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I'm sick of Pain Resonance



  • ViskodViskod Member Posts: 845

    You don't need to Sabo all the hooks.

    Pain Resonance is a Scourge Hook Perk, and while Saboteur is bugged right now, it will show you which hooks are the Scourge Hooks so you know. Unless they're also using Monstrous Shrine there are only 4 Scourge Hooks on the whole map so it's actually really super easy to stay on top of sabotaging them and knowing when someone goes down if the killer is near a scourge hook or not.

  • ByeByeQByeByeQ Member Posts: 700
    edited July 21

    I agree with this I'd much rather have the info with less regression.

    It would be the new BBQ and Chili and serve its role of getting the killer away from the hook if they wish to use the info provided.

    I took BBQ out of all my killer builds now that it doesn't give a bonus or a stack indicator and was never a reliable aura perk since survivors can hide their auras from it pretty easily behind generators or within 40 metres of the killer.

    Edit: I also think Pain Resonance just hits too hard as it is now. If I get my snowball rolling and can use the scourge hooks, generator progress usually stops completely.

  • SeraphorSeraphor Member Posts: 4,558

    My worry now is that they may decide Pain Res IS too strong for regression. They then nerf the value, but they still don't reintroduce any info effects. Then it really will become a worthless perk.

  • BloodshadeBloodshade Member Posts: 3,255

    A perk that doesn't do much against a solid team with no weak links but punishes people extra hard if the team doesn't play perfectly? And it's reliant on RNG spawns? And it's (mostly) passive? Huh, sounds like another regression perk that got reworked for similar reasons.

    Except with the added reason of it punishing the efficient players for their weak links' mistakes with no real counterplay, which is even worse than old Ruin, because at least you could counter it with your own skill.

    Again, can't be in 2 places at once. Saboing hooks lasts 30 seconds (45 with the toolbox add-on). That is not enough time to use it proactively, and chasing my teammate around waiting for them to go down when I don't know what my other teammates are doing is tantamount to throwing. And against killers with strong chase powers simply being in the area doing a gen while my teammate is being chased can also be tantamount to throwing.

    So the only real situation in which saboing is safe & viable is if my teammate just so happens to come over and be downed next to the gen I was doing...and then I have to hope the killer doesn't slug and chase me down, and/or that they don't have 2 Scourge Hooks next to each other, which realistically they're going to be able to go to the vast majority of the time unless I somehow manage to get to the first one without them noticing. You see how many ifs there are to this?

    "Just sabo the hooks 4Head" isn't a valid strategy in solo Q. I'm not even sure it's that viable for a SWF anymore.

  • BloodshadeBloodshade Member Posts: 3,255


    You're also explicitly asking me to run a sabo box, because running a perk that has a 60 second cooldown (even on cancel) to break 1/4 Scourge Hooks (for 30 seconds, and hoping that they run PR) is the worst idea I have ever heard. There's a reason no one runs this perk and will continue to not run this perk even with the ability to see Scourge Hooks. It's garbage.

  • jajay119jajay119 Member Posts: 403
    edited July 21

    I tend to play the game as if certain perks are always in play:

    PR: let go of the gen as the red silhouette appears being hooked and you won't scream.

    BBQ: hop into a locker quickly for 4 seconds when someone is about to be hooked - really easy to do if you run Quick and Quiet.

  • dictepdictep Member Posts: 1,333

    I want a perk that makes 15% of a gen if I unhook someone. Survs perks are a joke

  • KerJuiceKerJuice Member Posts: 1,686

    Right now, it’s actually more tolerable than Thano. Thano is ROUGH to deal with more now than ever. Not a fan of PR but I’m glad they got rid of the screaming cause my teammates would always get caught with it, and instantly give away our/their location.

  • DunkinspunkinDunkinspunkin Member Posts: 191

    You said no other regression perk does this much damage. That's correct. And it's on purpose. First of all, in any category, some perk is likely to be better than the others. And in this case, the extra bump is due to using a scourge hook. Jolt requires proximity but can hit more than one gen. Pain resonance requires a scourge hook but it hits the top progress gen. It's a great perk but that's why it's balanced the way it is. The nerf to the info side was warranted and now it's balanced. I haven't used it since the patch though. Enjoying pop with call of brine on sadako and eruption with jolt on others.

  • AkumakajiAkumakaji Member Posts: 2,885

    I will agree that pain resonance was played a lot by killers, but at least for pleb me, this perk alone saved the game for me and made killer playable. In the olden days of Dead Hard and cheeky survivors everywhere PainRes alone managed to give me the breathing room I needed in order to stall a gen enoug to eek out a win here and there.

    With the new way it works I am pretty conflicted. For one, you don't get any info if the perk worked or not. It feels pretty empty, to hook "into the void" and just hope for the best.

    The combo with DMS was pretty stronk, I give you that, but the explosion also served the double purpose of giving the killer a new objective and driving them away from the hook.

    I had suggested back in the PTB forums to reinstate the explosion, but without any screams or pushing survivors off the gens. Some peeps echoed my sentiment, but I guess it wasn't high on BHVR list of changes, because others were generating more fuzz.

    Now PainRes leaves you in the awkward spot that you know (guess) that its working, but am aimlessly and without a clear objective afterwards, so you are more tempted to proxycamp the scourge hook and trade, instead of running to a random gen in hopes of catching a survivor red-handed.

