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Finally people are seeing the real issue

dbd900bachdbd900bach Member Posts: 400

This is probably a useless post and discussion and by extension myself but I wanted to say it since quite a few people here are brining it up.

The general killer buffs are good, the needs to all the perks were good and the general nerfs to survivors are good...if you're playing with sfw or at least a once in a blue moon competent team.

The issue isn't the killers or the update, it's solo q suffering because they can't even communicate with their team. Most players are solo q players. I guarantee that solo q would be significantly better if people could just communicate in some way. Would it really be that bad if they added proximity mics for just survivors? I mean it's not perfect but it's something?



  • NiiiCXNiiiCX Member Posts: 7

    The only good nerf was the nerf of noobhard. 90S gens are fine if all the other perks and killers aren't buffed.

  • antgnsteaantgnstea Member Posts: 853

    Not mics, but I wish there would be more ways to tell the game. Solo q can't even carry enough perks to read a situation where SWF just randomly give to each other.

    For example, I don't even know what my teammates have as perks, do they have adrenaline, or boon, or going commando style. So I can play accordingly. Allowing us to see teammates perks in the lobby would be great way to solve this.

    Another is game information, solos have no idea who is being chased unless they are the obsession. I personally confirmed the benefit in this one. When I am chased if I am the obsession, I see my teammates doing gens when I went down. If I am not the obsession, they generally don't have much idea when they hear heartbeat they tend to hide, instead of doing gens. Some small informatory icons near names can overcome these type of problems that solo has.

    One more thing could be a ping system. I see o totem I can't cleanse or a great location for booning, or a gen with 90% progress that I had to leave, I would like to ping these to my teammates.

    I understand there are downside to these suggestions, but there are downsides to leave solo q like this too.

  • TunnelVisionTunnelVision Member Posts: 1,372

    People have seen the issue all along. The problem is the devs are too scared to do anything about SWF specifically. So any change that is made pretty much shits all over solo survivors which then ultimately results in killers getting nerfed and the circle continues endlessly.

  • GloamGloam Member Posts: 598

    Is better communication going to make my teammates hit skill checks or learn how to loop?

    SoloQ needs buffs for sure but let's not pretend lack of communication is the only thing holding it back. Hell I had to stop using empathetic connection because I thought it would encourage better plays but all people used it for was to sandbag most of the time.

  • RovendRovend Member Posts: 266

    The thing that i see in every post about this patch is the "Killer needs buffs, because of SWF" but let me tell you something.

    I play SoloQ but i also play with friends, sometimes with one friend and some in 4-man squad. Even in 4-man matches, after the patch it is really difficult to enjoy, let alone escape like 3 out 10 times because the game is being balanced around the fact you are playing in 4-man SWAT squad with god loopers and expert flashlight users, but this is never the case for me.

    I have 700hs in dbd and most my friends dont even have half my play hours, yet it seems we are expected to be +2000 h each team to actually have a chance or pray the killer is not using like 3 slowdown perks and does not tunnel/camp the moment he downs someone.

    This patch is not bad for SoloQ, it is bad for SoloQ, Semi SWF and SWF that dont play like gods

  • AdjathaAdjatha Member Posts: 1,635

    Actually, the last time they released SWF numbers, over 55% of all games had at least a 2-man SWF group in it. That was like two years ago, I wanna say? They haven't said anything about the numbers since then, but I'm assuming it's gone up.

    Pretty sure Solo Q is in the minority now, which is why "killer numbers are a little lower than we'd like." Did your Solo Q games before this update always end in 4 escapes? Mine sure didn't.

    The core of the problem is that SWF needs to be nerfed in SOME WAY. But BHVR has stated again and again that they refuse to make SWF worse or Solo Q better in any way that doesn't also effect the other one.

    It's a real "heads in the sand" situation.

  • TiufalTiufal Member Posts: 1,252
    edited July 22

    Voicechats doesnt change anything as you still cant filter out the potato players, which is the real advantage of SWF. With voice the bad players wont get any better, like even if you bring in kindred to help your mates see how the situation looks like, theyre still not doing anything useful. also voice is only useful if youre speaking the same language, which is pretty much not possible in most regions outside US.

  • fulltononfulltonon Member Posts: 4,311

    But then there is really nothing to buff, anything that isn't communication definitely will improve SWFs.

  • TsulanTsulan Member Posts: 12,967

    Most issues of solo queue would be solved, if we had ingame voicechat.

  • C3ToothC3Tooth Member Posts: 5,093
    edited July 22

    No one wants to hear screaming from teammate.

