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BHVR, can you please reconsider the absolute beast of a buff Spinechill got against stealthers?

Before, killers could at least "crabwalk" to try to bypass spinechill, but now there's absolutely no counterplay to it, at all. This makes it absolutely impossible for a stealth killer to ever be able to sneak up on a spinechill. It was already commonly used due to how powerful it was pre-patch, but now it's been supercharged where it's uncounterable. This will make it even more attractive to use. This will essentially be gutting stealth players entirely. With the new spinechill, it is literally 100% impossible to ever, and I mean EVER sneak up on a survivor. The new spinechill disregards the terror radius entirely in regards to spinechill lighting up. All the terror radius does is show how close the killer is, but the perk in itself disregards the TR.

Here is a video showing the new spinechill. No matter what, this kill would never be able to ever remotely hope to sneak up on me. As long as he's within 32 meters anywhere regardless if he's looking in my direction or if I'm looking at his, I'll instantly know. When you see me hop outside, you can barely even see the killer - he's that far away. This gives plenty of time for a survivor to run off.

BHVR, I implore you to reconsider Spinechill triggering on undetectable killers. Survivors can still keep a keen out for their approach, but this....this is completely gutting stealth killers entirely.


  • BugReporterOnlyBugReporterOnly Member Posts: 42

    It's temporary until they add an accessibility feature for the hard of hearing/deaf community.

  • rororoxorrororoxor Member Posts: 99

    100%, take a look at this and revert, completely guts stealth killers.

  • KajdanKiKajdanKi Member Posts: 218

    Spine chill is now even better then the previous version. I was suprisef it worked against cloacked Wraith :D

    GG ghostface, pig, myers ;)

  • RpTheHotrodRpTheHotrod Member Posts: 516

    Stalking is almost impossible, now. Most gens are at least protected by walls so stalking IS impossible, and for gens outside in the open, survivors are pretty easy to spot you and move to the far side of a gen. Even then, if you manage stalks, then any time you're within 36 meters, they have a head start to hightail it to a loop. It's also now completely impossible to catch survivors off guard removing elements of surprise or jumpscares.

    The moment you try sneaking up on anyone, they take off running. It was bad before, but at least you could side-walk to counterplay it, but now the counterplay is removed.

    As for BHVR saying stalk from a distance, Myers is penalized for stalk speed at a distance. Ghostface is easily revealed in a match - especially with Off The Record survivors following you around, so stalking is uncommon, and wraith doesn't even have the option to stalk.

    Stealth killers are already low on the totem pole on viability. This completely guts them.

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 7,087

    This.... must be unintented. Hovewer it's BHVR so idk at this point tbh.

  • DsnoozDsnooz Member Posts: 198

    I thought it was supposed to not light up when the killer is undetectable. Stealth killers are gutted in the meantime.

  • mudokonqmudokonq Member Posts: 15

    It lights up on me when the killer isn't even coming my way, you see it as a buff, I see it as confusing. I've actually stopped using it because the lighting up and red bar make no sense in practice compared to before.

  • RpTheHotrodRpTheHotrod Member Posts: 516

    If it lights up, they are near you. If you see the red bar start to deplete. They are directly heading your direction. If the red fills up they are heading away from you. Now, not only do you know if they are heading your direction, but you get the added benefit of knowing if they are in the area, in general. It's a huge buff. I run it on my survivor personally. It's also nice because if you're in chase, you can tell the moment the killer drops chase without even having to look back.

  • mudokonqmudokonq Member Posts: 15

    Thanks, I appreciate the explanation - although, maybe it would be better if I didn't because I wasn't using it before lol. This is absurd, I agree. It could have been left as before, maybe narrowed the cone/field of view (whether looking ur way, etc.) and removed the vault speed (though after the other basic attack cooldown/reduction of speed boost from hits, I'd argue this maybe need to be put back in...but I digress!)

    This sounds insane as you've described it. Apart from the unintuitiveness of the bar filling up/down (as I'm still not sure I can wire my brain to associate "filling up" with meaning heading away.)

  • RpTheHotrodRpTheHotrod Member Posts: 516

    The filling up and depleting is bugged currently and is backwards. It is lined up to be reversed in a followup patch.

  • mudokonqmudokonq Member Posts: 15

    Yea, I hope they reconsider. It's way too much information. I think it was fine before, narrow the "direction in which they're looking" a bunch and let it still apply to undetectable. That way loops aren't affected and you don't have to go out of your way in creeping up to a survivor (I don't play GF but I play a decent amount of Myers.)

  • RpTheHotrodRpTheHotrod Member Posts: 516

    I just recently started playing Myers pre patch. I noticed that you get a stalking speed penalty if you are far away. Essentially, you are rewarded with faster stalks if you manage to sneak up close to survivors and then stalk. With the new spinechill, this will be impossible, so you are stuck at a penalized state for stalking, as per BHVR's comment earlier, Myers is expected to now stalk at 40 meters away.

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