can find themselves at ash 4.

I think limiting depiping to game throwing/ ruining actions alone would solve some if not all of the action I recently see in the game. I can't go through two trials in a row without at least one survivor giving up on the game. This may help with that.


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