    The info Solo needs are quite simple

    • Showing what they're doing, not everything: on Gen, in chase, doing a Hex, open Gate, just these 4
    • Survivors on Gen also show the % of the Gen. So if Meg in chase and Dwight on hook, Clau & Jake can decide who will go unhook and who will commit their Gen, based on who is closer to finish their Gen.
    • Hooked survivors' aura changed if Killer is 16m close to hook. They dont know where killer is, but know Killer is camping

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 9,091

    Those all sound pretty reasonable to me as a killer main. I’m all onboard with solo survivors getting additional information in the HUD to help level the playing field with survivors on comms. If solo survivors are buffed to be just about on par with survivors on comms then it makes game balance more consistent for everyone including me, the killer. I’m not in favor of nerfing swfs because there’s nothing wrong with playing with your friends on comms - what multiplayer game in 2022 would discourage people from talking to each other as they play?

    Hopefully the icons they announced in early development in January are still on the table but just got delayed due to all the other changes that were in the pipeline this year. They covered some of the ideas above.

  • TriplehooTriplehoo Member Posts: 365
    edited July 22

    How do you buff soloQ without buffing SWF's along with it?

    Not trying to pick a fight or arguing. Just interested to hear.

    Ok, voice comms should be implemented as long as there is a possibility to shut it off if you want to.

  • AraphexAraphex Member Posts: 604

    I'm a solo q player. 15 games in the past 2 days, lost 4 total. So, what's the problem other than longer than expected wait times?

  • TsulanTsulan Member Posts: 12,967

    Just mute them.

    • could create a toxic endgame chat "yo, dwight, i saw that you didn´t do anything for a whole gen!", "hey meg, why did you search a chest and not help me with that gen?!" etc.
    • Killer can´t even see the wiggle progress and you want an exact percentage for the gen progress bar?
    • Take Kindred and watch how your teammates ignore it non stop.
  • brewingteabrewingtea Member Posts: 90


    The killer is 10 feet away from the pallet, better throw it now because I have to account for the time it takes to throw the pallet, the time it takes for them to get to the pallet, the fact that it's possible to get the stun and still get stabbed (so make sure you don't wait too long...), and good old-fashioned lag.

    Keeping all that in mind while being chased, be sure to time something you can't control so it happens in a 500ms window. If you can't manage that, you aren't "skilled"

    This isn't Rocket League at 240 fps and 2ms input delay. YOUR GAME HAS A SKILL FLOOR

  • bm33bm33 Member Posts: 6,888

    The last stats I can find on the forum about survivor numbers are these that Peanits posted in May 2019 and then used in comments in spring of 2020 which has solo over 50% across platforms while duos didn't even break 30%.


  • RaSavage42RaSavage42 Member Posts: 3,821

    Party size wasn't the issue... It is Maps (just everything about them needs to be changed

    And adding more time onto Gens wasn't needed... it was increasing base Gen regression (IMO)

  • C3ToothC3Tooth Member Posts: 5,093

    Yes, there is a different between Clau go at 50% Gen and Jake go at 80% Gen. If Jake go, its possible for Killer to make Pop on Jake's Gen if they're just hook Meg. It doesnt have to be exact percentage, just generis like 20-40-60-80%

    Yes, take Kindred and I see half bad of teammates ignore, but at least other half decent will make a use of it.

  • ViskodViskod Member Posts: 845

    Run Bond.

    Most of the problems aren't actually about lack of communication but lack of situational awareness and tunnel vision.

  • dictepdictep Member Posts: 1,333
  • YOURFRIENDYOURFRIEND Member Posts: 2,288

    I'm having fun in solo, just like I always have. Be the teammate you want to see.

  • AraphexAraphex Member Posts: 604

    Someone in another discussion just told me I'm most likely mid-high MMR since the matches I tend to lose are against Nurse, Huntress and Legion with really good precision. Sorry but I don't teach others how to play. I learn from other streamers. Might be best for the community to try and do the same.

  • The_C12H15NO2The_C12H15NO2 Member Posts: 322

    If they buffed solo q before buffing killers, they would have lost more killer players. Which were already in a down trend. I was one of them, i haven't played killer in months b/c it was so bad. It's somewhat better now against solo q. But against swf it's the same.

  • alunsaalunsa Member Posts: 61

    I was thinking about this last night. Alot of the time solo survs run kindred just to even communicate with their team whats happening- whereas thats a given for a swf. Curious if making kindred base kit would help alleviate some of this solo q communication issues.

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