    Here is an idea: give the killer a silent notion of which gen got regressed and make the killer lose their terror radius for 10s for any survivors who were on the affected gen. This would give the killer pretty of incentive to move their butt over to the gen, but they will never know if they will catch anyone there. On the same hand the survivors on the gen will have to decide: do I stay and risk getting caught red-handed by a stealthy killer, or do I abandon the gen and hide/go for the save.

  • SpaghettiYOLOSpaghettiYOLO Member Posts: 175

    On a single gen in a game where gens can be done in 7 minutes. I just don't get this idea that both sides able to counter each other in different ways is frowned on, but as long as the killer is always having to go uphill more, then it's okay. Pain Resonance now is a joke. That 15% can be put right back on unless the hook was right there.

    I don't agree with the PR change. I don't agree with DS stun time either. Should have stayed 5 seconds, Enduring should lower DS stun time like it used to. I'd say that's fair. A killer perk slot potentially going to a non regression perk, DS users still get the stun, and that's just better overall for the game I'd say.

  • ViskodViskod Member Posts: 845

    You don't have to hope they're running a scourge hook Perk, if a survivor is picked up and you don't see any scourge hooks, then you don't have anything to worry about. But if a survivor is picked up and you see scourge hooks. Then you know they're running one and you also know where the scourge hooks are, there are only four of them and the killer is always going to want to try to make it to one.

    If you're that concerned about Scourge Hooks, then yes, bringing Saboteur and being mindful of who is in a chase where vs the location of scourge hooks will enable you to break the hook before the killer can carry the survivor there as long as they don't down them literally right in front of one.

    You don't have to be in two places at once. But stop acting like you don't have a choice but to be at the complete mercy of a Scourge Hook Perk when there's nothing stopping you from being the guy that keeps your teammates from being hooked on one or hooked at all.

    There's more to the game than holding a button in front of a generator and that kind of mindset is why solo queuing is so problematic. Too many potatoes.

  • ShinobuSKShinobuSK Member Posts: 4,634

    Consider running Breakdown if you getting a lot killers with scourge hooks

  • AdjathaAdjatha Member Posts: 1,656

    They literally just added a direct counter to all Scourge hooks: Saboteur.

    It lets you take out the hook nearest the killer when your team mate goes down to prevent things like Pain Resonance (and possibly give your team mate enough time to wiggle free, or at least get dropped so they can be picked up).

    Just because you don't want to take the perk that counters the killer perk doesn't mean that there is no counter.

    That's on you.

  • Gore_DeWittGore_DeWitt Member Posts: 45

    You need to hook someone on a scourge hook. Since they are rng you can have 3 scourge hooks in the same corner of the map and another one somewhere else if they don't die at a good place you may not be able to get to a scourge hook more than 2-3 times in a game.

    It's not an uncommon thing to happen, sometimes you get good scourge hooks and can abuse them, sometimes they are almost useless.

  • The_C12H15NO2The_C12H15NO2 Member Posts: 324

    Sounds more like your issue is with solo q, not the perk itself. PR rewards the killer for getting a hook. Which is an incentive we want killers to have to reduce camping/tunneling. Also PR isn't even 100% for every hook. Honestly scourge perks should turn every hook into a scourge. The RNG is so bad there are times when a killer won't get more than a couple uses of scourge each match. While those are good perks, they aren't so good that they have to be limited in this way.

  • CarthCarth Member Posts: 896
    edited July 22

    So what would be a fair regression value for pain resonance?

  • ByeByeQByeByeQ Member Posts: 700
    edited July 22

    I'd love for it to be 10% + notifcation on the gen the got hit. No screams. It would give killers decent enough slowdown while providing them with a destination after getting to hook. Leave the screams behind though.

    If it gave a notification, they could drop it to 8% and I'd still run it.

  • BloodshadeBloodshade Member Posts: 3,255
    edited July 22

    It's almost like I addressed this in the OP or something.

    No, my issue is with the design. Person A gets punished for person B's mistakes instantly (and in the most boring way possible) despite being across the map, with no direct interaction like with the other regression perks and the counterplay is..."deal with it" or waste time running around saboing (which is hardly an equivalent time investment considering the massive risks involved)? Throw in other slowdown/regression perks (because realistically the average killer player still feels the need to run their 4 gen perks apparently, which is funny to me) and you start to have a balance problem too this patch.

    Pain Resonance is stupid. If it was less regression but still had the information aspect I'd like it way more.

    E: Also, allowing the killer to choose their Scourge Hook placement (similar interaction to placing a Pentimento totem) would be the way to go. Flat out making all hooks Scourge Hooks would be absurd.

  • danielmaster87danielmaster87 Member Posts: 7,361

    Is any gen regression perk balanced to you, or are they all busted?

  • BloodshadeBloodshade Member Posts: 3,255
    edited July 23

    for the millionth time, it's about the design, not the balance. the balance is a secondary issue that highlights the problems (for both survivor and killer) of the design.

    so no, I don't really have a problem with other regression perks. but thanks for wearing your thoughts on your skin by suggesting those options.

  • BrimpBrimp Member Posts: 1,689

    A killer getting rewarded for getting downs and capitilizing on your teammates mistakes... noo we can't have that.

  • StarMoralStarMoral Member Posts: 938

    It's literally just a long range Pop now. It aint that bad.

  • CarthCarth Member Posts: 896

    The regression was technically buffed from 15% of 80 = 12 charges to 15% of 90 = 13.5. a whole 1.5 seconds added on assuming you are working on the gen solo.

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